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karen ( karenak {at} arcor.de / http://karenak.stumbleupon.com)
2007-03-10 04:45:18 - IP:
Very interesting site you have here - if only it were kinder on the eyes. Exchange the background for something solid and I'll be a regular visitor Cheers,
Karen :-)
Timothy ( no email / http://www.geocities.com/kylefit6063/)
2007-02-26 11:15:47 - IP:
Love the site!
tariq ahmed ( qirat31 {at} gmail.com / no homepage)
2007-02-23 02:28:30 - IP:
Super-impossible math questions
are really awesome
can i have the answers and methodology
paul hazell ( joshhazell {at} hotmail.co.uk / no homepage)
2007-02-19 23:08:30 - IP: forwarded for
I own a Yamaha Clavinova. I record a lot of multi-track songs. I am looking for a program that will enable me to adjust the midi notation, eg: quantize, volume, timing etc. I currently do it on the piano but this is very time consuming. Can you please supply a program for this or help in any way.

Many thanks

Edwin ( no email / no homepage)
2007-02-11 20:08:38 - IP:
Wow awesome website!! Lots of info and I certainly learned a lot :)
nat ( nat {at} hoymail.com / no homepage)
2007-01-31 17:32:33 - IP:
new edition Simpsons - six pm
dmc218 ( no email / no homepage)
2006-11-07 16:45:44 - IP:
i like the rotating snake illusion so keep on kepping on and add more stuff 2 the site its da bomb and if ne1 out there likes 2 play runescape u go!!!add me on game its dmc218!!!=) and we'll chat
danka fischer ( dankart {at} optusnet.com.au / no homepage)
2006-10-11 11:40:56 - IP:
It is unfortunate that you appear to have tasted some of the very tastiest and best tropical fruits from a supermarket shelf which would have been either over-ripe or under-ripe and in no way reflects the taste of fruit directly from the plant it has grown on.If you ever get a chance to visit this area (Tropical Far North Queensland it would be well wrth your while to conatact growers here to see what fruits are available at any particular time to be able to asses the tastes far more factually. it could even be worth contacting the Rare Fruits Society International to avail yourself of their knowledge and expertise in the USA . I am sorry for you that you have such a jaundiced and negative opinion of so many superb fruits. Do you have any pleasures or positve things in your like at all??Mangoes are the most superb fruit. I am currently eating jaboticabas off my own bushes and adore them. Jak fruit is delicious as are rambutans etc etc etc.
Tony ( info {at} lamadonnina.biz / http://www.lamadonnina.biz)
2006-10-03 07:45:04 - IP:
This site is excellent. Those 3d effects and the optical illusions are wonderful. Great stuff!! Tony San Giovanni Rotondo
james ( no email / no homepage)
2006-09-21 19:03:30 - IP:
thanks for the tips on all the fruits

it help me with mu H.E homework
steve ( steve {at} rockledgegardens.com / no homepage)
2006-09-20 16:45:45 - IP:
When i first came upon your site i thought "Wow! Add it to favorites." But looks are deceiving. As cool as it looks, it contains the most insipid & worthless fruit info i have ever seen. Still, i have to give you an A+ for design.
Andrea Sanders ( Waterbootles {at} comcast.net / https://www.skytopia.com)
2006-07-18 03:01:54 - IP:
Hey guys! I think this web-site is the bomb, but I thought about it and I thought you sould put cool facts and interesting stuff, you know, so it could be X-ra cool!
Rachel Brunt ( rachelblonde {at} hotmail.com / no homepage)
2006-07-02 00:32:49 - IP: forwarded for
Hi, fantastic love the site, see u all soon, love rachel. Ohh put my pic on ur site, cheers :)
Nick Vejmola ( nv_batman {at} hotmail.com / http://go.com/)
2006-06-26 22:08:45 - IP:
Nick Vejmola ( nv_batman {at} hotmail.com / http://go.com/)
2006-06-11 23:08:02 - IP:
I say "That's quite a mouth on you, ooooooooo! You little weird-o!"
Andrea Sanders ( Waterbootles {at} comcast.net / https://www.skytopia.com)
2006-06-10 14:41:39 - IP:
I have fond some eye illusions:
Go to Google, typ in Optical Illusions, find the title that says Optical Illusions, near the bottom page of page 1.
I recamend you can do Rabbit-Bunny, Queen Elizabeth 2, Younge girl-old women, and The Bird
Andrea Sanders ( Waterbootles {at} comcast.net / https://www.skytopia.com)
2006-06-10 13:57:53 - IP:
Dear hosts,
It's me again! I have just made an idea for the site-you know how the saying is 'if you eat a apple a, you'll keep the docter away' well that is actually incorect. It actually causes you stomach to ach! Mostly green apples.

You can put this idea in this site, but if you think that you don't allow this, I won't mind.

Andrea Sanders

P.S. I hope you will
allow me to put the
eye illusions!:-)
Andrea Sanders ( Waterbootles {at} comcast.net / https://www.skytopia.com)
2006-06-10 13:23:53 - IP:
dear hosts,
I will ask you to please put eye illusions on this website. I really like to go on this websight and I really like looking at any typ of eye illusions. Please allow this to happen.
Andrea Sanders
Chia Kylie ( chiak111 {at} hotmail.com / http://www.hotmail.com)
2006-04-18 09:51:20 - IP: forwarded for
This has been the best website I've ever come across!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ooooooooo ( kjkkkkk {at} hotmail.com / no homepage)
2006-04-07 08:43:34 - IP: forwarded for
f*** off u hoes
Akshay ( pareek_akshay {at} yahoo.co.in / no homepage)
2006-04-04 21:32:08 - IP:
Very well designed site. The collection of optical illusion is of particular interest. NDE should be more accurately designed for proper feedback from the readers.
Lissa Tamez ( lissatamez {at} yahoo.com / no homepage)
2006-03-14 19:15:14 -
Oh God! Your site is fantasic. I swear i learned here more things than in all my school years combined. Keep it up. (also, cool demos)
janet lewis ( cowbabe101 {at} yahoo.ca / no homepage)
2006-03-06 04:45:07 - IP:
very cool
alex ( alexandrakapogiannis {at} hotmail.com / http://www.iamapopstar.piczo.com)
2006-02-12 15:52:04 - IP:
Hi, i think your site is fantastic, but you should make some optical illusions. If you do, make it more cleer of were they are.
Tom Tucker ( tuckrz {at} silverstar.com / no homepage)
2005-12-10 06:22:56 - IP:
This site sent my brain/senses REELING, in a good sort of way. VERY GOOD! This Vision Distorter in Optical Illusions had me taking a trip, without leaving the farm, ha, ha, ha!! MADE ME GRAB THE CHAIR!! Tom T.
Pete ( no email / no homepage)
2005-12-08 16:01:04 - IP: forwarded for
I am very impresssed! Excellent content and beautiful presentation!
erikarose ( no email / http://www.xanga.com/hopeless_romantic)
2005-09-07 16:22:42 - IP:
you should make things a little more easier to find when it comes to the science part. like is it good to hold it in when you have to pee? :) something funny but yet serious at the same time. other than that i think your site is really awesome.....whoever "you" are ;)
Cat ( cebrunson {at} hotmail.com / no homepage)
2005-08-15 02:54:35 - IP:
Loved your fruit page. We just got back from visiting southern Florida where we visited the "Fruit and Spice Farm" near Homestead. If you get a chance to check it out- do so! Not only did we get to see how the different fruit grow, but we got to taste quite a few of them. Among the ones we tasted: marula (S. Africa), white sapote, black sapote, jackfruit, candlefruit (Panama- no taste at all), guava, longan and muscadine grape- all picked fresh from the tree or bush. And yes, they had the miracle fruit (though it was not in season).
Lauren: FC's Second-in-Command ( no email / no homepage)
2005-07-01 01:50:11 - IP: forwarded for
hi. flamecube just showed me the guestbook. i never even saw it before. i just have one comment: why cant you REALLY do the mirror-timebomb thing? i wanna know what it would do! O_O
Danny - "Flamecube" ( no email / no homepage)
2005-07-01 01:46:42 - IP: forwarded for
Hi Twinbee! I found this site when I was looking for optical illusions. It's really cool. Did I ever tell you I LOVED the Eclipse of Mars illusion and music? :) It was really cool!
Amy - a.k.a. "The One" ( no email / no homepage)
2005-06-29 14:21:02 - IP: forwarded for
I will definately be using this information for a science fair project during the school year. You must've really spent a long time on all of this. I'm glad you did though.
Keep up the good work,
Jacqui Bailey ( jacmusic86 {at} hotmail.com / no homepage)
2005-05-05 21:22:08 - IP:
Your website is so interesting, you've obviously spent a lot of time and effort creating Skytopia! Just wondering when you will next be updating your website? I found your journal about learning and performing Chopin very insightful and helpful and want to hear more about your next musical ventures.
Can't wait to read more, keep up the good work
ed ( no email / no homepage)
2005-04-25 09:47:06 - IP: forwarded for
your website is great especially te optical ollusions
andrew ( neo {at} matrix-cs.de / http://www.matrix-cs.de)
2005-03-19 00:20:31 - IP:
hi daniel, great site, i am great c64+amiga+snes fan too, i loved and still love those good old times. i even play games on them now.
also electronic music rulez ->www.maktone.tk
best whishes
som3body ( no email / no homepage)
2005-03-10 14:36:28 - IP: forwarded for unknown
nice syte!!!
Tasha ( lil_rosie92 {at} hotmail.com / no homepage)
2005-01-14 23:48:19 - IP:
this site is realy kool! i think im onna use some of the info from this website 4 a science fair project, dont worry. ul be on the credit list! the site realy is awsome!
rowena ( no email / http://rubbahslippahsinitaly.blogspot.com)
2004-12-13 13:45:22 - IP:
I just wanted to give you a thumbs up for creating the Fruit Emporium page! I found it to be informative on some fruits that I had questions about and hope you don't mind if I refer to you link in one of my posts. When are you going to update with more fruits? I have a tamarillo here in front of me, but would rather see your point view.
Best regards,
A girl who loves eating fruit!
Date: 2004-12-09 16:16:42 (GMT+0) - IP: Bill Gates (billgates {at} microsoft.com / http://www.microsoft.com ) wrote: have you heaerd of my site daniel really gr8, lovely stuff will you come and work for me. best wishes Bill
Magic Fruit ( graham {at} connection-one.com / no homepage)
2004-12-02 13:03:32 - IP:

I need my super burger time fix and I can't find the rom on the net ANYWHERE! ;(

Do you have it? Mail me.
i hava halo ( no email / no homepage)
2004-10-06 09:33:03 - IP: forwarded for,
ur websites reali kewl. keep up da gr8 work! it rox lyk me but not as much as me. no ppl im not up myself dont worry im fine
genger ( no email / no homepage)
2004-09-26 00:12:49 - IP:
your music has to be the best in the modern world. Its original great sounds and the most amazing melodies. Many must try to emulate this wonderful stuff. youve got what it takes!
Delilah ( no email / http://geocities.com/gordonrobertdumont)
2004-09-09 05:07:07 - IP: forwarded for
Very nice site. I'll be back!
bill rogers ( rogerswg {at} puc.net / no homepage)
2004-08-15 02:40:19 - IP:
Have you ever come across a tree garden ornament that first looks like a star and changes in the wind to a rectangle = a dodecagon? If so, can you tell me what it is called or where on the net a picture might be displayed or instructions for construction.
Loved the optical illusions. Much appreciated...Bill
Lotte ( 22145 {at} bwctc.northants.sch.uk / http://www.matmice.com/home/munkeymadness)
2004-06-22 09:54:35 - IP:
Ello! I'm Rachaels friend (funkysalsa.co.uk) I think ur page is cool! WIcked! I am in the middle of making me own page but on MUNKEYS! Hope u keep adding cool new stuff.
Check out me page and Rachaels now has changed her page so check that out as well. COngratulations on the making of this excellent page.
rachael and charlotte ( 22145 {at} bwctc.northants.sch.uk / http://www.matmice.com/home/funkysalsa)
2004-06-11 12:29:31 - IP:
i love your site is so cool plz e moil me or visit my site and go in the guest book plz
Nick Escalona ( nescalona1992 {at} yahoo.com / http://geocities.com/nescalona1992/)
2004-06-09 23:29:20 - IP:
Your site is the best! I found it while browsing for a science fair project. I eventually explored the whole site, and I'm impressed! I especially enjoy the music. When did you get all the time to make these gigantic pages if you did them all yourself?
Dominique Ward ( dominique_ward {at} hotmail.com / no homepage)
2004-05-28 09:42:17 - IP:
Hey this site is really cool. We went on it with our science teacher!!!
Reagoon ( no email / no homepage)
2004-05-12 00:38:44 - IP:
we're from new zealand and we're looking in our science class at this! I think that you should put some of the old arcade games that you talked about in your game thing
Alex B ( allex {at} videotron.ca / no homepage)
2004-05-09 18:43:19 - IP:
Seeking SID's (C64 music) for my listening pleasure; what have I discovered? SKYtopia!!! The site looks good, rich content, lots of interesting stuff, but i'm wondering how did you find the time to put everything together? Did you get something from it?
paul and jean ( paulandjean {at} e-garfield.com / no homepage)
2004-05-05 23:42:21 - IP:
We wish you could put your stereoscopic pictures in straight view and not cross eyed. Crossing your eyes is not good for them, but viewing the pictures straight on is, good. Can you reverse some of the pictures...making them normal straight on view, for people who prefer that. And remember, it's much better for your eyes not to cross them. Thanks.
Billybob Regis ( no email / no homepage)
2004-03-10 14:48:33 - IP:
This website sucks
Alison ( no email / no homepage)
2004-03-10 03:20:06 - IP:
Hi Prince$$ of california here just cheacking out you site some coll colors, but you need to answer my E- mails. And you need to put moe info no the art! so try harder!
asaba owerri ( ABA {at} yahoo.com / http://www.hommynews.us)
2004-01-24 07:58:00 - IP:
asaba owerri
Max ( barry13 {at} psychopath.co.uk / no homepage)
2004-01-08 02:17:03 - IP:
Weird site. I loved the stuff on the future of games. Your ideas about zooming between Starwing and R-type style play in a single game never materialised - and the world is much worse for it. Keep up the good work, Max.

PS - Glossop rules!!!
Laura Harrison ( llaharrison {at} yahoo.com / no homepage)
2003-12-15 19:18:19 - IP:
Hi Dan its Laura. Just thought id have a little look round your web site again. I love all the pics, they are so cool! I love the colours, how on earth do you think of them (especially the places!) Id love to know how you made them!
Anyway, hope you are well. Im good, uni is wicked and all is good.
My local nightclub is posting a pic of me and my mates up on their sire soon so ill give you a link as soon as it gets posted up!
Love Laura x
May ( no email / no homepage)
2003-11-25 23:38:37 - IP:
Hiya, nice to meet you. My name is May,I come from Hong Kong, and this is my first time to visit your site, I was just surfing on the web and found your site.

Your gellery is really fantastic!
Turtlestoice - IP: ( no email / no homepage)
2003-11-24 01:46:48
Nerds are the coolest.
2003-11-23 21:30:34 - IP:
Firman - Indonesia - IP: ( firman1604 {at} yahoo.com / no homepage)
2003-11-16 16:11:22
Great Site...
sal ( no email / no homepage)
2003-10-11 19:57:20 - IP:
you're such a nerd. i can't believe people like you actually exist.
colin - IP: ( no email / no homepage)
2003-09-06 11:01:26
This site seems designed to distract and capture people on acid :) Anyway, Eclipse of Mars is actually extremely good, and I enjoyed the trip down memory lane with all the old games and music as well. I would like to hear what you could create with some of the more modern audio software, don't get me wrong, I love the mod sound tho, love it! :)
Icarokar - IP: ( icarokar {at} msn.com / http://www.geocities.com/icarokar/Arthur_Rimbaud.html)
2003-08-25 04:22:53
Congratulations for the Psychedelic good taste. I enjoided your trippy images many times. ĦOne of the Best site in the world!. Carlos Visentin from Argentina
Dan Sykes - IP: ( dan {at} teleconnectservice.co.uk / no homepage)
2003-06-24 10:40:12
I TOTALLY agree with you on the old computer boxes with the arcade screenshots, when you loaded them up you were SO heartbroken when you were presented with a dire blocky mess on the screen :( That's why I've bought a mint Outrun arcade machine as it's my all time favourite game :)

Keep up the good work with your website!!

~mIsSy pUnK fUnKy - IP: forwarded for ( totally_cute92 {at} hotmail.com / http://www.freewebs.com/cooljunk)
2003-03-17 12:12:46
yo!!!>person hu created tis website. this site iz cool & nice! its full of fun activities. i lyk the section: optical illusions cuz it fun. gdluck 2 a betta site. cya!
kenya ( no email / no homepage)
2003-03-13 14:51:13 - IP:
hello people out there in t v land
clysm - IP: ( no email / http://autofish.net)
2003-02-23 23:30:19
You have a lot of fun and interesting things here. Also, it's nice to see a site with original design. Good work.
Jett ( JettAndrews {at} Hotmail.com / http://gotroot.org)
2003-02-05 17:00:01 - IP:
Totally ace site dude, love the colours and trivia pages. I also love your new cd, you can expect an order from myself when I get paid.
Raman Dhalla ( ramandhalla007 {at} msn.com / http://ramandhalla.8m.com)
2003-02-01 07:55:05 - IP:
This Site is good and it also provides interesting knowledge.
Mike from London ( no email / no homepage)
2002-10-25 18:53:43 - IP: forwarded for
What a groovytastic site! Like a sudden burst of colour all over the place. I really like your planet landscapes - they are so dreamy and all the colours blend nicely into one another but they are low res..... you must be on something! Keep up the good work - you don't come across many sites like this too often............
albert ( avandine {at} yahoo.com / no homepage)
2002-10-23 03:06:04 - IP:
i was quickly reading through some of your lucid dream texts which means i didn't read through the rest of the website. perhaps some silly suggestions, of course these suggestions only work with practice which i have been lacking as of lately. in the past when i've been practicing lucid dreams i've had some of the same probs that i noticed u had. one of which was how they lacked in being longer than a minute or so if u were lucky. what i've learned is that when u become """awake""" after such a lucid experience that u r giving yourself too much credit. how do u check up on this. go ahead and tell yourself u r awake. but don't go run to the dream journal. this is one of the times that i would recommend against this. by doing so u r going to pull yourself out of any dream cycle that u r in. what i have tried is to just think about the situation i was just in. imagery is very import in this. i have problems recalling imagery sometimes. but in this "transient" state that u r in it will be surprisng easy to bring back some of the visual images that u had seen. keep a focus at this time that u r dreaming or that what your next awakened thoughts will be a dream.
think this over and over. it's hard sometimes. i myself get carried back into the dream 90 percent of the time. more so now actually. grin. but i have through this method gone lucid 4 times. which if u really think about it was really once. it ended up leading to false awakening. which is another story. but was all in all very interesting. good luck and i hope my rambling may help.
Lynne ( lmangene {at} familyandworkplace.org / no homepage)
2002-10-21 18:54:54 - IP:
I was lookig for something on the Pomegranite for a workshop I'm doing (child care food program). Loved this! Thanx!
Sega Slayer ( no email / http://www.geocities.com/segaslayer)
2002-09-29 23:47:51 - IP:
Sega sucks. Thats all I have to say.
Peter Oorthui - IP: ( p.oorthuis {at} quicknet.nl / http://www.cybercomm.nl/~oorthuis)
2002-09-28 15:19:07

Just wondered in, looking for the music from Lotus Turbo Challenge.. Nice site..haven`t looked far.. But it`s an Amiga site..and that`s good..;o)
Robin Griffin ( sweetpea_robyn {at} webv.net / no homepage)
2002-09-13 14:44:31 - IP: forwarded for,
this is an awesome site! i love things that mess up your eyes!!
~good job,
Tom ( d_duh {at} hotmail.com / no homepage)
2002-08-10 18:58:32 - IP:
Amazing site, loved the music reviews and ofcourse.. my personal favourite.. the fruit ratings! lol, keep it up and never let this site die!
blurp - IP: forwarded for ( no email / no homepage)
2002-06-27 00:53:07
great site Daniel. Best one iv seen yet. Cant wait to come back for more!
Uncle Mac ( no email / no homepage)
2002-05-09 20:43:35 - IP:
Well done on your graphics what did you do to the text?. Will see you soon.
Mac Green.
Lucas MacMillan - IP: ( Luke_Bomb {at} Hotmail.com / no homepage)
2002-04-22 16:17:35
nice site dude
Mark Yashin ( Yashin {at} Home.com / http://www.dark-america.com)
2002-04-21 17:26:26 - IP:
This site is quite entertaining. I too enjoyed the optical illusions, but my favorite were the music reviews. I've recommended the site to a couple of friends, hopefully they will agree.
Juli Archer ( Setsuna2057 {at} Hotmail.com / no homepage)
2002-04-16 18:06:39 - IP:
Congrats =) Keep it up!
ahmet cetiner ( ahmet_cetiner {at} hotmail.com / no homepage)
2002-04-15 21:06:56 - IP: forwarded for
hello twinbee..how are you ?
your page is very nice..it is very more and goog games here.i am from republic of turkey.byee
Basiik ( little_shinigami1 {at} hotmail.com / http://basiik.neopages.net)
2002-04-13 01:40:05 - IP:
Wow, dude! A seriously tight site! Love the colorful, attractiveness and the content! Especially the fruits, LOL! ^_^ Keep it up!!
Brayarg ( brayarg {at} hotmail.com / no homepage)
2002-03-18 17:52:45 - IP:
This is probably the most interesting, entertaining and inspiring site I've come across in a long while. Thank you. My favourite parts were the optical illusions (which sent my eyes completely haywire) and the articles about light and your account of your luccid dreams. I'll be sure to check back here!
Gaelan Griffin ( no email / no homepage)
2002-03-14 20:51:29 - IP:
Wow, what an interesting site, particularly the "Whirlpool of Knowledge" section. Lots of bugs though, I'm afraid. Some of your pictures are also quite beautiful. I am amazed at the amount of free time you must have, as the stuff on this site probably only represents a small portion of you life!

BTW, I don't think it's fair to rate green and purple grapes the same, as the purple grapes are significantly sweeter. And what about dates and pomegranates? Do they have other name(s)? Some nice cartoony pictures of the fruits in question would be nice.

Yes, and more ratings! :)
Graham ( grayman_ok {at} hotmail.com / http://www.connection-one.com)
2002-03-09 05:34:24 - IP:
Hope that ant gets out ok.

nice site. kept me entertained for hours! :)

speak to you soon, and why dont you put some stuff about your current projects on the site?

Alan ( banebou {at} yahoo.co.uk / no homepage)
2002-02-26 21:57:26 (IP
It's great, Dan, and it gets better every day! Can't wait to see what's next. :^)
Juli Archer ( IceGirl {at} Flairmail.com / no homepage)
2002-02-25 23:57:02 (IP
Great site Daniel! Keep up the good work ^_~