A scientific enquiry into some of the most important questions ever faced by humanity - and the search for proof of life after death. Answers are obtained by people who have had a genuine Near Death Experience (NDE).

Help us to find out once and for all if there's life after death - by proving that the Near Death Experience is a real phenomenon. Based on the septillionth digit of pi (p), this will effectively prove the existence of the afterlife.
See here for details.
The fact is that approximately 5 percent of people will have a Near Death Experience (NDE) at some point in their life. To cut a long story short, an NDE is when someone is on the brink of death, but before coming 'round' (back to life - usually in the hospital), they have a (usually positive) spiritual experience. Some sceptics have often claimed there's nothing more to it than 'brain activity', but there's so much evidence to suggest it's the real deal. It's beyond the scope of this site to argue - but see Science and the Near Death Experience and the Near-Death site for information and evidence supporting NDEs.
Whatever your views on the matter, it turns out that practically all people who have had a near death experience no longer fear death, and are completely certain that there is some kind of life after this one.

The objective of this site is two-fold. The first is to find proof of life after death using a simple but intriguing method based on the number pi (see later). The second is to answer some of the most profound questions facing humanity - based on people's experience in the afterlife.

There have even been reported cases where people have asked a 'being of light' or 'God' certain things. Apparently though, in certain cases, they weren't allowed to retain all of this knowledge when 'returned' to Earth. Other answers of course are available through direct observation of the afterlife itself. This site deals with both cases, but an answer straight from the horse's mouth (so to speak) is preferable.

So what are the most important questions?

Each question is carefully chosen for its sociological, scientific or spiritual value.
The whole idea is to memorise some or all of these questions, and should you be one of the lucky 5% to have an NDE at some point in the future, you might well be able to provide answers to some of the profound questions on this page. Before all of these, there's a question that you need to ask that will validate this survey - based on the septillionth digit of pi - a number so big that no super computer has yet reached, so nobody on Earth currently knows this number! It is without a doubt - the most important question of all, since its very nature will determine the significance of the NDE, and ultimately confirm if the NDE phenomenon is real or not. If nothing else, make sure you ask this question! (detailed later on here)

As for the rest, please read them carefully too - since they will provide unique insight into life, the universe and everything. Be sure to invite as many people as you can to this page - the more people that visit, the more chance an accurate answer will result. If you've already had an NDE that answers any one of the questions on this page, then by all means email me then too.

If an answer is in contradiction with another answer from someone else's experience, then it will be my responsibility to report both answers. Any contradictions will be fairly frustrating, since it will mean one of three things:
A: A different answer was produced thanks to different circumstances brought upon the observer. For example, if one sees new colours in Heaven - and someone else does not, this might seem to be some kind of contradiction, but not necessarily.
B: However, if contradictory answers are the result of questions that were originally put directly to a higher source (such as God), then... well, this might give reason for the sceptics to celebrate. This is negated though if C is true.
C: One of the people is reporting a fake answer to this site.

Hopefully, few of the above scenarios will arise. If any do though, then I will split an answer.
It goes without saying that if at all possible, you should ask one of these questions directly to someone in the afterlife (preferably what you perceive as God - if at all possible!). Failing this, an answer based on observation from your experience will settle for second best.

Both types of answer will be given two different symbols:

 [experience] means the answer is based on observation from the experience.  [question] means the answer is the result from asking a question.

On with the questions then!

Just a moment ;-) All the questions are split into three main categories - "Questions directly relating to the afterlife", "Questions applicable to unanswered knowledge on Earth" & "The Big Questions". Alongside each question, I'll also include an answer which I hope /is/ the case. To make sure this isn't confused with any real answers, I'll box it out and put it to the right hand side titled "Personal Comments".

There are obviously a few potential questions you might find missing. If so, then why not write in to my email and I'll consider including your question. Questions such as "What will Heaven look like?" would be incredibly fascinating, but aren't currently included because of the difficulties in describing such a vision (they might not be describing the best place anyway).

Well, that's about it, sit back and enjoy the ride!

Before everything else, ask this vital question!

It was recently announced on December 2002, that a team from Tokyo university used a Hitoshi super computer to calculate the 1.24 trillionth (1,241,100,000,000) digit of pi. "pi" (p) is of course the mathematical term used to describe the circumference of a circle divided by its ratio.
Well naturally, nobody on Earth yet knows the accuracy of pi to any further digits, so should you be in the lucky 5% of people to have a near death experience at some point - this gives you a chance to ask this vital question to someone in the afterlife. So.......... Here's the question:

  • What are the 4 numbers following and including the septillionth digit of pi?
    The first digit of pi is 3. The second is 1, the third: 4 then 1, 5, 9 and so on. You need to ask for the septillionth digit - that is - 1 followed by 24 zeros or 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000

    If you like, to remember this number, just think of 1 followed by 24 zeros (associate the 24 'hours of the day' with the zero count).
    Also make sure to ask for a few digits following the septillionth digit. Two or three extra digits will do, but if you can remember more, the better the chance that it won't have been a fluke if it does turn out to match. After your NDE, email me, and I will publicly announce it on this website after I receive such claims from three different people. The idea is then also to see if these three match each other (let alone match the unknown real digits).
    Then when computers become powerful enough to calculate the septillionth digit of pi, we can see if it matches with your number, and hopefully find out the truth behind the NDE once and for all - thus more or less proving the case for life after death.

    Note on the technical reasons for choosing the septillionth digit:
    I estimate that computers will become powerful enough to calculate the septillionth digit within around 30 years time. If technology doesn't grow as fast as this prediction, I will probably lower the number, so we don't have to wait centuries to verify any potential digits. Apparently, there is no easy way to 'extract' or 'pick' a digit from pi, so only a super computer of the future will be able to tell us the real digits for sure. See this site for more information. Also visit this site for further general information about the current world record for pi.


  • Questions directly relating to the afterlife

  • Questions applicable to unanswered knowledge on Earth

  • The Big Questions

  • Questions directly relating to the afterlife

    According to some sources, there are different planes of existence in the afterlife (different 'vibrational levels'). The idea is that people who are more 'spiritually developed' will reside in the higher dimensions, and that everyone is allowed to progress to reach these higher dimensions when they're ready. Note that the questions in this section are directed at the most ideal place, so it is assumed that answers will be based on these 'higher vibration levels'. Make a point of referring to the most ideal place - if you're one of the lucky 5 percent to have an NDE and are able to ask these questions.

    Personal comments... Either answer is a different kind of lifestyle - so it's hard to choose. I would think that a 'main home' would be nice, as long as we also have many sub-homes and even 'sub-sub' (probably more temporary) homes - all in different locations/planets even! No doubt certain homes could be shared with many people too, but there are advantages in the idea of a personal home because one can decorate and give the place a 'personality' that would reflect that person at that particular stage in their infinite lifetime. Variety is the key here.
    Q:Will there be one place as our main 'home' or will we have many 'homes' during our infinite lifetime in 'Heaven'?

    A:None as yet

    Personal comments... I dunno - most ages would be good for variety's sake, but if a particular age group had to be selected for everyone, I would say maybe... something between an /apparent/ age of 15 to 25? Maybe we can choose what age we can look like - and change it at any time - that'd be interesting.
    Q:How old will everyone look in the afterlife, or will there be multiple ages?
    A:None as yet

    Personal comments... Oooh yes. I confess to being an avid Star Trek fan, but even if I wasn't, travelling and exploring the distant reaches of the galaxy to 'explore strange new worlds' would be an endless fascination to everyone - providing the ships were as fun to live on as possible. Obviously, this only need be one aspect of life - included for the sake of variety.
    Q:Will we travel throughout space and explore aka Star trek?
    A:None as yet

    Personal comments... New strange, mysterious & unique colours have got to be a good thing. See the Light and Color Trivia page for fascinating information on light.
    Q:How many primary colours will there be? Will there be more than 3 as we can see on Earth?
    A:None as yet

    Personal comments... I have this feeling that the 12 crucial musical notes is a basic universal 'setting'. Of course, I wouldn't complain if there were more in any potential utopia, but as with new colours, our 'brain' would have to be designed differently to account for the new variety. See my music scale page to see why there could be 12 main notes in the musical spectrum.
    Q:Will music have 12 'crucial' notes like on Earth. Or will there be many more in Heaven?
    A:None as yet

    Personal comments... In one sense, it's hard to imagine having the same kind of appreciation for someone, especially if you've only just met them. But would things be different in an ideal place? Perhaps in one way they might - I can imagine a same kind of warmth towards everyone no matter what the circumstances. But there's a possibility that according to whatever people we spend most of our time with (which will probably cycle or change throughout the infinity), a certain preference might be developed - most likely because one would share experiences and get to know these people better.
    Q: Will we like or love some people more than others in the higher dimensions - or will everyone be loved exactly equally by everyone else?

    A:None as yet

    Personal comments... 'Feeling' is one of our five main senses. I doubt we would want to be restricted to living as a material being all the time, but it makes sense for a perfect utopia to have solid objects for many reasons.
    Q:Will there be a physical solidness to our bodies and objects, or will things be ghost-like?
    A:None as yet

    Personal comments... Why not? A completely different atmosphere is generated at night. No doubt there would be bright lights and glowing buildings etc, but for variety's sake, something akin to night is a must.
    Q:Will there also be an enhanced version of night time with atmospheric lights and ambience, or will it be bright as day /all/ of the time?
    A:None as yet

    Personal comments... Not amazingly important I guess. I see no reason why either way would be a problem.
    Q:Will we ever rest or sleep in 'Heaven'?
    A:None as yet

    Personal comments... Of course, who wouldn't want to eat new and amazing foods? Perhaps one difference in any potential utopia would be the synthesis of food - allowing for new tasty snacks never previously imagined, let alone experienced.
    Q:Will there be food to eat? Will it taste much better than anything ever tasted on Earth?
    A:None as yet

    Personal comments... I would hope so yes; there will be the aforementioned things. Don't think for one moment that stuff like this wouldn't fit into a perfect utopia. If the game/sport was amazingly fun to begin with, then the idea of losing wouldn't matter - since you would have such a good time just playing! Obviously, there's an infinity to improve too - something not exactly available in an average Earth lifetime ;-) No doubt sport and games would be much more fun than anything witnessed on Earth too.
    To all those who think that Heaven will be a 'floaty', 'airy' kind of experience sitting in clouds all day playing harps.... I can't imagine anything more boring ;-P
    Q:Will there be sport and competition/s?
    A:None as yet

    Personal comments... Once again, I have no idea, but hopefully yes. Obviously, they'll probably be somewhat 'different' to the kind of computers and games that everyone on Earth is used to, but surely an ideal utopia would contain variety of every kind. Computers (and inevitably a monitor 'screen' - though possibly a floating, gigantic one!) are tremendous creative sources for all kinds of uses.
    Q:Will there be computers and video games in the afterlife?
    A:None as yet

    Personal comments... While a complete knowledge of everything might initially be appealing, surely an accumulation of knowledge is more rewarding? The saying "The reward is in the journey, not just the destination" springs to mind here. People love to find new ways of finding information and it would be sad to just know everything from the off. Perhaps on a few fundamental issues, absolute knowledge of something would be appropriate though.
    Q:Will there be an accumulation of knowledge, or is everyone endowed with every piece of knowledge possible?
    A:None as yet
    Q:If the answer to previous question is yes, then isn't it more fun to learn, and discover knowledge?
    A:None as yet

    Questions applicable to
    unanswered knowledge on Earth

    Personal comments... We've successfully discovered the molecule, atom, electron, nucleus and more recently the 'quark' - an amazing accomplishment. Is there anything beyond this - something even smaller?
    Q:Is there further complexity inside the atom than Scientists have discovered so far? How much more?
    A:None as yet

    Q:Do black holes and worm holes really exist? How about the so called 'dark matter' that makes up most of the 'missing' mass of the universe?
    A:None as yet

    Personal comments... The implications of this would be profound if true. The question then arises - were we brought into time at a certain point or have we always existed?
    Q:Did we ever exist before our life on Earth?
    A:None as yet

    Q:Why can't we skip Earth and all of its hassles, and all reside in Heaven in the first place?
    A:None as yet

    The Big Questions

    Personal comments... If an infinite amount of souls could theoretically exist, then that would be interesting. If true though, one has to ask why was I (for example) only the say... 60 billionth person to exist on Earth? Surely I should never exist, because it would be an impossible coincidence to exist at a point even early on in the trillions, when an infinite amount of souls could actually exist. This makes me think that there are only a limited amount of souls possible.

    Q:Is there a limit to how many people can exist? Or are an infinite amount of souls possible?
    A:None as yet

    Personal comments... I for one would fall into this category. It would be difficult to enjoy life knowing there are people who have it much worse off than me. Conversely, if people had a much better time than myself, I would ask if this situation was indefinite. At the very least, knowing that people can always 'progress' and reach a better place would be essential. Ultimately, it would be nice to see everyone happy.
    Q:How can people enjoy life in Heaven knowing there are people suffering on Earth or in other parts of the universe?
    A:None as yet

    Q:Is there one universe or many?
    A:None as yet

    Q:Were we created, or did we evolve according to the theory of evolution?
    A:None as yet

    Q:Was the universe really created in a big bang? If not, then how?
    A:None as yet

    Q:Are there some questions to which no-one (including God) does not know the answers?
    A:None as yet

    Personal comments... Well, I personally believe this to be 100% true. But it would be nice to put this one to sleep ;-) For more information on why music can be rated according to its aesthetic value, visit the Music and Art Aesthetics page.
    Q:Can music and art be rated with terms such as good or bad applying in the obvious sense?
    A:None as yet

    Q:If the above is answer is yes, then can the best art and music be explained via a mathematical formula?
    A:None as yet

    Please do not submit an answer unless your account is genuine. This whole project relies on the honesty of people, and will be little more than a collection of random trivia unless people take this seriously. By all means, send me a full account so I can see your answer in context with the rest of your experience, but I won't publish it on this site (I'll leave that for other sites to do =)
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