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MIDI transform V1.20

(last updated 2021-10-18)

Download offline version for Windows

Required: Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP and .NET 3.5 or higher. Portable version here.

MIDI Transform is a simple and easy to use, yet powerful tool for transforming MIDI files. Especially unique to this app converter is the ability to force a MIDI into a minor, major, blues, or medieval mode, regardless of its original mode or key!

  • Adjust the volume
  • Adjust the volume's contrast
  • Adjust the tempo / speed
  • Transpose the pitch / key
  • Change instruments
  • Change music to special modes *

  • This demo will allow 2 free MIDIs to be uploaded for experimentation.
    If you would like to upgrade to the full version, please pay $15 through either of the links below (credit card or Paypal).


    * Listen to these example MIDIs to see the possibilities with the mode changing feature!

  • Mozart - "Symphony No.40 in G-,   K.550"
  • original,   major
  • Felix Mendelssohn - "Hark! the herald angels sing"
  • original,   minor
  • ABBA - "Thank You For The Music"
  • original,   harmonic minor
  • Michiru Yamane - "Reincarnated Souls" (Castlevania - Bloodlines)
  • original,   major
  • Ronald Binge - "Elizabethan Serenade" (arr. by George Pollen)
  • original,   natural minor,   weird
  • ? - "totteoki"
  • original,   melodic minor,   blues
  • Beethoven - "Piano Concerto No.5 in Eb,
    Op.73 "Emperor" (3.Rondo: Allegro)"
  • original,   harmonic minor,   minor + Maj3rd

    See this page for more examples.

    The author of MIDI Transform can be contacted here.


    18/10/2021: v1.20 - You can now adjust the pitch of individual instruments. Bug fix when loading large MIDI files.
    28/09/2021: v1.19 - Added software certificate for security.
    10/07/2017: v1.18 - Updated certificate signing
    01/10/2015: v1.17 - MIDI files with extensive metadata failed to load. Problem is now fixed.
    08/11/2014: v1.16 - Verified with certificate, and removed program obfuscation.
    22/06/2013: v1.15 - Offline (download) version for Windows available. Also fixed filenames for non-friendly URL characters.
    02/08/2011: v1.14 - Fixed loading of some MIDIs by 'ignoring' unknown/extremely rare MIDI commands.
    08/01/2011: v1.13 - A small bug prevented some MIDI files from changing instruments. Should be fixed now.
    26/02/2010: v1.12 - 'Advanced MIDI info' section now displays track names.
    17/09/2009: v1.11 - Fixed 'Mode' dropdown selection for latest browsers.
    13/02/2009: v1.1 - A few features/bug fixes:
  • You can now change (or turn off) the volume of the percussion.
  • Rare MIDIs with special commands are now supported.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented lowering the transposition of some rare MIDI files.

    25/01/2009: v1.02 - Added a feature to change all instruments at once
    10/01/2006: First release - v1.00

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    The MIDItransform software and documentation is copyright Daniel White 2005+.
    All MIDI music featured in the conversion examples is copyright of their respective owners.
    I can be contacted here.