by Nathan White (NSW)

UPDATE! (28/12/2004)

I only discovered the challenge set at Twin Galaxies about ten days before the deadline of 31st December 2004 (midnight). Needless to say, after days of solid playing, on the 28th Dec, I finally managed to beat the required score of 150,000 - with a score of 159,820!
See my Chicken Shift high score at MARP (MAME Action Replay Page) - (reached level 14 on 29/12/2002, and then level 20 on 28/12/2004)

Y'know - sometimes people approach me on the street asking how I achieve such ridiculously high scores on Chicken Shift. In an attempt to maintain my status as a Chickenmeister, I usually mutter something about being a gaming veteran of more than 10 years, or quip "If I told you, you wouldn't believe me" followed by quickly changing the subject.

However, after much soul searching, I thought it was only fair to share with my fellow gameplayers the secret of my success. Therefore, in a series of questions and answers, I will be providing you with the insights of my techniques to help you scale the dizzy heights of the high score table. First though, some answers to those crucial questions on this eggcellent game...

Q: On the pipe shifting section (level 1/2 - see left), why can't they just fit extra pipes to prevent the eggs from falling through the gaps?

A: Simple economics. Originally, there were more pipes, but they eroded over time. It works out cheaper to employ someone on the national minimum wage to swap the pipes as the eggs approach than to constantly replace the pipework.

Q: What is the farmer thinking of storing termites in the chicken shed?

A: Apparently, when mixed with cornmeal, termite larvae provides an excellent source of protein and nourishment for the chickens. The shed is just the right temperature to ensure production of healthy, nutritous termite larvae.

Q: On "The Great Eggscape" section (level 3 - see right), why are you helping the chicks to freedom? I thought the farmer was trying to make a profit.

A: Good question. Originally, we thought this was some kind of chicken revolt (ala Chicken Run). However, further investigation revealed the truth. You have in fact sneaked into Farmer McDougal's Chicken Ranch (your sworn rival) and are attempting to regain your position as the region's top egg producer after McDougal snatched it from you last year.

Q: On the flipper section (level 4 - see left), why is it necessary to have a network of precariously placed flippers to ensure the chicks reach their nests?

A: We asked the farmer, and he tells us it is part of a chicken exercise regime. He also claims the chicks enjoy it, but admits the mortality rate is fairly high.

Q: On this same screen, why do the chicks instantly develop into fully grown chickens as soon as they reach their nests?

A: The farmer refused to answer this question. However, an undercover inspection (at great risk to our personal safety) revealed growth hormone exceeding 20 times the dosage permitted by the FArming Regulation Committee Executive (FARCE) mixed in with cornmeal and placed in the nests.

Q: Can I get a job as a chicken shifter?

A: Only if you're prepared to work long hours for a poultry salary (it is, quite literally, chickenfeed) and incur the wrath of the farmer when customers start complaining that their eggs are too runny.

Q: You still haven't told me how to beat your score.

A: Ah, yes... Keep practising.

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