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14/10/2005 - Battle of the web hosts - We conduct an extensive experiment using Google to find out the best web host! If you're looking for an ideal host, then this is the place to start (and finish! :)

24/07/2005 - Java IO speed comparison & MIDI specification crash course - Two rather more specialized articles this time. The first tests the speeds of various input and ouput classes in Java. The second teaches you the various basics behind the MIDI file format, and is meant for those who wish to manipulate and program MIDI data at the byte level without resorting to separate software.

14/07/2005 - Quick guide to light units - I knocked up this quick page as a quick reference to the SI base light units - Lux, Lumen, Nit, and Candela. Instead of a long explanations, everything is summed up in an all-in-one table and diagram. Learn 10 times faster! Also added an obscure article on how to operate the Magmark GP74 hotfoil printer.

27/03/2005 - Comparison of the MP3 player giants - Following on from the Single Folder Filesystem article, Skytopia goes in search of the best MP3 player. In the end, we filtered the list down from seven to three favourites - Winamp, iTunes and MediaMonkey. The question is - is the best good enough?

03/10/2004 - My (optimistic) hope to master Chopin's Fantasie Impromptu - Originally archived at, this is my attempt to master a very difficult piano piece.

15/09/2004 - Lexmark X1130 review - The Lexmark printer/scanner reviewed. But it's much more than that. I compare it to all the old printers such as ther Citizen Swift and Epson Stylus to see how much technology has advanced since 10 years ago! Also contains nice scans and stuff.

08/08/2004 - Converting MIDI to traditional music score - Which programs best convert from MIDI to sheet music? We cover 25 notation programs, including Sibelius, MidiNotate, and Finale, and rank them.

30/07/2004 - Towards A Single Folder Filesystem - Find out how the use of folders slows down the everyday organisation of files.

14/03/2004 - Turning off the dreaded fan - If you're lucky enough to have a mobile processor such as the Pentium M, but are kept awake at night by the noisy fan, then this is the article you've been waiting for ;-).