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Anduril 2 Cheat sheet (v1.51)

Some people have found existing Anduril 2 cheatsheets (such as Lux-Perpetua's Anduril 2 charts) tricky to read efficiently, so I created a tabular version of a cheat sheet for this excellent torch / flashlight OS.

Improvements to the cheat sheet for v1.51 over v1.0 include:

- Graphical icons to help recognize and identify desired modes more quickly

- Improved terminology throughout and included original action notation (e.g: 3H)

- Advanced mode options now have their cells coloured blue to be consistent with the rest.

- Included misc config menu (9H)

- More detail and instructions for various modes without detracting from the overall simplicity of the cheat sheet.

- Improved highlighting and colouring of key modes and descriptions.

- Unified utility/blinky check columns into a single column

- Added Action key on right for increased clarity

Links of interest:

- Toykeeper's Anduril 2 manual

- Old version's Reddit thread

- Lux-Perpetua's Anduril 2 charts

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