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Top 10 Fruit Gift Baskets

Well, it's taken a while, but we've scoured the net and have collected some of the most eye-catching, scrumptious and most reasonably priced fruit baskets from hundreds. I hope you find the sometimes difficult selection process easier because of it!

99% of this site - - is a nonprofit venture, with an emphasis on art, education, comparison, and quirky entertainment. But occasionally there will be pages like this to offset the costs. For the curious, we get a small cut of 5 to 20% from anything you buy on this 'shop page', and that should help to keep the site going!

All fruit baskets are sorted by price, so the least expensive is at the top, and the most at the bottom - something for every price range. They are dedicated to fruit mainly, and don't offer gourmet, wines, and other goodies in the basket. If you are looking for that kind of thing, then visit the Fruit Gourmet Basket page.

Fruit and Flower Basket

Flowers Fast!
A generous fruit basket featuring traditional favourites like bananas, pears, apples, grapes and apples. Complemented with a delightful bouquet of purple and sunny yellow flowers. Fruit and Flower Basket
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Fruits and Flowers Basket

This handsome basket is the ideal gift thanks to its abundance of fine, fresh fruit and heart-warming flowers. Fruits and Flowers Basket
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Elegant Fruit Basket

Just Flowers
Bursting with tasty, juicy fruits fresh from the orchards, this is truly a special basket. One for the fruit connoisseur or for any special occasion. Elegant Fruit Basket -
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Cornucopia of Fruit

Just Flowers
With its crunchy apples, bananas ripened to perfection and other succulent fruits, this delightful basket will tantalise your senses. A superb gift for yourself or that special person. Cornucopia of Fruit -
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