Fractal Mountains!

An unusual and colourful collection of mountain landscape fractals rendered with Vista Pro. Click any of the thumbnails for a full size version (640x512 pixels)

The original CrystalColour mountain.

A cool coral-green variation.

The chocolate version :)
My mum actually chose the colour scheme for this..... which would explain things then ;-)
Yes, it is a rather monochromatic mountain.
A cake mountain. No artificial ingrediants.
Deep and brooding. Also.... very erm.. blue.
The original 'MountMaroon'. Rivers added painstakingly.
Nice luminous effect.
Similar to the right, except there's an industrial waste plant nearby this time round.
The best of the 'boring' mountains
OK, so it's snow. Exciting huh? OK, well at least it looks like snow doesn't it? ...... oh.

Same snow pic, but with the colours put into negative! Yup, very few pictures actually manage to look OK in reverse, but this manages OK.

This picture could be even better without those annoying blue patches.
Some crystaline structure.
"Donut". Now if Homer were around.....
The "misty mint mountain" or MMM for short.
A palette change on the MMM. Interesting texture.
Cor blimey - it's a bit hot here innit?
The first of 3 pyrotechnically coloured mountains.
Probably the best out of the three.
Another variation.

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