Opal CSV Converter

Download OpalCSV converter v2.55 (demo)
(demo version, 500k filesize, last updated 2019-08-07)

For all versions of Windows. Requires .NET 3.5 or higher (your PC probably already has it).
The demo has a 100 row limitation, but is otherwise fully functional.
PAD file available here.

  • Convert CSV to CSV (amended)
  • Convert CSV to HTML (table)
  • Convert CSV to programmer 2D array
  • Convert HTML to CSV
  • Convert HTML to HTML (amended)
  • Convert HTML to 2D array
  • Convert 2D array to CSV
  • Convert 2D array to HTML
  • Convert 2D array to 2D array
  • Features include:

  • Convert from and to CSV, HTML (table), and programmer 2D array
  • Extensive customization, including filtering and transposition of data
  • > 2GB input/output support for Big Data processing
  • Very easy to use GUI
  • Realtime updating of output when changing options
  • Batch conversion for multiple files
  • Preferences are saved and can be set to defaults with a button click
  • Purchase full version

    Once paid, the user license lasts forever, including updates, and there's no faffing about with keys or passwords

    If you intend to use this software for commercial purposes (and also wish to receive priority support), please purchase the commercial version instead. If you have any queries, please contact us.
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    Non-profit usage - $9
    Commercial usage - $29

    OpalCSV Converter is very easy to use, yet powerful. Simply open a file (or copy/paste into the left white panel), select a format to convert from (e.g.: CSV is chosen below), select an output format, and save the file (save button will turn green).

    As you change the options (for example, the CSV delimiter here), the output will update immediately in realtime. This allows you to have instant feedback to see if the conversion results match your expectations. It's much more intuitive than saving a hundred times to check your results. Batch conversion (for multiple files) is featured too.

    More screenshots (click any picture to enlarge):

    Opal CSV Converter is very easy to use. In this screenshot, we've rotated (transposed) the HTML table so that rows becomes columns and vice versa. Adjusting the CSV here so that values are enclosed with quotes, commas become pipes, the 2nd column (shades of green) is removed, and any rows containing "Extra" in are removed (i.e. the last row).
    In this picture, we've read Wikipedia's giant List of colours, hunted for any table data, and extracted the 2nd and 3rd columns to obtain the colour name and value. It's very easy to convert from HTML to CSV (or vice versa) as this screenshot below demonstrates. As usual rows and columns can be filtered.

    Full documentation is available here.
    I can be emailed here.

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