Cool anims

Whether you're looking for a new crazy avatar, or just want to see some cool animations, you've come to the right place. Each anim was created on the Amiga in various programs, such as Deluxe Paint 4, Imagine, or AMOS. Although (some of them) are beginning to show their age with respect to resolution and colour quality, they're still classics! We'll start with the best, and work our way down.

Download TwistTube anim (11.8 meg)
A rip-roaring rollercoaster of a ride this. Race through this fully rendered 'tube' at lightning speed, but watch the drop at the end! Fully rendered in the 3D package - Imagine.
Download Adventure anim (2.3 meg)
A weird cartoon with music and sound! Takes elements from old computer games, and mixed them with pop music cuts from the 80s.
Download Clowning Around anim (94k)
Great for avatars. This crazy face distorts, rolls his eyes, and looks generally amusing. A must download.
Download 1st Treevolve anim (2.8 meg)
Download 2nd Treevolve anim (4.5 meg)
A duo of weirdness. These wireframe tree animations are created by pure math, but watching them is more like experiencing the most dangerous and coolest fairground rides you can imagine. One day, 5000 years from now, Alton Towers will have these rides.
Download Hopping Madness anim (403k)
This is just weird. There was an old spectrum/c64 game called Hopping Mad. This animation is inspired from that, but contains the coolest parallax you've ever seen, and runs very smooth at 60fps.
Download Trick Shot anim (25k)
You won't get a snooker trick shot better than this. Not By Steve Davis, Stephen Hendry or anyone.
Download Marblelous anim (3 meg)
Rotate around this Ray traced marble pyramid.
Download Starburst anim (200k)
Now the name of this interesting animation as well as the famous chew sweets. What's neat is how it wraps round properly.
Download Lemon anim (196k)
A simple, but effective animation of lemons being juiced and drunk.
Download Marblelous anim (1.4 meg)
Rotate around a sphere closing. More colours, and this could be quite commercial.
Download PC versus Amiga anim (311k)
Outdated now, but back then, the war between the Amiga and PC was a bone of contention.
Download QuadCog anim (172k)
Good for avatars. Example of how cogs can make other cogs spin faster by cleverly inserting a smaller cog under a big cog.
Download Koch Curve anim (2.7 meg)
The famous Koch curve - animated!
Download Spinning World anim (772k)
Animation of spinning world. I can't be bothered to say much more than that, not that I could even if I wanted to.

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