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: Light Saber
Description: A universal cutting tool similar to the light saber used in Star Wars.
Conditions: A glowing razor sharp edge (about one carbon atom in width) with variable length up to 50 metres. Safety can be guaranteed with an (optional) 'repelling' resistance to human and animal life.
Price: §1600

State of the art: Difficult to say. I suppose the 6 billion dollar NIF laser could pose as one candidate, though it's not going to be easy to duel with /that/ (it's big). Alternatively, there's the Spallation Neutron Source. Here's a quote from TMS:
"As far as building a lightsaber, it has already been done by the folks at the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). The code name for it is the Spallation Neutron Source (SNS). The real problem is miniaturizing it to something that you can hold in your hand. The lightsaber project is not a high priority since the expected cost of miniaturization is 100 times that of the full-size version."
If you want something you can hold and which doesn't need any power to run, then the best you're gonna get is a diamond coated blade such as the Ultrathin Diamond Knife or the histo saw from Delaware. But even those will wear out after a while, and don't expect them to 'melt' through steel or anything. Powered options include Laser and ultra high pressure water jetting as explained here.
Future prediction date: 2350
Worst case scenario: The safety features fail.....

: Sight and Sound Restorer
Description: Cures all humans (and creatures) of visual and aural impairments.
Conditions: Includes eye or ear illnesses, such as cataracts or tinnitus. Plus 4x night vision.
Price: §1900

State of the art: A cure for shortsightedness is possible with LASIK or the new Wavefront technology. However, there are risks, and around 1% of people will develop complications as a result of the surgery (though the exact figure heavily depends on the experience and skill of the surgeon). 07/2005: Of those who qualify for Wavefront, 98% will gain 20/20 vision or better (up from 96% in 2003), and 74% will see an astonishing 20/16 or better. For those people not eligible for Wavefront, LASIK still gives reasonable odds of 20/20 vision or better in 80% of patients, and at least 20/40 (the minimum required for driving) in 95% of patients (up from 47% and 92% respectively from 1999). Unfortunately, Tinnitus is more tricky to solve though due to the large number of possible causes, and the way the problem is inside the ear or even the brain.
Future prediction date: 2030 (20/10 sight for myopic/hyperopia patients, no risk), 2040 (20/5 sight for everyone, no risk), 2070 (tinnitus cure).
Worst case scenario: ---

: Infinite Data Memory
Description: A device with unlimited amounts of storage to replace both memory and hard drive.
Conditions: Perfectly reliable, and uses the latest in Solid State Disk technology
#Solid-State Disks
Price: §2000

State of the art: We can never reach infinite storage, but the good news is that storage is getting cheaper all the time. In 1990, a megabyte of storage would cost around $10. A quick look at Froogle show that we're now paying only $1 for every gigabyte of hard drive storage. On the other hand, SSDs (flash drives) can be bought for around 10 cents per megabyte which was the state of normal hard drives in 1998. Look for big price drops in the coming years though.
Future prediction date:
Worst case scenario: If we're not careful, the vast sea of information may overload our ability to filter through it all.

: 10,000x Processor Speedy Uppy
Description: 10,000 times the speed of today's processor (07/2005 - around 3Ghz).
Conditions: ---
Price: §2200

State of the art: 3 GHz in 2005 :) Reaching speeds of 10,000 may not be possible unless Moore's Law lasts out for another 20-30 years. Unfortunately, it looks as though we may hit a brick wall by the year 2020, due to the ever-decreasing sizes needed for faster and faster chips. If so, then we might need to replace the basic material needed for chips - silica, or look into other technologies such as optical computing, quantum dots, spintronics, DNA computing, 3D chips, and the Nanoswitch might help too.
Future prediction date: 2030
Worst case scenario: Software bloat rising to match the speed increase

: Internet Omega
Description: Infinite bandwidth and zero latency
Conditions: ---
#20,000Mb Bandwidth, #Free Bandwidth Anywhere
Price: §2600

State of the art: See #20,000Mb Bandwidth. Zero latency cannot ever be achieved because of the limit on the speed of light (.....or can it)?
Future prediction date: (infinite bandwidth), 2600 (zero latency fix)
Worst case scenario: ---

: Entire History's Information Online
Description: Hear and read everything ever said and written from Earth's past 4.5 billion years.
Conditions: Includes all written information, sounds, music and conversation, but no video.
#Century's Information Online
Price: §2800

State of the art: A lot of information about various cultures has been recorded since the dawn of time, but far more remains to be discovered.
Future prediction date: ?
Worst case scenario: Having some preconceptions overturned

: Quantum Computing
Description: Full development of quantum technology to allow massive parallel processing.
Conditions: ---
Price: §3200

State of the art: Quantum technology has been steadily advancing, but there are a few big hurdles to overcome. First, it's vital we find easier ways of reading and writing qubits. Secondly, there's the actual number of qubits. So far, we've managed 7, and it becomes harder and harder to add more. However, for each extra qubit we effectively double the memory and processing speed (it turns out around 40 qubits will be required for supercomputer-strength, and thousands are required for a fully working quantum computer). The third issue is 'decoherence', or the amount of time the quantum superposition state lasts out before the information is lost (so far we've reached up to 1 microsecond, and the limit could be 1 second).
Future prediction date: 2025 (50 qubits worth), 2080 (>5000 qubits)
Worst case scenario: ---

: Disintegrator Disc
Description: Disc to instantly disintegrate matter. Used for waste disposal and as a cutting/sculpting tool.
Conditions: Up to 1 kilometre in diameter. Can be used 'side-on' for hole drilling. Safety features to avoid injury.
#Light Saber (partially)
Price: §3500

State of the art: Current methods of waste disposal include incineration, burial, dumping at sea, and reclaiming and recycling. Launching trash into space is a future possibility, though that requires lots of energy. There's nothing close to the convenience of the Disintegrator Disc, nor does it look as though there ever will be until the development of #nanotechnology is in its final stages.
Future prediction date: 3400
Worst case scenario: Careless or malicious use can turn the world or even the universe into dust

: The Sky Train
Description: A zero-fare, 50,000 mph sky, land or underwater train to take you from A to B.
Conditions: 50,000 miles per hour, no travel expense and free to build. NFE compliant.
#Missile Train
Price: §4000

State of the art: See #Missile Train
Future prediction date: 2450 (needs expenses to build), 2300 (10,000 mph limit)
Worst case scenario: A crash will either plunge you into deep water or off cloud number 9

: Earth Viewer
Description: A screen to directly view and hear Earth's entire enigmatic history.
Conditions: Includes console to set time and location
#Entire History's Information Online (partially)
Price: §4300

State of the art: Shouldn't be too long now before we reach this state of affairs with video cameras appearing on every street corner. Seriously, short of time travel, about the only way we could see Earth's past history is if we could fly away from the Earth faster than the speed of light to recapture any ancient light rays. As well as the required warp-speed velocity, a massive telescope maybe hundreds of kilometres across would be required to capture events to such a fine level. But even then, there's no way to see behind clouds, inside buildings or through other obstructions.
Future prediction date: 28000 (view from space only)
Worst case scenario: Rewriting some history books

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: 45,000 - Double Lifetime
: 52,000 - Teleportation
: 60,000 - Dawn of Cold Fusion
: 66,000 - Grand Theory Of Music
: 81,000 - Material Duplication
: 90,000 - Infinitely Fast Processor
: 107,000 - Quadruple Lifetime
: 115,000 - Omega Battery
: 126,000 - Atomic Synthesizer
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: 260,000 - Indefinite Life Span

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