Opal-Convert CSV to Excel to CSV

(version 2.55)

(free demo version, 750k file size, last updated 2019-08-07)

(or download online from Softpedia or Download.com)
For Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP. Requires .NET 3.5 or higher (your PC probably already has it).
Demo supports up to 100 records with no other limitations.
PAD file available here.

Convert from or to Excel and CSV with ease.

Opal-Convert CSV/Excel is a simple, accurate and fuss-free alternative to import a CSV into Excel or vice versa. Both Excel 2007+ (XLSX) and the older Excel 1997-2003 workbook (XLS) are supported. All types of CSV are also catered for, including support for different text encodings, multiple lines in a cell, and custom text delimiter/identifier (e.g.: comma or double quote etc.).

Features include:

  • Convert from CSV to Excel and back again (Excel to CSV).
  • Supports Excel formats: Excel 2007+ (.XLSX) and the older Excel 1997-2003 format (.XLS).
  • > 2GB input/output support for Big Data processing
  • Avoid the problem with missing leading zeros and other digits at the start of Excel fields when importing from a CSV.
  • Avoid the issue of unrecognized carriage returns within fields (which Excel ignores).
  • Full unicode support for worldwide usage.
  • Unlike Excel, Opal-Convert's XLS to CSV conversion will support consistent text quotes for ALL CSV fields allowing for commas, new lines, and double quotes inside a field.
  • Conversion supports custom CSV delimiters (such as pipe), and custom EOL for full Unix, mobile, Mac and Windows support.
  • Very easy to use GUI with realtime updating of output when changing options.
  • Hassle-free installation (or reinstallation) with no passwords or keys.
  • Safe and secure with all conversion taking place offline.
  • 60 day money back guarantee.
  • Purchase full version

    Once paid, the user license lasts forever, including updates, and there's no faffing about with keys or passwords. Included is a 60 day (no quibble) money back guarantee.

    Each license is valid for a single user. If you are intending to use it for more users, please purchase additional copies, or contact us to negotiate.

    Credit cardPaypal
    Single user
    license - $19
    (1000 records
    at once)
    Single user
    license - $39
    (10000 records
    at once)
    Single user
    license - $79
    (unlimited records)

    Designed for Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP, converting from and to Excel format is simplicity itself. Start by opening a CSV or Excel file, and then tailor the options to your requirements (program supplies instant feedback), and click save (save button will turn green).

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