Zydonia Beach
Released onto the world at Christmas 2003, Zydonia Beach was an 'update' of the old Rororer Island series. It was created with the fantastic ArtGem paint package, over a period of about 6 months. The original size of the picture was a massive 1900*1400 pixels, so I've cut it down for web viewing. If you click the picture, you can see the massive 1900*1400 PNG version. Enjoy!

800*600 JPEG - 56k       1900*1400 PNG - 1807k

Mandelbulb Gallery

The Mandelbulb took the fractal world by storm in 2009. Here for your delectation is a collection of the finest 3D renders this corner of the universe has to offer. Don't leave without viewing the videos or reading the short 'Mandelbulb Prison' story featured therein.

Tube Complex

An unusual collection of 'into-the-screen' tunnel shaped renders. Tube style racing has at long-last taken off in the 24 century thanks in part to the technology being available - and also to the imagination of a dozen or so visionaries. The only thing left to do is build the things. Here you'll find snap-shots of the fun available at the main tube complex of Rororer Island. Also included are a few of the ray-traced designs I've created on the Amiga in a package called 'Imagine' - ideal for backdrops.

Greatest Optical Illusions

Some of the best illusions you'll ever see, and completely unique to this site. Witness the Eclipse of Titan, and get dizzy with the Vision Distorter. You won't believe your eyes when you see how big the blind spot in your eye REALLY is. Many of the illusions are updated from the old optical illusions page, but there are some great new ones too.

3D Gallery

Everything 3D is contained here. There are the usual 3D red/green glasses pics, but some of the pics are in full color stereo. This means that you don't need 3D glasses, but do need a versatile eye to 'see' the 3d effect. To top it all, there are a few mouth watering 3D animations...

Fractal Mountains

See these and a stack more original designs created with VistaPro. All of them are previewed as thumbnails and enlarge to a resolution of 640*512.


A variety of humorous, weird and wacky animations created with various programs on the Amiga. Although (some of them) are beginning to show their age with respect to resolution and colour quality, they're still classics!

    Other gallery sites on the world wide web:

  • Steve Roberts gallery. A collection of cool fantasy style pictures. Very atmosperic, colorful and unique.
  • Roger Dean - Exquisite fantasy landscapes and architecture from this superb artist.
  • Greg Martin - Amazingly detailed space-style scapes.
  • Jonathan Cummings - Vivid colours and scenes to behold in this abstract and beautiful art.
  • Harbin Snow and Ice Festival - Georgeous pictures of snow sculptures and neon-lit bridges, ships and other designs outdoors.

  • ZoomQuilt - This was stunning when I first saw it, and it's still stunning today. Seamlessly zoom through incredible works of art, to arrive where you started. You just to try it to see what it's all about.

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