2020-05-04: v2.27 -
  • BonusChum now avoids prematurely using bonus funds if possible: If necessary, BonusChum will now reduce the stake to bet the remainder of any real money, before bonus money is used. Example: If you're on £200 deposit, with a 100% bonus = £400 balance total, then with large bet stakes of £75, BonusChum will now simulate a bet of £75 on the first bet and second bets, and only £50 on the third, so that bonus money is not unnecessarily dipped in to whilst you still have some real money left.
    This can dramatically affect EV in certain scenarios where dipping into bonus money (without using the entirety of the real money balance first), would be unwise. For example, if have a "Max cap" enabled, a bet which is using part real money, part bonus money (with a max cap restriction) will potentially lose EV in the old BonusChum simulation, making it look a less good offer than it really is. Another scenario is two-tiering (with Switch if Dipped enabled (SiD)) with early withdraw (parachute), where the second game/tier has a higher house edge. Unless the real money total is not neatly divisible by stake size, the old BonusChum v2.26 results will imply not only potentially less EV, but also prematurely miss out on the opportunity for an early withdraw, affecting bankruptcy rate, and again making the offer look less attractive than it really is.

  • Bug fixed: The "Time per play" for the second game is now loaded in when you open a project.

    2020-03-10: v2.26 -
  • Product prices are halved.
  • Bronze and above editions now have the Early withdrawal feature (parachute) due to this becoming commonplace in the casino world.
  • You can now enter a withdrawal fee as a percentage if any casino is mean enough to enforce one.
  • Included quick-select "very low variance" option (for slots).
  • BonusChum now displays the "Per unit wagered" (adjusted) house edge and not just the usual "Per initial bet" house edge. This is relevant to games such as Blackjack or Texas Hold'em Bonus where the stake size may change mid-bet. Unfortunately, most casinos don't specify which type of house edge applies, so you may have to research to make sure you get the right one.
  • Miscellaneous documentation improvements.

    2019-04-18: v2.25 -
  • To allow for more flexibility and to reduce confusion, the "Max cashout" option (now called Max cap) now has a sub-option called "Always Cap" ("AC") which will allow you to explicitly specify whether you want the balance to be capped in all cases, or whether you only want it capped if the balance ever dipped into bonus money. Previously, the action BonusChum took was based on whether the SiD option was ticked, but it is now independent.
  • Postwager and Cashback bonuses now have an option to let you define the maximum cashout (cap) for winnings from the bonus received.
  • When viewing the log, fixed erroneous reporting of "Dipping into bonus money..." for postwager/cashback offers (didn't affect anything material such as EV/bankruptcy regardless).
  • BonusChum now considers degenerate cases where you've dipped into bonus money (and maybe hence an early withdraw option cut off) on the very first bet.
  • Switch If Dipped option doesn't show up in inappropriate circumstances such as BonusChum startup or selecting Game 2 for postwager or cashback scenarios.
  • Corrected Early withdraw documentation to the following: "Note that this figure represents the target your overall BALANCE must reach (not merely your profit). Note that the bonus amount will be knocked off by the casino.". Before it may have implied that the target itself could have been affected by the bonus amount which is erroneous.
  • The No Overshoot option now also applies to the "Final target" value, if set, providing required wagering has been completed. Documentation for this feature has also been overhauled.
  • The "Cut cash..." dropdown menu option (renamed from "Cut profit...") now includes more options such as giving away a fixed amount as well as (or instead of) a percentage of a session's profit. Such transactions are also included in the log file.

    2019-01-27: v2.23 -
  • Bug fix: When ticked, "Switch if Dipped" option is now not used when Game 2 is deselected
  • Added raw bet size and intermediate balance amount to Log file. Also can disable two decimal place format and now BC notifies when log file has been saved
  • BonusChum will now check the initial balance amount to determine whether to switch to game 2 for degenerate cases / testing purposes.
  • Appropriate warning given for loading in earlier BonusChum projects which didn't have the SiD option available (less than version 2.22)
  • More responsive cancellation of simulation when running particularly tricky bonus sessions

    2018-03-10: v2.22 - For EWD projects, fixed bug where early withdrawal was mistakingly allowed for just one more bet when dipped into bonus money. Also, it's now impossible to select a "Switch to Game 2" value lesser than the Deposit+Bonus balance (instead you should look at the SiD option which allows you to switch game once you've dipped into bonus money). Save log can be more easily viewed. Slightly slimmer window height to fit onto more systems properly.

    2017-09-29: v2.21 - Fixed two-tiering backwards compatibility issue that 2.20 exhibited when loading pre-v2.20 BCP files.

    2017-09-28: v2.20
  • This version requires a new (free) license. Users were having issues with licenses becoming invalid occasionally, so this release should fix that.
  • Quicker startup and spawning of new windows.
  • Transaction logging: If you're unsure that you've set the options correctly, or want to put BonusChum through its places, then the new Transaction logging feature could be invaluable. A giant text log full of transactions (taken from numerous random sessions) takes place so you can verify what's happening.
  • SiD - Switch If Dipped (into bonus money). If you want to switch to Game 2 once you've dipped into bonus money, this is the new way to do it (setting the "Switch to Game 2" value to 1 x bonus amount to achieve the same thing is now deprecated). It is also now possible to combine this with setting the "Switch to Game 2" option to set two targets (one if your balance dip into bonus money, and one if your balance exceeds a specified amount).
  • Bug fix: Average wagering was misreported if the Bet Size Weight was not 100%. For two-tiering, reporting of average bets and average time (along with cash / hour) was also wrong if the Risk factors of both games were not the same.
  • Average wagering now takes coverplay into account. For extra clarity, maximum amounts are also now given for the Bets, time and wagering (approximated when two-tiering).

    2017-07-09: v2.17 - Updated signing of software certificate and now bonuses with a max cashout, where you have a second game switch point below the initial balance (switching game when you dip below a certain amount), and where you don't dip into bonus money, will now be treated as the max cashout not applying.

    2017-02-23: v2.16 - EV was miscalculated for sticky bonuses where the bet size was a large proportion of the deposit and only for games where you would need to redeposit (e.g: Blackjack or Casino/Texas Hold 'em). This error may be around 10% but could be as high as 50% or higher depending on settings.

    2017-01-28: v2.15 - Added colour coded 'save' button upon entering Notes. Fixed "Max session profit" stat with multiple threads. The "SGS" option has now turned to "LGS"; Instead of deciding whether to save all settings, or bonus-specific settings with a project, you now decide whether to load bonus-specific or all settings when OPENING a project. Other global settings such as threads, coverplay and the Risk plan are now included in the settings that are skipped when opening the project.

    2016-10-19: v2.14 - Disabling "Save bankroll with project" now also will skip saving surrounding bankroll options. Bug fix: Tier 1 bets in EWD scenarios do now not even partially dip into bonus money (affects big bets sizes in particular). Also added (semi-pointless but fun) 'Max session profit' stat.

    2016-10-09: v2.13 - More intelligent project saving and the file name is now visible in the main window. Added "New" button so you can easily clear the project and create new casino projects (without resetting all your bankroll settings etc.). Fixed calculation bugs in Early Withdraw scenarios involving large bet sizes or Max cashouts.

    2016-09-03: v2.12 - Added more two-tier stats and rejigged UI

    2016-08-02: v2.11 - Postwager second stage target isn't affected by the hidden final target setting in the Cashable section, and now also has a target of its own.

    2016-07-04: v2.10
  • Increased notes/paytable size by moving them to separate tab pages
  • Added Reload/Resave buttons
  • Added "Chance of Switch to game 2" statistic
  • Added "Cut profit" feature so you can share profits with someone else.

    2016-07-04: v2.05 - Postwager second stage now assumes a withdraw of the first stage before playing with the second stage bonus. Also less flickering and faster switch to main window after minimizing and reshowing.
    2016-06-19: v2.04 - Fixed crash involving changing cores and in relation to loading/saving projects
    2016-05-22: v2.02 - Fixed averaging of 'old-run' threads for current run using output.active var
    2016-05-20: v2.01 - Fixed GUI discrepancies involving second stage Postwager options

    2016-07-22 - VERSION 2
  • Multicore support!
  • Comprehensive coverplay feature added
  • For slots, you can now enter the number of lines. The risk level also now allows fine adjustment (not just 'low', 'medium', 'high', and 'very high').
  • Settings can now be loaded and saved as projects via dedicated buttons. This allows you to save a offers which you may repeatedly use in the future.
  • Added "Notes" section where you can write whatever you want.
  • Added "Early withdraw" for bonuses that allow you to withdraw even if you haven't completed wagering as long as you never went into bonus money.
  • Stealth mode added so you can change the icon to look like Notepad
  • Loading the program, and spawning a new window is now faster and more stable, not hiding away sometimes. Stop button is more responsive too.
  • Bet sizes can now optionally be a proportion of your balance rather than a fixed amount. This is useful for reaching targets more efficiently.
  • Added "Don't overshoot target/s" mode. This is used to reduce bet sizes when you'd otherwise exceed the target.
  • EV / bankruptcy is now corrected for cashbacks when wagering large proportions of the balance with 'mid-stake-bet-raise' games (e.g: Blackjack).

    More minor fixes:
  • Sample bankroll has been adjusted to allow for greater accuracy with postwagers or cashbacks where deposit amounts were very low or zero.
  • Allow bet size weight to exceed 100% for those very rare cases where casinos allow as such
  • Minor fixes where numbers appeared even when the corresponding control had been disabled or hidden.
  • Removed slightly misleading 'adjusted house edge' info for games such as Blackjack where the final bet size may not equal the initial bet size. Instead, refer to the adjusted Bet size weight (in blue) which is a truer representation of the game.
  • Although calculated correctly internally during simulation, the adjusted 'Bet size weight' in blue displayed an erroneous value if the house edge was adjusted from its original normal value. This is now fixed.
  • Added the 'Fixed' mode option to 'Wagering', 'Max cashout', 'Target', and 'Switch to game 2' dropdown menus
  • Deposits that are larger than the bankroll are now capped to the bankroll. This barely made any difference 99.9% of the time since deposits will tend to be small (<500) and bankrolls large (more than 5k), but it's useful for testing, and for a little extra accuracy sometimes.
  • New 'Relative' bankroll risk display mode helps you visualize risk more easily, especially for large bankrolls.
  • There's is only one Generic Slot paytable now. Variance/risk has been separated out into another field.

    2016-02-18: v1.86 - Fixed bug if cashback deposit was to zero, and the Cashback type was in Fixed mode.
    2016-02-14: v1.85 - Added partial bankroll gain stats (but only if Sample Bankroll is turned off)
    2016-02-11: v1.84 - Added gain rate to complement bust rate
    2016-02-09: v1.83 - Added support for switching to game 2 at a multiple of the deposit (rather than just the bonus)
    2016-01-29: v1.82 - Fixed problems when the Bonus is set to a fixed amount (rather than a percentage)
    2016-01-26: v1.81 - Bug fix - the max "Time (hr:m)" value was displayed incorrectly in v1.80. This is now fixed.
    2016-01-18: v1.80 - Countries which use the comma as a decimal point are now supported (fixes startup crash). Also, time output now uses hours+mins.
    2016-01-16: v1.71 - Fixed startup incompatibility problems with certain .NET versions
    2016-01-15: v1.70 - Added section for partial bankroll loss (suggestion thanks to a user!)
    2016-01-14: v1.69 - Quicker to adjust house edge for slots. New 'Fixed' bonus amount option. Slot now set at 3.00 house edge for simplicity
    2015-12-29: v1.68 - Fixed subtle bug affecting simulation output which only affected the demo versions. House edge is now saved and restored upon reloading BonusChum.
    2015-12-23: v1.67 - Added 'Risk plan' feature and fix to demo version to prevent crash.
    2015-12-19: v1.66 - First release!