Well, I guess you might have already known the famous number: 1.4142... and this made the question easy. The answer is ~141cm. Give yourself a point if you got the answer to within 10cm whatever.


The answer is of course - that they are both the same - 10 metres. Give yourself negative 1 point if you got the answer wrong ;-P, and 1 point if you got it right.


Two possible best routes. Give yourself a point if you visioned a long 45 degree diagonal line running through the centre as shown, and only half a point if you did choose this 'correct path' but failed to see that the long line down the middle would actually be straight. Zero points for any other path of course :P


One point if you chose exactly one of these two routes as portrayed on the left.
Anything else - no poi.


An easy trick question :P
Give yourself a point if you knew immediately (within 5 seconds), that both were the same lengths, half a point if you got the correct answer within 10 seconds, 0 points if you took longer than 10 seconds, and minus 1 point if you got the answer.... wrong :P


Red path: 4.236 Blue path: 4.162 As you can see, the blue path is fractionally quicker. Give yourself half a point if you got it right.


Red path: 5.064 Blue path: 5.000 A closer shave than before, but the blue path still comes out shorter. Once again, half a point if you got it right.


Green: 363 Red: 384 Blue: 416 Orange: 424 Black: 442 Yellow: 500
As long as you considered green the fastest route, yellow the slowest route AND that Orange as well as blue were both faster than black;....... give yourself half a point.
If you got all 6 routes exactly in order, congratulations - and give yourself a point.
However, if you thought red was faster than green and you also thought black was faster than orange, then give yourself minus one point.

Well, that's it.

It's points totalling time. The maximum amount of point you could've hoped for is 7 points. The minimum is... dare I say...well... below zero anyway.

Judgement time :)
6-7 points: You can discern the slightest difference between miniscule measures of length. You also think logically and will find the shortest cut if you are late for work. You might also like maths.
5-6.5 points: You have a fairly good minds eye for perceived distance, and can understand certain principles - even if it does mean that sometimes you need to see the answer before it suddenly clicks.
3-4.5 points Sometimes you struggle to see the solution straight away, so it might need some explaining why a certain route is faster. You also can't judge distances too well, but you're learning, and next time - given a similar test, you may well perform much better. Just don't go on the crystal maze though or anything like that ;)
0-2.5 points You couldn't see a short-cut if it yelled 'I'm a shortcut' at you. All distances might as well be the same. You are hopeless with maps too. Plus you don't know the square-root of 0.5 off by heart ;)
Below zero points Uh oh - I hope for your sake you didn't score this low. erm... well... 'could do better' immediately springs to mind. Ah, I know - a positive thing - you didn't cheat, yup... at least you didn't cheat - congrats.

By the way, none of this is meant to be taken seriously, so if you get a low score, just pretend, erm... I mean assume ;) that this test wasn't supposed to be anything significant. Flame me via: this page

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