The Comet Swing.
That yellow circle at the bottom rotates round the screen..... [scroll the horizontal bar]...

...according to the colour of each magnet, that circle
(which is barely visible here) attracts them at differing
speeds (red-ish = more attract, white-ish = less).....

...Out of the chaos, a spectacular white hot comet starts to form...

The comet at its most beautiful. It even has a thin tail
following in its wake. Meanwhile the circle (which is
completely invisible here) rotates faster and faster...

The yellow circle target is rotating so fast that the
comet can't keep up anymore. Inevitably, the comet
doubles back on itself, not knowing which way to go.

The interesting conclusion. The circle now travels so
fast - that the comet forms this "glow ring" - and is
unable to move.