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Actual in-game screenshot
Its the 62nd century, and civilisation has since moved into deep space. Free of the old worries of poverty and work, man has built various futuristic high-tech games near the Zydonia solar system - of which one game - AstraGrid - remains a firm favourite. Records are rarely broken in this game. Legend has it that someone reached level 8.2 with a total of 93 successful pots, but unfortunately this was a practise run, and was not officially recorded.

Now is the time for YOU to play the game. Can you master the subtle strategies needed to survive long enough to beat the record? Only practise and sheer determination will see you through, and only the very best game players are up to the challenge.


Download, and just unzip the contents and double click on "AstraGrid.exe".


Catch the disc, and aim it one of the pockets. But be careful to steer clear of the grid guardian which will do everything it can do bump you off the platform! Controls:


My own personal best record is 22 pots (I reached level 4.9). See if you can beat that! (email me if you do)


Download AstraGrid (506 KB)

AstraGrid is copyright 2005 onwards Daniel White.
If you wish to use the game for commercial purposes, you must contact me for permission.