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  • Installer now supports Windows 10

  • 1.21

  • Updated file certificate signing

  • 1.20

    A new release in time For Christmas!
  • 64 bit supported for up to 3x rendering speed on 64 bit Windows systems and greater program stability for large pictures/sounds
  • Added randomizer so you can experiment with random changes to the settings. Option locks included.
  • Fixed potential crashes and sound issues with very long sound files, especially in "Extra high quality" mode.
  • Window can now be resized for large screens.
  • Now also able to load/save just the chord/harmony fields.
  • Increased maximum quality from 10,000 to 1,000,000 for rare sounds which require the extra headroom.
  • Software is now signed with a proper certificate to ensure verification.



  • The new 'harmonics' section allows you to obtain a whole new dimension of sound. Previously subdued sounds can become much more 'gritty', 'hollow', or electrifyingly bright.
  • The preview mode increased in quality from 11 bit to 12+ bit for better sound quality.
  • Tranposing notes in the 'Chord notes' section now ignores number after the 'step' keyword. Example "C2 to C3 step 2" will stick with step 2, rather than step 14
  • Extra high quality setting is remembered/saved


  • Simpler installation.
  • Press right mouse button on the text next to any individual control to reset it.


  • Countries which use the comma as a decimal point are now supported.
  • In the "Chord notes" and "Harmonics" sections, semicolons are used to separate pitches now.