Game Achievements



Spring Valley: 693,520 points Frozen bell: 826,100 points Twin seeds: 157,040 points


Mystic Forest 1: 326
Soft Museum 1: 370
Splash Garden 1: 426
Frozen Bell 1: 379

Bosses (seconds remaining)

Claws: 100
Wizeman: 78
Jackal: 104

Sega Rally Championship (PAL):

Time Attack

Stratos AT

Desert: Overall 2:30"32 Lap 0:49"36
Forest: Overall 3:32"19 Lap 1:09"39
Mountain: Overall 3:16"24 Lap 1:04"39
Lakeside: Overall 3:18"92 Lap1:05"28


Desert: Overall 2:40"32 Lap 0:52"86
Forest: Overall 3:49"79 Lap 1:15"46
Mountain: Overall 3:26"87 Lap 1:07"99
Lakeside: Overall 3:45"60 Lap1:13"78

Sonic Jam (PAL):

Time Attack - Sonic the hedgehog 1

Green Hill zone: Act 1:21"96 Act 2:15"89
Spring Yard zone: Act 1:23"13 Act 2:27"49
Labyrinth zone: Act 2:1:01"01
StarLight zone: Act 2:17"68 !

Other achievements worthy of note:


Chicken Shift: Reached 14th level: "rolling egg level 6" (incredibly hard, like 8th level but with many more eggs). Score=116,480. Visit this page for essential Chicken Shift FAQ
Pacland: reached level 29


Stunt Car Racer:Completed all 4 divisions (normal and high powered car)
Lotus & Lotus 2: Completed both
Super StardustCompleted early (much harder) release of the game.
(many more have been completed, but the above are the most challenging games)

Super Nintendo

Axelay: Completed in one credit on its hardest mode with lowest trigger setting
Super Aleste: Completed in one credit in both 'Hyper' and 'Wild' difficulty levels. Completed in one life with no bombs on 'Hard' difficulty level.
Street Fighter 2: Completed on hardest difficulty with Guile without losing any energy. Also completed game with Zangief on hardest setting without losing a round.
Starwing: Completed on hardest route with all team mates' energy intact and 100% performance

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