Music modules (by Soundburst)

Welcome to my music module page - a collection of some my best earlier synthesizer works in tracker format. Many music players such as Winamp and Deliplayer can easily play the module format - you'll
What is a module?
The module format is a bit like MIDI, but with an importance difference. Instead of saving only the note data like MIDI does, it saves the instrument/sample data too. This allows for many different instruments that obviously won't come with the standard MIDI set. In terms of size, a module can eat up anything between a couple of kilobytes and several dozen megabyte. It really depends on the size and quality of the samples used.
just need a plugin for the MED / Soundstudio format (which you can download from here for Winamp 5 and older Winamps).

They're listed with the best ones at the top, so try the first 5-10 out, and then download the rest if you like them. If you have any comments about them (good or bad), why not drop by the Skytopia forum.

You can view and vote for your favourites by looking at the poll at the bottom of this page.

That's the lot! If you liked those, you'll love the music from my recent CD - Eclipse of Mars. You can read more about it here and download sample demo tracks.

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All music on this page composed, produced and arranged by Daniel White (copyright 1990-2004 ongoing).
Anyone wishing to use the music for commercial purposes, please contact me for permission.