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  • Temporarily removed software certificate (re-added 2022-07-13).



  • Fixed installation issue.



  • Added software certificate back to help with security and so you know you're getting the genuine download file!



  • Not just 44.1 KHz supported now, lower and higher (Gold version) frequency sample rates are now available!! Great news is that lower frequencies means the wave is now rendered much faster. For example, setting it to 11025 Hz will mean it renders four times faster. Great for previewing. For the high-end users, SonicPhoto has been tested successfully at 768 KHz!
  • Not just 16bit sound now, 8, 24 and 32 bit sound output is now possible (Gold version). The latter two run slower (especially so with 32 bit which requires hardcore non-pre-calculated trig functions), but like higher KHz, they're great for post-processing without losing valuable information.
  • Adjusting sliders by clicking either side of the pointer is now easier and scrolls further.
  • Bug fixed with chord note section and higher than ten octaves supported.
  • Slight refinement of the tracking line to more closely reflect the exact part of the sound it's playing.
  • Minor cosmetic bug fix where picture didn't load in high quality on SonicPhoto startup.



  • Fixed chopped window issue for PCs with a 1366x768 resolution



  • Added tracking line when sound plays so you can see visually what's happening!
  • You can now see all pitch frequencies and amplitudes of a sound with the new 'Show waves' window
  • Added context help when you hover over any label. No need to visit the site anymore
  • Added 'Stretch Partials' mode for harmony/instruments section and 'map mode' options for harmony/instruments section
  • Left mouse button on label won't set the setting to default now (only the right mouse button will do that)
  • GUI now has improvement in definition for higher resolutions


  • Installer now supports Windows 10

  • 1.21

  • Updated file certificate signing

  • 1.20

    A new release in time For Christmas!
  • 64 bit supported for up to 3x rendering speed on 64 bit Windows systems and greater program stability for large pictures/sounds
  • Added randomizer so you can experiment with random changes to the settings. Option locks included.
  • Fixed potential crashes and sound issues with very long sound files, especially in "Extra high quality" mode.
  • Window can now be resized for large screens.
  • Now also able to load/save just the chord/harmony fields.
  • Increased maximum quality from 10,000 to 1,000,000 for rare sounds which require the extra headroom.
  • Software is now signed with a proper certificate to ensure verification.



  • The new 'harmonics' section allows you to obtain a whole new dimension of sound. Previously subdued sounds can become much more 'gritty', 'hollow', or electrifyingly bright.
  • The preview mode increased in quality from 11 bit to 12+ bit for better sound quality.
  • Tranposing notes in the 'Chord notes' section now ignores number after the 'step' keyword. Example "C2 to C3 step 2" will stick with step 2, rather than step 14
  • Extra high quality setting is remembered/saved


  • Simpler installation.
  • Press right mouse button on the text next to any individual control to reset it.


  • Countries which use the comma as a decimal point are now supported.
  • In the "Chord notes" and "Harmonics" sections, semicolons are used to separate pitches now.

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