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Everyone who's just curious about science - up to the top expert on nuclear fusion - will find something here! Hundreds of the most interesting science questions are answered and are split into 3 categories: Light, Physics and Sound.

What weird and cool effects occur when two gigantic mirrors face each other?
What happens to water if you compress it more and more and more... (It can't just disappear)?
What's the temperature of a candle flame?
What on earth would liquid diamond or gold taste like if it was cool enough to drink?
Can liquid diamond be made and if so, what temperature would be needed?
All of these questions and hundreds more will be answered!

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This symbol means that the question is difficult to find out in practise. However, through lateral thinking and common sense, an answer is possible. This symbol means that the question is nigh-on impossible to verify by experiment alone. However, through lateral thinking and common sense, an answer is possible.
This symbol means that the question is delving into the theoretical realm and is once again difficult to test. The answer/s are possibly right - but not guaranteed! The ultimate! Questions with this symbol push the boundaries of theoretical knowledge - and are nigh on impossible to verify by experiment. Any answers are based on our current understanding of the universe - and thus are subject to error.

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Mirrors inside mirrors
Switching off the sun
The deletion of the atmosphere and ozone layer
The non-contoured moon
The Eclipse
Noise from the eye
Unusual light filters
The Magnified Sun
Luminous Liquid Light
The Humble Light Bulb
Dazzling light and silhouettes
The Perfect Microscope
Effects of Speed of light at 1 MPS
Microscopes, light waves and perceived color
Multiple Focus Lens
Street Lamps, Sky and Auras
Soft Shadows and Light Sources
Colorless Gases and Liquids
Communication and Monitor Display Technology
Blue and Yellow really green??
Where is Magenta in the Colour Spectrum?
Reverse Colour and the After image
The Mirror Timebomb
Tasting the Impossible
Extreme Wavelengths of Light
Deadly Rays, Microwaves and Lasers
Light Waves and Heat
Tons of light and no heat?? Tons of heat and no light??
How many unique pictures could you ever see?
The poor green light on monitors

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Gravity of moon 'wrong'? Diamond's melting point. Is Liquid Diamond possible?
Liquid Gold Carrots, Karats and Carats
Moulding diamond Diamonds and speeding bullets
Floating hollowed-out diamond-shelled spheres full of helium Spherical repelling magnets
Magnets in space Natural repelling or attraction of ANY substance
'Cold' metal and heat conductivity The taste of liquid nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen and mercury
Deadly cold Pins and needles
The shock of extreme hot and cold temperature Bacteria and tooth decay
Fruit acid and tooth decay Limit to how sweet or sour something can taste?
Limit to how acidic or alkaline something can get? Tablespoon of salt fatal?
Air bombs useful for fires? Momentus water gravity ball
Heat from sun The fan's 'cooling' effect
Limit of speed through air with no protection The crushing effect of air
Multi coloured flames Temperature of candle flame
Increase of air pressure - like floating through porridge? Super compressed air
The suction effect Superfluids and other low viscous liquids
Gigantic water drops and other tenacious liquids Super conductive materials
Lighter than air liquids Faking gravity
Gravity conditions at center of Earth Atoms and their 'stickability'
Mega heavy solids Super fast rotating steel sphere
Space weighing machine Elliptical and '3 dimensional' orbits - the lack of them
How can you move in space if there's no air to displace? Ultimate transport
Delving into the metaphysical Absolute zero heat
Atoms, surfaces and the bouncing effect The liquid state of ice

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Planes and sudden over-head sound
The tinny earphones conundrum
A perfect melody?
How does something sound in...
The stereo effect and gauging direction
The perfect 'sound-ometer'
Sound absorption materials
Loss of sound energy through heat
Deadly sound frequencies
The decibel and its measurement
Googleplex of volume
What is twice as loud?
Why are there 12 notes to the octave?
Heat and micro sound waves

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