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Date (+IP):2019-09-02 - 10:24:17     (
Name:James Sullivan-iamai
Message: I am so grateful for Your work on MB3D. Ever since I watched The First
"STAR WARS" May 25, 1977 as a 17 year old, I have wanted to do
Computer Animation. I just am not that smart though. Needed a
super-computer,The computer code, multiple software working with each
other, it was just too over-whelming.I tried everything, but failed to be
able to do what I saw in My head, and transfer it to The Screen. That
changed Jan 2019 when I came across MB3D. I have 5 year old lap top and I
only use MB3D. No after effect at all, don't need it.
I don't understand the Math, but The Images were familiar at first glance.
I see so much in that one program, I spend all my day just flying
around,Worlds,Dimensions,Time,Machines,Creatures, to me it is Real. The
most Truthful conversation I have ever had in My life is the ones I have
with MB3D. I have found ways to use MB3D it seems others over look, or I am
still so new I haven't seen their work yet.
I have only followed HAL TENNY so far,He is super good teacher, but I want
to go back more to the basic Fractals. One thing I discovered is ways to
cut Rendering by 3/4. If it takes someone a month to render a video I tried
to tell them You can do it in a week..if you do
Open MB3D/Animation/set parameter/Navigate/Start Calculate-STOP(MB3D has it
already send to/Animation/Navigate/Start Calculate-STOP over and over...I
did 20 Key frames of 50 Subs in 15 mins. Sent to Animation Preview/Set to
Render ever Frame/Set 1 Down scaling/(whatever Height+Scale you use)RENDER
PREVIEW 1/4 the time it takes other way/Use Window Screen Capture Video/ 10
Hours to Render 1000 Frames at 900x800(for Me)
Because I use old laptop. I also put images in the Color Map windows and I
get even better quality 3D. They don't believe and I can't explain it
better. I make you a video and Please let Me know if I am not Crazy :)!
I am buying The Sound Software you made to go with it right now.
Will send you video of both working together!
Thank You!
James Sullivan-iamai

Date (+IP):2019-03-18 - 10:48:56     (



Date (+IP):2019-03-14 - 00:14:59     (
Name:Not a robot
Message:I have no idea how I ended up here on this website but this is an amazing
nostalgic gem, if you're out there, keep this website up!

Date (+IP):2018-08-24 - 05:27:19     (
Message:great post. i like it. feeling great when reading your post .

Date (+IP):2018-08-03 - 22:29:02     (
Name:Tony S
Message:Great site! May I ask what service you use for your guestbook. It's simple,
neat and practical.

Date (+IP):2018-06-01 - 11:56:57     (
Name:Bert Novilla
I came here (via Wikipedia, I think) with the intent of researching
graphics manipulation, etc. I wound up getting VERY lost in the music,
color & light, and most especially, the arcade section!!! Loved going
down C64 Lane with you! Without that particular computer, I don't think I
would be doing what I am doing now.

Fun! So, thank you for that. Now I don't want to go back to the

P.S. I'm currently working on a bootable, assembly language 65xx series
computer that runs within the x86 series. It features all 65xx CPUs, plus
a new mode featuring 32-bit processing (65832) and 28-bit addressing (256
MB), with 256 color and 32-bit graphics modes. Sort of a modern retro
computer in the flavor of C64.

Thank you,
Bert Novilla (bert at winc64 dot com)

Date (+IP):2017-09-27 - 00:28:05     (
Message:Relaxing to the dreamy chords of Sky City

Date (+IP):2017-06-14 - 20:21:47     (
Message:I first found this site on 2003-09-06 11:01:26 according to the legacy
guestbook entries ;) Eclipse of Mars is still quite good ... and this site
hasn't changed which is a trip ;)

Date (+IP):2017-05-15 - 02:28:55     (
Message:What a weird and wonderful site!
A real mine of interesting things.
Ok that's enough, let's start digging!

Date (+IP):2017-05-09 - 06:37:18     (
Message:This is my favourite website ever.

Date (+IP):2016-06-02 - 11:41:48     (
Message:Hello, could you possibly include an option in MidiTransform to change
different orchestral sections at once into other sections/instruments? For
instance, strings (presets 40-51), brass (presets 56-67) and woodwinds
(presets 68-77)? Would really be extremely helpful.

Date (+IP):2016-05-07 - 07:44:13     (
Message:Great Site! SonicPhoto looks awsome.

Date (+IP):2016-05-06 - 07:29:57     (
Name:Fred R D
Message:The topic addressed in this article is not only technically complex but
also enters in to legal issues of COPYRIGHT.

In spite of that I feel there is HUMONGOUS potential in the process

The MIDI issue is an ORE that surpasses Platinum.

Date (+IP):2016-02-28 - 15:36:16     (
Message:Ok, first guestbook signing of 2016 from a person who just found this site
lol... anyways, good site.

Date (+IP):2015-12-25 - 08:50:16     (
Message:Very nice website. Hope to see your keyboard demo archive to become a

Date (+IP):2015-07-22 - 11:02:28     (
Message:I've visited this site for at least a decade now. It's great stuff.

Date (+IP):2015-04-11 - 11:59:07     (
Message:Your page helped me discover the zeppelin bend which is great, but you
overdo it. The sheet bend is still good for joining ropes of different
sizes, nothing cinches down better than a trucker's hitch. Not even a
zeplin is more secure than a tripple fisherman's bend although, yes, it
jams. You don't even list the most famous hitch of all for climber's, the
rethreaded figure 8, which while tedius to tie, is important (to climber's
lives)since it is still very difficult to tie it wrong compared to almost
anything. And in my own experience the grapple hitch can't replace a
taut-line or adjustable grip hitch for tent lines or clothes lines, because
as you say, it's not actually very adjustable especially on some string.
These are two great knots but they are certainly not the only two knots to
know and there are certainly several others that have great, not so rare,
uses that these two don't work well for. You've done great research though
and great explanations and your promotion of the zeppelin has clearly been
well received by many.

Date (+IP):2014-11-28 - 17:46:08     (
Message:As for your search for the true mandelbulb, why not experiment with powers
of pi, phi, or e for that matter? (or variations thereof). Beauty likes
irrational numbers.

Date (+IP):2014-06-24 - 04:49:30     (
Message:Hi everyone. I am from America. None of my Facebook friends will play
Skytopia 2 with me. I am looking for neighbors on there. When friend
requesting, state Skytopia 2 in the message. Thanks.

Date (+IP):2013-12-29 - 08:10:58     (
Message:2D images of the measured mandel and unrolled mandel....

Date (+IP):2013-12-29 - 08:08:52     (
Message:I have been playing with the mandelbrot set recently. I skewed the
projection so I could so the computation path at the point at the
mouse and got some interesting visual results with oscillating
waves...and twists in the wonderful helix forms.

I can assert that everything in the center cardoid definatly
approaches 0; the circle to the left is stable; as with all other
areas beyond the center.

This one also shows the near area in elevated line that is the color
of the pixel it is under... allowing to browse general height of
things... The area around 0 is basically a circle, and there is no
complexity in the center.

This is the same browsing technique minus the elvations; concentration
was more on the twists and differences in the different areas of the
oribital calculation

And where it started in 2D (released a copy of this program... the
other is very un-user friendly)

The path as you know starts at 0+0i and adds the value x+yi... so at
each point, there is a resulting a+bi... what I did was then add the
iteration as a step in the Z axis, and drew the shape. It's a polar
form sort of function; but steps in 3's around the circle or 2's... or
other N shaped things. I noted that I could not find a represnetation
of a 6 in the mandelbrot; and wondered if this had to do with the
missing black keys on pianos.

I also computed some significant distances and unwrapped the mandelbrot....

Date (+IP):2013-12-21 - 13:05:33     (
Name:Jules Ruis
Message:For 3D software see:

Date (+IP):2013-12-21 - 12:44:34     (
Name:Jules Ruis
Message:My compliments for this internet site.

Date (+IP):2013-12-18 - 19:27:08     (
Name:Tad Boniecki
I had a look at your ratings for classical music. With all respect, any
rating system that places the Warsaw Concerto as being six levels higher
than the finale of the Eroica has got to be viewed with deep suspicion.



Date (+IP):2013-06-26 - 21:09:05     (
Name:Jinx Caulfield
Message:Cool. What a great little program. Saved me hours of manually transcribing
a simple song from a major to a minor key for a client.

Date (+IP):2013-04-08 - 08:38:21     (
Message:precise cool and advantage online page, thank

Date (+IP):2012-12-28 - 16:39:35     (
Name:Gord Park
Homepage: &
Message:Farout! Much better software as compared to the older picture-to-sound
programs I have tried out in the past. Great work! Watching the video here
on your website was enough for me to actually give this excellent software
a major try-out.

Date (+IP):2012-11-09 - 19:32:01     (
Name:Bryan Chandler
Message:I first found this webpage like 5 years ago. It has really cool music. As a
composer myself I appreciate it very much. very lively.

Date (+IP):2012-10-06 - 03:44:16     (
Message:I can't download OpalCalc ;-(

Date (+IP):2012-07-29 - 17:47:14     (
Name:Ross Matthams
Message:The answer to the dice roll:

1) = 1/6
2) = 9331/46656 (close to 20%)

Date (+IP):2012-03-20 - 18:32:53     (
Name:Sverrir Örn
Message:Dear president of Skytopia.

Many thanks for your magnificent tool: "MIDI transform V1.14"!!!
It saved me a lot of headache during a research in music by transforming
between major/minor. Wish a standalone program could be bought somewhere.
Since not, I hope Skytopia will live forever =)

Date (+IP):2012-02-18 - 00:25:12     (
Message:Ha, I remember seeing this site a long time ago. You really are a pretty
unique person! The art and everything is bizarre, but also really
fascinating and beautiful in a unique and refreshing way. In a world where
so any things are recycled and regurgitated over and over again, this site
stands out as something unlike anything I've ever seen in terms of its
originality and beauty. Based on some of your work that I've observed, your
pretty much a genius in more ways than one.. I can't really tell if you're
still maintaining this site regularly and actively, but nonetheless,
whoever you are I hope you're doing well. Thanks for brining such a
wonderfully imaginative website to life!

Date (+IP):2012-01-16 - 03:49:58     (

First of all I would like to tell you that this is an awesome website! I
browse it alot and find new interesting stuff everytime! I was doing the
hard math questions and wanted to check the results. Then I found out that
the link to the answers doens't work. Do you still have them somewhere? If
so could you mail them to me? .

Thanks in advance


Date (+IP):2012-01-04 - 20:00:10     (
Message:I hope this is read eventhough there seems to be a spam problem in this

I just linked you in my blog "music theory, composing, programming and
a cat".

Your "About Me" site is down, so is your forum!

Date (+IP):2011-11-27 - 06:39:28     (
Name:Phil Haultain
Message:I'm a Fractal addict,I admit it.I intend to share a link to this homepage
on google plus.

Date (+IP):2011-10-27 - 05:37:34     (
Message:I have read your amazing work on creating a 3d mandelbrot fractal. I am not
a mathematical expert - well frankly I understand nothing on the math side
of all these. But I have been searching a way to do the opposite of your

My question is: what would the two dimensional chart look like... when a 3D
fractal set is plotted on a 2D chart. Imagine the 3d fractals you have
created. I will put the time on the X axis and put another
"indicator" on the Y axis... what sort of a chart would be seen?
What I mean by "indicator" could be the change in the total mass,
or anything that helps me see the start-stop points of the creation. Or the
cycles as to say...

All wonderful inventions started with a silly question like this :- ) I
wish I made my self clear but if not please contact me and I would be glad
to explain what I trying to do. Looking for your inspirational ideas.

Date (+IP):2011-10-15 - 06:32:38     (
White list OpalCalc.

Date (+IP):2011-10-13 - 00:33:26     (
Message:I can't download OpalCalc, Norton's blocks it and says there are too few
users and it has a medium security risk.

Date (+IP):2011-10-07 - 15:24:00     (
Message:i love this website! it really helped me in an argument! thank you! i love
you skytopia fruit emporium!Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Date (+IP):2011-10-07 - 09:05:47     (
Message:cool math problems!

Date (+IP):2011-09-27 - 01:58:04     (
Name:Fruit Finatic
Message:I came across your fruit project and I had to stop and read all five pages.
Great website!

Date (+IP):2011-07-22 - 07:29:04     (
Message:Schöne Hompage habt ihr.

Date (+IP):2011-07-18 - 06:51:25     (
Message:i will solve your impossible question of what ever hard range i will please
send a hardest problem in my account

Date (+IP):2011-05-27 - 19:51:17     (
Message:We produce surround sound headphones with zero latency. How important is
the zero latency? I am looking for more info on how bad the latency
problem is in audio.

Date (+IP):2011-04-25 - 06:22:04     (
Message:Good morning. Beautiful site. I have a question. When I look at images
like ,
it seems to me that if these two shapes contacted each other that they
would match up, like two cogs except in 3d. Then if one of them began to
roll around the other, it would continue to match up in any direction that
it rolled on all scales. Is this true, or am I making things up?

Date (+IP):2011-03-23 - 10:03:01     (
Message:Thank you.

Thank you for updating this website after leaving it LONG in the dust.

Awesome as always.

Date (+IP):2011-03-22 - 03:02:44     (
Name:Couroucou Cuicui
Message:Just red your last article about latency... As interesting as usual for all
these years now. I like so much your website and your kind of curiosity.

You half-alien half-angel, you're very cool!

Date (+IP):2011-03-15 - 22:55:21     (
Name:Timothy Vass
Message:Thank you, thank you, thank you!

This discovery has changed my life forever.

Date (+IP):2011-02-27 - 03:00:54     (
Name:H. Aparicio
Message:Thanks for the super-useful bits of PHP code. One line of your code solved
my problem and made my day.

Date (+IP):2011-02-05 - 14:01:08     (
Message:hey interesting site, just wanted to share my gallery. not all are computer
generated tho...

Date (+IP):2010-12-25 - 04:55:01     (

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If you're interested, let me know and I'll provide a custom proposal for
you and your site.


Date (+IP):2010-12-07 - 10:42:47     (
Name:Haritha Gorijavolu
Message:Thanks for explaining Liang-Barsky line clipping.

Date (+IP):2010-11-27 - 11:52:13     (
Name:David Mackie
Message:Message for Daniel White.

Hi Daniel,

I have an idea for a 3D mandelbrot set.

It would not have an "inside" and an "outside" like
yours, instead, the set would be like the cross-section of a geode, and
contained within the egg-like ovals you can see in the pictures of the set.

Do you think that this might work?

Well done on your work!

Kind regards,

David Mackie

Date (+IP):2010-11-21 - 16:39:39     (
Message:You have made both the greatest Classical Music and Pop Music.

Why not make a list of the best trance songs?

Date (+IP):2010-11-07 - 08:08:34     (
Message:hi, Im op art artist, I would like to share my art on you page,thanks

Date (+IP):2010-10-28 - 17:01:54     (
Name:Nuno Rosendo
Message:I found out about this wonderful project from a portuguese ingeneering
magazine and was instantly curious about. Now i'm positively amazed with
all the rich detailes of your work. I must say:
-Mandelbulb forever!

Date (+IP):2010-09-12 - 13:54:12     (
Message:awesome explanation of liang barsky line clipping algo...hats off!!

Date (+IP):2010-07-23 - 10:30:33     (
Name:Marcus Johnson
Message:Great site. Rob Bryanton mentioned your site. I was blown away by your 3d
bulbs. Amazing. I was wondering in your super magnet videos, are you giving
each atom its properties, or are they already programmed? Basically is this
a program for using math which translates into images? Thanks

Date (+IP):2010-07-05 - 21:13:44     (
Message:Awesome 3D fractals on ... I'd like to
see screen savers of these!

Date (+IP):2010-06-19 - 12:31:57     (
Message:Thanks for introdusing the Grapple Hitch (ABOK #1471 and #1231) knot. I
think you made a good job at pointing out the remarkable qualities of the
knot. I was looking for a knot to make an adjustable loop to a slippery
bungee cord. After discarding various more common knots like adjustable
grip hitch I tried your Grapple Hitch which turned out to be a clear
winner. It grips, it is easy to adjust, it takes little cord, it is pretty.

Greetings from Finland

Date (+IP):2010-06-09 - 18:16:36     (
Message:immortality we are made up of atoms ie space and that is billions of yrs
old the very stuff that makes the heavens makes us it is science and real
our atoms were around during the dinosaur era and will be around during the
end of this planet life is a journey and its just one part of the journey
that is completed in this life

Date (+IP):2010-06-02 - 21:59:04     (
Message:I looked at the Fruit Reviews and realised that the person reviewing has
never been outside the country he grew up in or has not ourgrown the
childhood tastes that still lingers in his/her taste buds. How could anyone
else rate MAngo a 20 something for taste and cherry in 30s? Please
don't review a fruit if you have not tasted it atleast 3 -4 times.


Date (+IP):2010-05-20 - 14:30:27     (
Message:I love the way you compared between the music programs!!
I used to be a great winamp fan, now i use itunes for some unknown reason,
deep inside i know winamp kick ass :)
keep up
p.s. where you from?

Date (+IP):2010-05-19 - 09:16:51     (
Name:Vika McLaren
Message:Dear Daniel!

Thank you so much for your site, fantastic fractals, love them soooo

I wanted to post little animations on this page to my blog
but it can only download in format I dont even know. Tell me pls, if its
possible to see them in amimated gif fomat. Pls, contact me
vika.mclaren@gmail .com Thank you)

Date (+IP):2010-05-16 - 21:15:42     (
Name:Zauberer München
Message:Oh my god! In the arcade section I saw bubble bobble! What a game remindes
me of one of the first games I ever played in Italy in thr playing halls!
Great page!

Greets Florian from München

Date (+IP):2010-05-10 - 19:56:57     (
Name:Brett Bellomo
Message:Is there any small certificate your site can award for helping feed a
fractal generator,or any fractal math input?
Have some computer cert testing..

Date (+IP):2010-05-05 - 23:14:03     (
Message:Thankyou so much for your explanation of Liang Barsky's clipping.....It
was extreamly helpful

Date (+IP):2010-04-08 - 13:05:47     (
Name:Paul Chin
Message:I'm a Mobile DJ I've over 2000 CD i want to store in a computer at home
so i can access via the internet when i'm on the road. Can you recommend a
player that will do the job for me


Date (+IP):2010-04-06 - 15:41:43     (
Homepage:renat-nasyrov at yandex dot ru
I'm interested in Mandelbrot 3D rendering. I try to make it by myself, but
currently I'm not proceeded so far. Can I get detailed information about
it? Thanks.

Date (+IP):2010-03-29 - 21:15:31     (
Message:Daniel, will like to use some of your images to public in a magazine from
argentina. Can you tell which are the conditions and the term of use?
Thank you

Date (+IP):2010-03-26 - 16:52:30     (
very impressive work on the mandelbulb!
I am currently a student documentary filmmaker in the last year, and I've
always wanted to make a film reavealing the mathematical secrets of nature.
I've been playing around with it
but recently a talented spanish animator also made a very impressive piece:
but i can imagine this movie continuing towards an organicly growing

i hope one day we will be able to work together to make the most amazing
documentary ever..! :)

Thank you, best regards! Johannes

Date (+IP):2010-03-25 - 11:17:00     (
Name:June Idon
Message:HI Daniel,

I hope you get this message. Firstly, please would it be possible to run
the images in the Daily Mail ? Secondly, please, in laymans terms, could
you explain how the images are created ? Many thanks in advance.


June Iddon

Date (+IP):2010-03-09 - 12:17:53     (
Name:Another non-mathematician
Message:Great stuff! I can't begin to comprehend the math, but the results are
beautiful on their own.

Date (+IP):2010-03-02 - 02:16:25     (
Message:I am no mathematician- heck I can't even spell it- but I remember reading
about Mandelbroit sets in Scientific American many years ago. I still can
feel awed by the beauty of these illustrations.

Thank Wired News for directing me to your site.

please send me a good version of the rendering from Youtube that you

Date (+IP):2010-02-12 - 11:02:11     (
Name:Peter Kogler

First: nice work!! :)

I'm wondering whether this kind of multiplication in spherical coordinates
makes sense. In the two dimensional case it seems natural to multiply the
norms of the numbers and add the angles. But in spherical coordinates only
Phi is cyclic. So what happens to Theta if it gets bigger than Pi? Does it
"jump back" to 0? Maybe one could "force" it to be
cyclic with Phi=2Pi-Phi for Phi>Pi (So it "rotates" instead
of "jumping")? Or should there be same other kind of operation
(multiply the norms, add the Phis and ?? the Thetas)?

Just ideas...

I quite like alternative ways to render the mandelbrot like plotting the
inner attractors or the "buddhabrot" set. How would this look
like in your fractal?

Greetings from Austria :)

Date (+IP):2010-02-11 - 23:34:16     (
Name:Tad Boniecki

Could you tell me what are the multiplication rules in the algebra used.
Also, could you briefly explain why you chose these rules rather than a
different one?



Date (+IP):2010-01-25 - 18:08:41     (
Name:Amanda Ritzler
Message:Thanks for putting this together. I am in the process of writing some
educational lessons that go with many of these optical illusions for a
teachers guide book to teaching math to match state objectives and
standards, if you ever want to collaborate...please let me know.

Date (+IP):2010-01-01 - 17:45:25     (
Name:Mary Jo Martin
Message:Really cool stuff. I'm sharing your site with my grandchildren (11 and 9)
- I love to expose them to math concepts. I gave one of them a Klein
bottle and the other a hypercube (produced by Shapeways) this year - along
with the math explanations...

A great way to start 2010!

Date (+IP):2009-12-31 - 18:19:11     (
Message:I found your page by searching for 3D-Fractals and found your page.
Very intresting. I will visit your page again

Date (+IP):2009-12-23 - 04:59:39     (
Message:Thanks for the cool downloadable games on your site!

Date (+IP):2009-12-19 - 21:03:24     (
Name:Lee Deavers
Message:Oh, that last post I did about the grapple vs the adjustable; I forgot to
give you my email address.

Date (+IP):2009-12-19 - 20:59:52     (
Name:Lee Deavers
Message:Enjoyed learning about the grapple hitch.

I am a knot addict (I have yet to figure out what causes/drives this

I tested the grapple against the adjustable hitch and I the adjustable won.
Using paracord around a slick post the grapple slid down the line each and
every time. The adjustable is more suited for the task Mechanically.

If I am going to tighten something expensive down in my truck or on my
trailer I always resort to using a prusik in place of the adjustable hitch.
I rock climb using the pursik or keimheist so I know I can trust these
friction knots. To use the prusik, of course, I have to use an additional
piece of rope after I have already tightened the load bearing rope down
between the alpine loops. At that point I use a prusik and an 's' hook to
secure the item. After driving for a while the rope may stretch and in 2
seconds I can pull and tighten the prusik.

When I am backpacking I generally use the adjustable hitch for tarp and
clothes line.

Enjoyed the way you presented the knots! Very entertaining.

Have a Merry Christmas

Date (+IP):2009-12-19 - 01:35:10     (
Message:Wonderful stuff. Your 3-D mandelbrot stuff is a trip!

Date (+IP):2009-12-13 - 18:42:28     (
Message:Getting the true Mandelbrot back in true 3D!!
A slight modification to David Whites formula..yields the Mandelbrot
as a special case now in true 3D :):)

See the rendering process here! :)

Date (+IP):2009-12-13 - 17:22:32     (
Name:M. Rule
Message:GUYS ! SEE IF

sorry for the all caps, but I'd take a 3D manifestation of this object in
real space over sex.

Date (+IP):2009-12-11 - 08:46:32     (
Message:Magnificent work! Is it possible to know the program you used to generate
and explore all these wornderful mandelbulbs or is it your property? I'd
like to reproduce these images and explore them (for personal use only). My
email is

Date (+IP):2009-12-10 - 18:49:57     (
Name:B G Scott
Message:Excellent piece of work. I've played with the 2-D Mandelbrot set, off and
on, over several years. One thing that stood out most boldly was that
zooming into certain regions produced more sparseness than into others. I
wonder what would happen with your algorithm if you used powers like 10 or
11. That seems to be where string theory lives.

Date (+IP):2009-12-10 - 18:06:15     (
Name:Joshua Nelson
Message:Very nice work. I've been fascinated for years ever since the fractals
found me first, been seeking them out ever since.

Date (+IP):2009-12-10 - 05:37:44     (
Name:Tad Boniecki
Message:These images are wonderful. Do you suppose you could share the software you
used to generate them? I would love to try it. My email is

With thanks for your efforts


Date (+IP):2009-12-08 - 15:42:55     (
Name:Edward Bell
Your recent article on the 3D Mandelbrot and its visualization is
excellent. I wonder if you could give me a call at your earliest
convenience. 212 451-8844
Ed Bell
Art Director
Scientific American Magazine

Date (+IP):2009-12-06 - 07:02:25     (
Name:Francesco Martin

in this blog there is a poster with a free publicity for you site, and a
very special impossible maths (with and without numbers) to be solved,
starting from Poincarи's conjecture, LOL happy fly

Date (+IP):2009-12-04 - 19:09:53     (
Name:Maciej Janowicz
Message:Dear Daniel, I'd like to join those who praise you for your magical stuff
It's just wonderful!

Allow me for four questions:
1) The Mandelbrot set in 2D made from hyperbolic complex numbers (z = x +
i*y, i^2 = +1) is trivial, it is just square. Is there a chance it could be
more interesting in 3D? I would try to explore Galilean complex numbers
(i^2 = 0) as well.
2) The numbers w = x*i + y*j + z*k (i*j=k, j*k=i,k*i=j,i^2=j^2=k^2=-1) do
not form a field, and there is no natural analog of holomorphic functions.
Does that necessarily mean that nothing interesting can appear from w

Date (+IP):2009-12-03 - 08:31:23     (
Name:Robert Horvitz
Message:Daniel, others have already said much the same but I must add my praise for
your 3D Mandelbulb raytracings. They are among the most extraordinary
images that any human has ever created. Congratulations on a real

Date (+IP):2009-11-21 - 05:05:08     (
Message:Hi I am very interested in having some kind of 3d fractal artwork as the
cover of my Psychedelic Trance album due to be released on a major
Australian Label in the 2nd quarter of next year.

If anyone knows who I can contact in regards to this please email me at

Date (+IP):2009-11-19 - 05:45:40     (
Message:Fractals are not 3D, they are math, and we are going to have to learn to
see without eyes to finally translate the figures hidden within into a
dimension we can navigate within.
you see, when we venture into math's land, or travel along those rivulets
of number, we taint it with the other 3 prongs: Mythos, Pathos, and Bios...
We have to learn to see with only LOGOs to really discern "3D".
However, if we acknowledge this limitation, and purify the transmission of
logos into our muddied realm, it will make sense "more".

Date (+IP):2009-11-16 - 22:41:26     (
Message:Nice Mandelbrot pictures, especially the 3D ones. Can't wait to make my
own animations in 3D instead...will be interesting to see what you will do
to have more color in the images.

Date (+IP):2009-11-16 - 11:13:59     (
Name:Raka Jovanovic
Message:3d Mandelbrot is the most amazing thing that i have seen in a very long
time. Best of luck! Thanks a lot:)

Date (+IP):2009-11-16 - 07:38:08     (
Name:Andrey Konyaev
Message:We are russis's top news digest and we would like to use your
images to make a gallery. Is it possible and whay are the terms of use?

Date (+IP):2009-11-16 - 06:27:51     (
Name:Aaron E
Message:In college, I wanted to get a higher-diminsional mandelbrot, so extended
the equations to use 4, 5, and above diminsions. I then used simple
mapping functions to project the sets in a lower diminsional 2d. The most
interesting images and zooms were in an alpha-blended 1000x1000x1000x1000
4d->3d->2d mapping using similar mapping to usual 3d->2d fields
with aspect ratios. It'd be very interesting to see your raytracing added
to those models. I wish I still had the code, that was almost 10 years

Date (+IP):2009-11-16 - 04:50:18     (
Name:Shawn Halayka
Message:I am lucky to be alive during the time of this discovery.

I notice you have a series of diagrams that show how continual iteration
diffuses the light. For some reason I have it stuck in my head that I read
something once by JC Hart about how a fractal surface would coincide with
the behaviour of a perfect black body. Interesting.

Date (+IP):2009-11-15 - 13:30:48     (
Message:hi there!

Fantastic images! Can you send me a note, with which programs you did these
renders? They are incredible, and I'd like to know more about it, and try
it myself. I'd be very happy if you would contact me on deviantart!

Date (+IP):2009-11-13 - 15:32:35     (
Name:doug rogers
Message:typo resultant of cat on lap

Date (+IP):2009-11-13 - 15:31:15     (
Name:doug rogers
Message:What would they (3D Mandelbrots) look like after a few centuries of wind
and water erosion and geologic activity? What about intersections with
other sets across a time axis?

Date (+IP):2009-10-31 - 15:36:34     (
Name:Eva Eden
Message:Hi there,

very very thanks to you for introducing the grapple hitch here in the web
(and also remembering to the zeppelin bend)!!!
I'm so happy I found it!

Greetings from Munich, Germany
God bless you!

Date (+IP):2009-09-29 - 11:33:42     (
Message:My teacher suggested to this old beginer to read "Temperament".
I needed to freshen up and found your site through google. Thank you for
your free open sharing of this information!!!

Date (+IP):2009-09-24 - 04:41:21     (
Message:Awesome site! I got there from a link in wikipedia article about music

Date (+IP):2009-09-11 - 03:57:42     (
Message:I just read your 3d-Mandelbrot page, and it sounds like you and I are
looking for the same sort of thing. My approach (which I haven't actually
implemented, not being a programmer) is to take three-dimensional slices of
the four-dimensional (or perhaps two-complex-dimensional) figure of which
the Mandelbrot and all the Julia sets are cross sections.

Date (+IP):2009-09-10 - 09:08:04     (
Name:Dan, CA
Message:MIDI Transform all the way!

Date (+IP):2009-08-20 - 23:27:53     (
Message:Thanks for the cool downloadable games on your site!

Date (+IP):2009-08-14 - 03:00:16     (
Message:Very, Very Cool Stuff!

Date (+IP):2009-08-13 - 15:02:33     (
Name:ABS Kumar
Message:Pls make this applet free so that an old beginner like me can easily learn
some music

Date (+IP):2009-07-11 - 15:05:34     (
Name:John Boesen
Message:I heard you had software that could convert 2D graphics to 3D. Please reply
if this is available. Also, does it work on Macintosh computers or only on
Windows? Thanks,

Date (+IP):2009-07-08 - 22:31:29     (
Name:Andreas Kohlbach
Message:Nice page, loads of SIDS.

A small issue though. Your server seems to send text/plain instead of
something like audio/x-sidtune. That way SIDs should work everywhere. I
seem to have problems..

Date (+IP):2009-07-07 - 06:00:28     (
Name:Don, Nor-Cal
Message:I love this place! The illusions page is my fav, but I also love reading
all the other numerous info around here! This is what the internet is all
about! Thanks very much for creating such a fun site.

Date (+IP):2009-06-27 - 12:20:44     (
Name:Dan, CA
Message:MIDI Transform all the way!

Date (+IP):2009-06-08 - 21:35:25     (
Name:3d Pictures
Message:Hi, I like Your Eyeillusions very much.

For everybody interested in 3D Pictures, please visit:

Date (+IP):2009-06-05 - 00:52:19     (
Message:wow... all i can say is that i could sit around and do optical illusions
all day!!

Date (+IP):2009-05-31 - 20:35:29     (
Name:Emily Hill
Message:Stumbled Upon this page. Very interesting thanks.

Date (+IP):2009-04-27 - 01:58:31     (
Message:In the optical illusions, (the count the cubes) they cheated and drew in 4
lines and then told you that there were 7 cubes. Don't believe me? watch
the video and let it load completely. then pause it the first time it shows
the cubes, and then drag it right to the next time it shows the cubes.
you'll see that it draws 4 lines for the second time you look at the
cubes! ha. and i've analyzed it from every possible angle. without those
lines, there are only 6. so, by saying there were 7, but manipulating you
by drawing the extra lines, they are lying! they're terrible people,
whomever made that video...

Date (+IP):2009-04-15 - 20:17:47     (
Message:It's seems that you are an old amigans.


Date (+IP):2009-03-08 - 17:30:20     (
Name:Patrick Kraft
Message:Just passing thro and thought I would see whats here.

Date (+IP):2009-02-18 - 01:15:59     (
Homepage:CassJohnjoseph at
Message:This is so totally awesome. 99.999% of the calssical selections are my
personal picks.

Date (+IP):2009-02-15 - 00:22:22     (
Name:Chris Curtis
Message:What you have done here is fantastic.

Somewhere in the "infinitude" of the Mandelbrot Set is a
representation of every moment in time.

Imagine finding the way to unlock the view of the past, now and...

Date (+IP):2009-01-28 - 19:32:27     (

Date (+IP):2009-01-28 - 19:32:01     (

Date (+IP):2009-01-24 - 20:02:31     (
Name:Michael Warren
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Message:MIDI Transform all the way! Excellent web applet!

Date (+IP):2009-01-24 - 01:34:30     (
Name:Andreas Kohlbach
Email:ank[{is at}]
Message:Thanks, very nice SIDs. I had quite some on my page already, but only few
of the lower table there. Now I have. :-)

Date (+IP):2009-01-21 - 00:18:41     (
Message:You have a great site! I wish you a happy new year!

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Email:a[{is at}]
Message:Hey, You have got very nice eyeillusion Pictures!!
And You might like to see or to add some 3D Pictures.
Visit: - Stereoscopic Images
or - for Single Image Sterograms.

Date (+IP):2008-12-02 - 15:27:31     (
Name:Merrill W Haug
Email:westnova[{is at}]
Message:Great site ! I have a copyright on a three demensional modular sculpture
useing a triangular module which has it's own trademark which I am trying
to share while also trying to protect. Can you help?

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Message:Awesome site! I got there from a link in wikipedia article about music

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ha, I love fruit :D:D:D:D

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Name:kris northern
Message:Hey there - phidelity here thanks for the links and kind words from your 3d
fractal page. It was just featured on metafilter in case you are wondering
what the influx of traffic is from.

I wanted to share with you a couple new things I whipped up on the subject
of 3d fractals

and lastly some photos of ferns I just shot in hawaii

feel free to drop me a line by email and keep up the excellent work

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Message:hello dear hope you are fine.I liked this site and hope this will help the
people to find the job also.I am a frank and simpleperson so any there want
to be my friend I welcome you bye .
Have a nice time. Kathmandu,Nepal

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Message:Just wanted to say THANKs for the LAUGH - my belly hurts and my eyes are
watering from your fruit project descriptions. I'll be back for exotic
fruit updates.

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Message:Hey good site

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Email:Antanas[{is at}]
Message:HEY! good site! peace

Date (+IP):2008-08-03 - 00:13:57     (
Name:Eric Baird (ErkDemon)
Message:Cool site!

Regarding the "3D Mandelbrot" challenge, there's an
interesting 3D fractal shape that you can get by putting a Mandelbrot on
one plane, and intersecting it with its complexly-conjugated variant (the

The resulting 3D shape is discussed at

I'll be adding more 3D Mandelbrot animations to
when I have time.

Date (+IP):2008-07-31 - 09:14:27     (
Email:snuppsy[{is at}]
Message:I found the site through a google search. I love it. We have the same taste
in books. I read Memoria de mis putas tristes when it first came out. I
liked it but was a little disappointed by the ending...

Date (+IP):2008-07-30 - 23:37:04     (
Message:Great site, thanks. An interesting (to me anyhow) note about
"rotating snakes"; if you go into "stereogram" mode
of looking at this guy, it completely quits moving. And it's very
deep/pretty, too. Interesting. Regards,

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Name:Eye Illusions
Email:eyesareamazing[{is at}]
Message:My kid loves this site!

Date (+IP):2008-06-18 - 10:00:29     (
Email:faithanboots[{is at}]
Message:I googled: winamp, mediamonkey to compare, and came upon this and it is so
cool! I would like to leave the comment that for those of us who are not
computer geniuses, it would be nice to include "ease of use" in
comparisons. believe me, that is a big deal.

Date (+IP):2008-06-06 - 09:10:41     (
Name:Marc Braunschweiler
Email:marcbraunschweiler[{is at}]
Message:nice site a good WMP vs Winamp vs iTunes vs MediaMonkey

the winamp Team needs to do is add things that its missing that the other
players have like tags by order Date Added and Library maintainence

Date (+IP):2008-05-25 - 04:36:39     (
Name:Charley Hale
Email:charley.hale[{is at}]
Message:Great site, thanks. An interesting (to me anyhow) note about
"rotating snakes"; if you go into "stereogram" mode
of looking at this guy, it completely quits moving. And it's very
deep/pretty, too. Interesting. Regards,

Charley Hale

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Email:nmsdan[{is at}]
Message:I was searching for the information on Chickenpox and came across your
site. I was searching for it because I got it now :-( I am 36 years old and
thought I passed that stage but I got it from my son. It was very severe
for me than to my son and out of curiocity I started searching why is it
more serious in adults than in children. Your research has helped me lot in
understanding and I agree there is no single site with is more
comprehensive than your notes :)

BTW was trying to find ways to contact you and seen your all collection.
Excellent site. You have done a very good work. Keep it up.


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Message:Can you tell me what Gravity is?
Lena Reed

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Message:Hi Dan, found your theories on music extremely interesting and valid also
enjoyed connections making comparisons with fruits to chords. You are
obviously a true interlect and your theories rival those of stephen
hawkings. Keep on writing! Look forward to viewing again. Aunty Lynda.

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Email:ilen[{is at}]
Message:As a biography, Alecia Oleyourryk is age 24. She grew up in Oswego, New
York with “old-fashioined” parents. She attended Boston
University where she was a magazine journalism major and is currently a
bartender in New York. She’d like to be an actress in L.A

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found your wonderful homage to classic video game tunes! I'm happy to see
that Super Aleste/Space Megaforce got a good mention ;P

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Message:I'm currently waiting to see if I develop chicken-pox and your attempts to
find out the actual risks echo what I'm currently going through trying to
find any information on the subject. I fully agree that this information
ought to be available!

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Name:sachin nair
Message:hey daniel! just happened to stumble upon this site of urs whilst searchin
for the 'liang barsky' algorithm tht i needed to prepare fr a test i hv..
well apart frm offerin a gr8 explanation of the algorithm, ur site, i must
say, is a really cool piece of art..ive browsed a few sections bt havent
gone thru all of it...will in good time tho...
im an admirer of good sites on the web myself n i knw it mustve taken great
pains to put together wht u have here esp. when its a one man job(so i
n btw, are those graphics designed by u? theyre pretty cool!
so well thts tht..just wanted to compliment u on the gr8 work..kudos!

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yours fraser xxxxx

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Message:Thank you for authoring and making available "The Liang-Barsky line
clipping algorithm in a nutshell!" It is AWESOME. You made it very
easy to understand -- much appreciated. The color coding, examples,
diagrams and instructions are SUPERB. Thank you again very much.

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Message:Is this the way to tamarillo?

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Message:Greatest tutorial on Liang Barky ever!

but plz put at the end
"Finito" :) instead of finisimo

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Name:That guy
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