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Welcome to my music module page - a collection of some my best earlier synthesizer works in tracker format (see here for my later Eclipse of Music CD music). Many music players such as Winamp and Deliplayer can easily play the module format - you'll
What is a module?
The module format is a bit like MIDI, but with an importance difference. Instead of saving only the note data like MIDI does, it saves the instrument/sample data too. This allows for many different instruments that obviously won't come with the standard MIDI set. In terms of size, a module can eat up anything between a couple of kilobytes and several dozen megabyte. It really depends on the size and quality of the samples used.
just need a plugin for the MED / Soundstudio format (which you can download from here for Winamp 5 and older Winamps).

They're listed with the best ones at the top, so try the first 5-10 out, and then download the rest if you like them. If you have any comments about them (good or bad), why not drop by the Skytopia forum.

You can view and vote for your favourites by looking at the poll at the bottom of this page.

    All ZIP files unpack to MED format unless otherwise stated

    Sky Swing - Download
    A quick paced and fun song. This is one of my latest tracks, and so there's a lot more stuff going on. Perfect for a TV theme tune I think.

    Mad Professor's Joy Ride - Download
    This one almost made it onto the CD, but there wasn't enough room. At least now you an enjoy the tune for free. It's upbeat, crazy, and has a very tense sound to it - as though Frankenstein was let loose to play on some bizarre techno-organ!

    Progress 2 - Download
    Starting with a haunting eastern-style melody, it develops into a fast-paced demo style track with staccato bassline.

    To convert from module to traditional notation
    As discussed on my Converting MIDI to traditional music score page, MidiNotate is the best way to transcribe from MIDI to notation (you can download a free trial here). Even Sibelius' tool doesn't do nearly as good a transcription. To get to MIDI format from module in the first place though, you'll need a MOD to MID converter. Hopefully your module package can save out in MIDI format by default, but otherwise, you'll need something like 2midi to do the work.

    Finally, Midi Converter (freeware) might be of benefit because it converts between MIDI type 0 and 1 format.
    Leisure Ride - Download
    Performed at London (Southbank), this is one of my best 4 channel modules, opening with a happy, swingy melody. The most interesting part though is towards the end - lots of nice and unusual chords, and a 2-part counterpoint melody line. Another potential TV theme tune maybe.

    Fly By - Download
    Split into two parts, this dramatic track has a distinctly hypnotic bass-line, but with a great melody and underlying chord sequence. It would be great for a game if it was updated with full orchestration.

    Somewhere Else - Download
    Another track I was considering for my CD, this. A very long piece, it's all split into 3 parts - the 2nd of which contains most of the work.

    Caschyna - Download
    This one is featured on the Eclipse of Mars CD, and is definitely one of my faves. There isn't just a single tune, but many sub-tunes, each with a unique flavour. Not easy to put a 'style' to.

    Hold On I'm Coming - Download (MOD file)
    Another 'classic', and only four channels! Some of the chord combinations are reminiscent of Turrican 2's atmospheric 'Traps' tune, especially near the beginning and at the end.

    How I created them
    I used a brilliant music package on the Amiga, called OctaMED Soundstudio (a program still going today - see the MED homepage). Instead of traditional notation such as the interface used in Cakewalk or Cubase, it used an arguably more efficient grid-like interface to input the note data. Fantastic results were possible and with relative ease.
    Inspired - Download
    First seen on an old Amiga Format CD, this piece has lots of melody and variety. Moderate at first, the rhythm speeds up, and then slows towards the end. Also containing numerous sound effects and a revolving staccato bass-line!

    New Horizon - Download
    This track features a collection of tunes I used in an action game I programmed some time ago. Contains a subtle melody line and very nice chord progressions - wrapped around a steady beat.

    Progress - Download
    A neat chord loop with a haunting piano melody on top. Simple but very effective.

    Michigan Sunrise (+Michigan City) - Download (MOD file)
    Starting with a moving piece, the mellow mood is retained with a night drive through the Michigan City.

    Sonic-ey - Download (MOD file)
    Using the Sonic ring sample as a chord and the shield sound is used for the tune's bass near the beginning! A very unusual upbeat tune.

    Eclipse One - Download
    Or alternatively - the 'cuckoo tune', because it had a stupid cuckoo sound in it. More of a contemporary medley than a single tune. There are some nice bits of melody in there. Very weird, for sure.

    Remalon 010 - Download (MOD file)
    Another track that made it into a game I did. Give it a few listens, and you should be hooked.

    Arcadey - Download
    A cheerful, melodic and upbeat tune. It's a bit short this one, and therefore is more of a 'theme' tune for something. Catchy!

    Dance of the Bats - Download (MOD file)
    Short, but mysteriously eerie.

    Chrimbo Tune - Download
    This is a very old one, but still classic. The idea was to reflect a time machine travelling between different times and places - each place with its own 'musical theme'. The best part is at the end, so make sure you hear all the way through!

    Runaway Horse - Download (MOD file)
    More of a classical style with some intricate orchestration and counterpoint.

    Homeward Trek - Download (MOD file)
    A bit quirky with a cheesy melody, but kinda addictive.

    Nemella - Download
    Bouncy tune complete with cheesy 80s style synth-toms!

    Zoom In - Download
    Created as a background piece for an animation I never got round to finishing ;) My brother doesn't like this one, but it does have its moments, particularly later on.

    New World - Download
    The sequel to Eclipse One, and just as barking.

    Euro Tunnel - Download
    A lively and cheery tune. Showing its age, but still fun if you've never heard it before.

    Midnight City Blues (+Three Trumpets) - Download
    A 2-part tune. The first part has a rocking rhythm with an acid-style bass-line. The second part would be perfect for a videogame shooter or something.

    Carnival Windup - Download (MOD file)
    Short tune with a fairground-like quality.

    Rhythmic Paradise - Download (MOD file)
    Lots of swing this one. It's unusual in that the melody line is always represented as a chord. This way, you get 8 channels worth in 4 :)

    Electric Orchestra - Download (MOD file)
    Not really like ELO's stuff, but I suppose it could be described as 'modern classical'.

    C64 Cavern - Download (MOD file)
    Featured on the C64 music page, this 10 minute extravaganza captures the essence and atmosphere of the classic C64 sound. You'll notice shades of Galway, Tel, Follin and Hubbard as you listen to its various sections. Here is the same file in XM format. Enjoy!

    Psalm 61 - Download (MOD file)
    A tune I composed for my Gran. Short, but sweet.

    Drops of Love 1 - Download (MOD file)
    A bit like 'Dance of the Bats', with an echoey and haunting melody.

    Galaxy 9 - Download (MOD file)
    "This is a journey into sound". Not quite as good as Galaxy 12 on my recent CD, but still fun.

    I'll Be Round - Download (MOD file)
    This tune eventually developed into a full blown song with proper orchestration. For now though, you'll have to make do with the mod - which still has a nice chunky sound it.

    Misty Sands - Download (MOD file)
    One of my older tracks. A slow-paced piece and very dreamy.

    Misty Sands 2 - Download (MOD file)
    The sequel to Misty Sands.

    Eclipse 2 - Download (MOD file)
    A pseudo-techno backing beat backing to this track. No specific melody as such, but some cool chords and orchestration.

    Highland Mambo - Download (MOD file)
    A slightly corny melody, but there's a nice intricate rippling melody part in the middle.

    New Era - Download (MOD file)
    Very old, but here for nostalgic reasons!

    You Rate Number One In My Life - Download (MOD file)
    This track is in 3 time, and has a fairly cliched melody, but erm.. good cliche ;) Worth a listen anyway.

    Castle Gateway - Download (MOD file)
    This orchestral track has a dramatic, almost war-like flavour. One of the very first modules I created, but still nostalgic to listen to.

    Time Bomb - Download (MOD file)
    Madness really. Noticeable for its 'Timebomb' voice sample more than anything else ;)

    Warm Friends - Download
    A touch of reminiscence about this. Fairly slow, with some unusual chord changes later on.

    Time Travel - Download (MOD file)
    A superior version to the "Ripple" tune. Slow, short, but nice.

    Sound Ripple - Download (MOD file)
    A slow tune (tm)

    That's the lot! If you liked those, you'll love the music from my recent CD - Eclipse of Mars. You can read more about it here and download sample demo tracks.

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