You've just dropped by at the central gaming complex - dedicated to some of the finest games around. Covering mainly the classic era with articles, reviews and trivia on hidden gaming treasures of the past. Also containing a high score/level section, the best classic video game music, comparisons between different versions of games, a retro/modern games article, computerized fanzine and lots more!
If music is your thing, then there are two articles dedicated to the best games music around - with SNES and C64 covered (for Amiga and arcade music, see their separate articles).

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Arcade + M.A.M.E.
Gameplay ideals
Records + high scores
Top C64 video game music
Top SNES video game music
CACG fanzine
Best 2 player games

Arcade + M.A.M.E.

In case you didn't know, M.A.M.E. stands for Multiple arcade machine emulator. Have you ever wanted to see that arcade you saw many years ago to relive those memories? Well, now's your chance. There are some excellent games that stand up (and I would say often surpass), to what's churned out in today's commercialised market. Go back to the time when playability was king!

Classic gameplay/gfx
design and ideals

Are today's games better than the old classics? Apart from a few exceptions, what has happened to most of the originality, the 'twitch' gameplay and the essence of what made the games so good in the pre-Playstation/PC scene ? There's information on how the games compare in terms of playability. A good sarcastic lesson in gameplay mechanics is what some games need.

The article is still in progress. For now, read this spoof interview with a ficticious games company.

Records + high scores

I haven't played every single game on Earth and a few of these records may well have been beaten, but there are certain games contained within this section that we believe /no-one/ in the world has got better times/scores for. Prove us wrong - send your achievements in!

Top C64 game music

The all time best C64 video games music is here! The top 64 tunes are carefully positioned according to their melodic content, intricacy and general atmosphere. Each one is dissected and given a mini-review too. And to top it all, you can download all 64 tunes in one convenient zip file!

Top SNES game music

If you've heard little or no Super Nintendo music, then you are missing out on some of the greatest video games music ever composed! Despite the 'chippy' nature of the sound sometimes, the SNES has been host to some real masterpieces.

Never heard the delights of Secret of Mana, Pop 'n' Twinbee, Kirby, Zelda 3, or Axelay?
Well now's your chance. I have in fact rated a whole collection of SNES music (taking into account factors of rhythm, melody, intricacy and general orchestration), so if you haven't got time to wade through the tons of stuff which isn't so good (and believe me - there's a lot of it), then you have come to the right place.


Here for the first time since its original release over 10 years ago is the one and only CACG (or Computer and Console Guide for short).
This cool fanzine was featured in 'Super Play' and on 'Digitiser' Teletext. Thus we expected a flood of people to order the thing, but only received a few orders from Super Play readers and not one (!) from the millions of Digitiser viewers! Thus the fanzine was doomed to a life of unsold copies and remained in a dark void of nothingness.... until now!! Thanks to the wonders of html, I present it in its entirety; the new, improved, fully HTML converted CACG.

My brother, Nathan, who created this was only 13 years old at the time, but had a great deal of humor and style in his presentation. All the reviews, previews and cool features are accurately translated into HTML. Take a dive into nostalgia around the time of the Amiga, SNES and Megadrive and you might even learn a few things too...

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