Tube Of Illusion v2

The Tube Of Illusion is back with a vengeance, and it's bigger, more colorful and illusive than ever before. . . . You'll need those 3D red/cyan (or red/green) anaglyph glasses you sometimes get out of cornflakes packets or magazines. If not, then there's a stereo version below that where you need to cross your eyes instead.

If you are interested in creating your own 3D stereoscopic/anaglyph pictures, try our easy to use Stereoptica program.

If you don't possess any 3D anaglyph glasses, then you can try crossing your eyes with this one instead. It takes practise (try focusing on something near you - you should see 3 tubes ), but the results are definitely worth it! Also try this site for practise.

Possibly the best illusion here, providing you have some of those 'anaglyph' (red+green/blue) glasses - put them on if you do!). Then click on the picture below, and then press right mouse button followed by selecting "Play". Watch and enjoy.

(If you don't have any anaglyph glasses, or you want to see it in colour (albeit smaller), then the stereo version can be downloaded here - SWF, 25 meg). You'll need to practise crossing your eyes for that one though.

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