Here are a few more examples with different leafs. Each version is roughly actual size. Click on each pic to get the 2400dpi version:

Just for fun, I thought I'd scan in this 32 megabyte memory chip

The enlarged version below is the tiny area shown in the yellow box.

Here's my eyelash:

Yes that is my thumb with a bit of onion peel on it. It's nice how the scanner can resolve depth to an extent (instead of just perfectly flat surfaces). To see what scanner is capable of, click the picture.

A CD. If you zoom in close enough to this JPEG, you can actually see the pits (zeros and ones) on the surface!*
*(and if you believed that you might like your head - not your eyes - examined ;-) )

The obligatory piece of bread - complete with hair.

Close up of a colour photo in a newspaper.
At last! Proof that colour printing only needs 3 colours - cyan, magenta and yellow.
Click the picture to zoom in to the yellow box!

A 5 pence coin no less!
And probably how much you've cost me in bandwidth by viewing this page. I hope you're feeling guilty now ;-)

Nice leaf dont'cha think? Click pic for larger picture.