A Moment of Blindness

Find your blind spot. In style.

The popular illusion where you find your blind spot is usually seen as a still image. This version is animated, and requires no movement from you at all. Find the bright orangish star to the left and close your LEFT eye. Focus your remaining eye on the orange star, and watch in astonishment as the bright green planet dissappears before your very eyes! If you don't notice the effect after around 5 seconds, try to sit further or closer to the screen. Also try to make sure your head isn't tilted where one ear is higher than the other. If it still doesn't work, try tilting your head to the left very slightly perhaps.

It works because every human eye has a 'blind spot'. In everyday life, we don't usually notice, because the brain does an excellent job of 'filling' in the missing area of vision. In addition to this, the area is in peripheral vision - a good distance away from our central spot of vision - and therefore we can discern detail much less easily.

Thus in the illusion above, we see that the green ball is 'chopped out', and is replaced by the blue background sky.