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Picture Gallery!


My latest design - "Rororer Island" is...... erm.. one place I'd like to reside =D Taking around 15 solid hours in total, this is one of my most treasured pieces of work. I have created 3 different versions which differ slightly in colour. Click on each pic for a larger version!

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Exclusive art Competition!

Have the pics on this page inspired you at all? Could you draw anything like this?
Well, now's your chance. I have set up a competition to see who can draw the best 'dream-scape' in the style of the pictures shown on this page. So far, there no definite closing date for the compo, because this site still needs to become popular etc. but we need some entries to come in! Even if you're not an artist, your picture will be displayed in the special gallery I have reserved and you'll get full credit obviously.
Click here to visit the compo page

"Sky city" (right)
Originally the picure that my music was named after, this dreamy cloud haven is yet another place I wouldn't mind residing. Just like the Rororer pic, it was created in Deluxe Paint on the Amiga.

(left) "Cydonia"
Interestingly, just a few weeks after I gave this picture the 'unique' name "Cydonia", next thing I hear, they're giving the same name to one of the moons around Saturn. Oh well.
Anyway, this pic is starting to show its age, but it still has a special atmosphere, especially the night version (bottom right) I think.

Tube Complex!

A unusual collection of 'into-the-screen' tunnel shaped renders. Tube style racing has at long-last taken off in the 24 century thanks in part to the technology being available - and also to the imagination of a dozen or so visionaries. The only thing left to do is build the things. Here you'll find snap-shots of the fun available at the main tube complex of Rororer Island.
Also included are a few of the ray-traced designs I've created on the Amiga in a package called 'Imagine'.

3D Gallery!!

Everything 3D is contained here. There are the usual 3D red/green glasses pics, but some of the pics are stereophonic in nature. This means that you don't need 3D glasses, but do need a versatile eye to 'see' the 3d effect. In fact, it's very rare that you'll get the latter type of 3D, which is strange considering the format has so much to offer.. To top it all, there are a few mouth watering 3D animations...

Click the picture to enter!!!
Also, each 3D pic is rated according to how well it carries across the 3D effect. Yes - I love to rate everything =)

Fractal Mountains!

See these and a stack more original designs created with VistaPro. All of them are previewed as thumbnails and enlarge to a resolution of 640*512.

To enter the 3D gallery, click on either pic.

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