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Fruit Emporium
Pictures and rankings

How much is a pineapple worth? Is a strawberry really better than a cherry? What does that spiky fruit at the supermarket actually taste like - does it taste any good? Where does the humble apple fit into all this? Every fruit analysed and rated according to how weird they taste and how /good/ they taste.

Fruit Basket -

Fruit Basket -

These fresh, ripe fruits are truly ambrosial.

Additionally, the fruits have been given ratings indicating the degree of 'sharpness' and 'sweetness'. A fruit can be sour or bitter, but this doesn't necessary make it flat. On the other hand, a fruit that's sweet doesn't mean it's bursting with tanginess/sharpness. You get the idea... yet more useless trivia =)

I have tried to taste as many of the fruits as I could (and on more than a couple of occasions in case they were off). Naturally, I won't have tasted every kind, so expect to see numerous updates to this site in the future. Each fruit is assumed to be optimal in terms of ripeness and type.

Though not guaranteed, I have also tried to be as accurate and impartial as possible in my reviews and judgements ;-)
Note: Ratings for taste are generally logarithmic, so a rating difference of about 6 points makes a real difference of double/half etc.

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Any fruit which stands out in any way will receive an award!
Winner of the "....." award

Main ratings will be given for taste and weirdness.
Weirdness factor: 10/20
Taste rating: 25/50

Further separate ratings will be given for sweet/bitter and sharp/flat.
The thin white line indicates the amount of each attribute

Total fruit reviewed thus far: 49

News for 25/3/02:
a: More ratings for each fruit including sharpness and sweetness ratings.
b: New tables categorising each factor by order of rating (soon to be complete).
c: Papaya, Cherimoya, Sharon fruit, Pomegranate and 4 types of grapefruit added.
d: Information changed/added to many other fruits.
e: Slight shuffle of fruit placements and a few bugs fixed too.
f: Special awards for certain fruits
News for 30/3/02:
Many more tweaks and adjustments to the ratings. Page sorted by 'weirdness factor' complete.

News for 10/4/02:
Fruit pictures added. In the future, expect art pictures of fruit for every one reviewed!

News for 29/4/02:
Lots more pictures of fruit. Also added the 'Date' fruit.

News for 2/5/02:
Another batch of fruit images complete. Only 14 more to go...

News for 6/5/02:
Fixed many bugs in page (esp. for Netscape). More fruit pics done and also added anchors and trivia for each fruit picture too.

News for 5/6/02:
Added fruit poll (vote now!) and increased score of Papaya.

News for 14/6/02:
Reviewed 6 more exotic fruits! Dragon fruit, Granadilla, Guava, Starfruit, Tamarillo and the awesome Mangosteen!

News for 18/7/03:
An update at last. Added further fact trivia, unreviewed fruit names, and juggled the fruit ratings a bit (such as upgrading the cherimoya). Also reviewed the worst fruit ever. Behold - the 'Tamarind'.

News for 30/6/06:
Changed side pattern on the left and main banner at the top, so a graphical change for the better. For the curious, this is how the site used to look in 2002: superold 2002 version.

News for 23/08/2006:
Properly added blueberry fruit (it was accidentally called blackcurrant before). Also added corrections and trivia throughout the page and (hopefully) useful fruit shop adverts such as gift fruit baskets, fruit trees, fruit plants, drink and even soap! They are labelled as adverts so you don't confuse them with the main content.

Also look at people's comments here (old one here)

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Fruit anchors

Kiwi fruit
Passion fruit
Red currant
Sharon fruit


Wow. I don't think anything could quite match up to the 'fruit' under review here. The Tamarind consists of a sticky, dry, pulpy fruit which is 'contained' in a long, dull brown 'pod'. Just the sight of it is enough to turn you off in disgust, but nothing could have prepared me for the profound taste sensation I was to experience.

It's truly the most boring, revolting fruit I have ever tasted. Words do not do this fruit justice, but see the review at this site which comes pretty close. I hear there's a sickly sweet version too. Spare me...   [Back to top]

Winner of the "Worst fruit" award
Weirdness factor: 12/20
Taste rating: 13/50

picture of rambutan 2% of you considered the rambutan one of your top five fruit.


Woah, this does look weird - like a lychee that's suddenly decided to de-evolve and grow hair. Apparently, it's meant to taste like a lychee too, so let's put the two to the test.
Hmm... right, ugh, yes, it /does/ taste like a lychee and even looks like one, but there's an extra element which gives it a 'fishy' flavour. Definitely low on the scale. Stick to the lychee.   [Back to top]

Weirdness factor: 14/20
Taste rating: 15/50

Dragon Fruit

The kiwi fruit's evil twin brother. Imagine if you will - rice pudding, but without the nice creamy flavour - and all the sugar taken out. This is definitely one of the most dull fruits you could hope to taste. It could also be said to taste like dirt (!) in both senses of the word. Hmmm... I've run out of good things to say about this fruit and I haven't even started on the bad points yet...   [Back to top]
    Judging by the results from the survey, it would seem a lot of you seem to like the dragonfruit (ranked 13th so far - has the whole world gone insane! ;-)
    Something must be up though. I'll give this another trial sometime in the future as maybe the one I had was sour or something..... (shrug)
Weirdness factor: 14/20
Taste rating: 15/50

Just like the tomato (and even the cucumber), the Avocado is more of a 'subfruit' with some of the properties of a vegetable.
22% of the Avocado is pure fat - the most of any fruit!


A strange, creamy fruit. In fact it almost tastes like nothing. Except it doesn't quite taste like nothing. There's a 'subtle' eggy/creamy/nutty flavour. This isn't necessarily always a bad thing, but for a 'fruit', it's probably not advised. Anyway, if not for the taste, you might want to try it for its novelty. Just don't expect to enjoy it much.   [Back to top]

Except you've all rated this 22nd out of 64 in the survey. In fact 5% of you thought that it was among the top five fruit. You're all wrong of course ;-)

Weirdness factor: 13/20
Taste rating: 15/50

redcurrant picture
This is the fruit you've voted the worst, and not surprising really. In fact only 1 in every 80 people included this in their top 5 fruit.

Red currant

If there had to be a fruit that tasted like a cross between a typical citrus fruit and a poisonous plant - then this would be it. Not really meant to be eaten in its own right, it's usually used for contrast in puddings etc., but as this article rates each fruit stand-alone, then this will score fairly low. Cherries look the same, but are much bigger and tastier; eat those instead.   [Back to top]
Winner of the "Most Poisonous taste" award
Weirdness factor: 8/20
Taste rating: 17/50


'Paw' by name - poor by nature. It is in fact even more boring than a watermelon if that's possible. Suffering from the same problems that plague other fruit, it basically tastes... a bit like a vegetable. I can't quite pin it down, but maybe something like cucumber or tomato.
    Amendment (23/08/2006):
    Well, er, the pawpaw is supposed to be the same fruit as the quite-nice-tasting papaya. There must be sub varieties, or maybe the pawpaw I had was just a bad one.   [Back to top]

Winner of the "Most Insipid fruit" award
Taste rating: 18/50

tamarillo picture
Originally called the 'tree tomato', this erm... 'fruit' was renamed to 'tamarillo' for marketing purposes (natch). 3% of the people surveyed liked the tamarillo.


Also known as the "tree tomato", and tasting everything like how a tomato shouldn't. OK, well all being fair, there's a 'unique' umm... bitter mango (?) flavour. Like the tomato, it's probably best served with other food, but otherwise - generally best avoided.   [Back to top]

Weirdness factor: 6/20
Taste rating: 18/50

banana pictures An unusual variety of banana turns maroon / dark purple when ripe (with pinkish flesh), but true banana buffs will want to try and get hold of the 'Ice-cream' Banana. It's actually blue in color (!) and tastes like vanilla custard. Even the texture is strange - something akin to marshmallow!

Banana - overripe (often with brown patches)

Right, I know I said how each fruit would be assumed to be the best of its kind, but I'm going to make an exception here. This is not the same banana as the 'green' banana (you'll see that one separately and much higher ranked). Nope - this one's overripe, and sure as heck it lets you know it. On a side note, I've noticed that all products claiming to be 'banana' flavour always imitate the dull overripe yellow/brown banana, instead of the 'green' one. Typical... [Back to top]

Advert: Grow your own Dwarf Banana Fruit Tree for $12

Weirdness factor: 1/20
Taste rating: 20/50

picture of guava What I also hate about the guava is the stupid amount of small rock hard seeds inside. Could the deep green guava taste any better?


Firstly, the version under test is the lime green/yellow version with pinkish flesh inside. There's also a version with deep green skin and green/yellow flesh too - which might very well be tastier than this.
Anyway, just like the Tamarillo, it has a slightly off-putting (smoked) tomato flavour. Cross that with a plum or something. Worth tasting again?... I'd guava not!   [Back to top]
(At this point, the writer is taken at gunpoint to his fate* )

Weirdness factor: 7/20
Taste rating: 23/50
* He was force fed two thousand rambutans swilled down with a dragonfruit milkshake - a fate worse than death.

Persimmon (Sharon fruit)

A tomato shaped fruit except it has a yellowy golden colour to it. Taste is ummm.... sorta subtle peach taste, and quite a bit of the bland 'cucumber' taste, but saltier. Something like that. Interestingly though, I've been informed that the 'Fuyu Persimmon' is much tastier, so I'll look out for this.   [Back to top]

Weirdness factor: 10/20
Taste rating: 23/50

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