Skytopia : Greatest Optical Illusions Pictures. Ever.

A collection of 9 unique optical illusions
- honed and refined to perfection.

(by Daniel White)

This collection of illusions was previously exclusive to paid viewers. We'd like to say a big Thank You to everyone who has paid to see this page over the past few years. Due to the minimal number though (1 in every 20,000 approx), it seemed best to open this page to the public (commencing from 01/02/2010).

Hosted on this page are some of the greatest optical illusions of all time, and they're brand new, created by Skytopia. We've taken some of the best illusions according to the Illusions poll* from the old illusions page, updated them, and created some entirely new ones. Prepare to be astounded!

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Vision Distorter v3

Eclipse of Titan

A Moment of Blindness

Eye Spy

Magic Zoomster v2

Starstruck Horizon

Tube Of Illusion v2

Vanishing Blobs

Two-Way Water Mill

IT IS RECOMMENDED YOU PRESS F11 IN YOUR BROWSER NOW TO VIEW THESE ILLUSIONS IN FULL SCREEN! Also make sure you have flash installed to see the illusions at all.

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The illusions on this page have been created by Skytopia and are copyright 2007 onwards D. White.
If you wish to use any of them, then please contact me for permission.