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Top 20 Gourmet Baskets

Well, it's taken a while, but we've scoured the net and have collected what we believe to be the 14 most eye-catching, scrumptious and most reasonably priced gourmet baskets from hundreds. I hope you find the sometimes difficult selection process easier because of it!

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All baskets are sorted by price, so the least expensive is at the top, and the most at the bottom - something for every price range. Most of the baskets on this page offer items such as chocolates, cheese, nuts, cookies, crackers, fine wines or sausage etc. If you are looking for fruit only baskets, then try the Fruit Basket or Fruit & Gourmet baskets page. St. Helens: Gourmet Sausage Basket

St. Helens: Gourmet Sausage Basket

(Delightful Deliveries, $36.99)

Basket includes the following: Summer Sausage 9oz., Almond Pecan Popcorn, Spiced Almonds 1.5oz., Sweet n Hot Mustard 1.75oz., Venus Wheat Crackers 1oz, Pepper Poppy Crackers 1oz., Fruit and Nut Bar 1oz., Jelly Belly Assorted Jelly Beans 1.6oz., Coffee to Go Candies 2pcs., Bob's Fancy Mints 2pcs. Glorified Gourmet Gift Basket

Glorified Gourmet Gift Basket

(Delightful Deliveries, $39.99)

When nothing but the best will do! Impress everyone with this basket of true gourmet greats, including camembert cheese, black peppercorn crackers, truffles, milk chocolate cherry delights and cheese knives. Simply incredible. Gourmet Treats Gift Basket

Gourmet Treats Gift Basket

(Delightful Deliveries, $39.99)

A great gift to send for any and every special occasion. Filled with peanut caramel clusters, a brick of coffee, biscottis, caramel corn, fancy water crackers, Ghirardelli® chocolate, Lindt® truffle gift box and Ghirardelli® hot cocoa mix.

Mrs. Beasley's Birthday Gift Basket, 6 Servings

Mrs. Beasley's Birthday Gift Basket, 6 Servings

(Mrs. Beasleys, $46.95)

Celebrate the big day with our delicious assortment of 4 Brownie Bars, 8 Chocolate Chip Truffle Cookies and delicious homemade Mini-Muffins. We also include a variety of items to get everyone in the spirit: 2 hats, 2 noisemakers, a box of candles and 2 balloons - all tied up with a special birthday ribbon. A popular gift for home or office.

1 Dz Gourmet Basket -

1 Dz Gourmet Basket

(Just Flowers, $61.99)

A classic all time favorite basket is a show stopper! Included is an assortment of: Biscotti, chocolate chip, dipped macaroons, macadamia white chocolate, smore's cookies, mudslide, peanut butter, and oatmeal raisin cookies. Shrink wrapped and tied with a beautiful hand made bow.

Taste of the Season Gourmet Basket

Taste of the Season Gourmet Basket

(AAA Fruit Baskets, $62.95)

A delightful way to send greetings this holiday season. Tucked in a basket is a bouquet of fresh cut carnations, statice, Star of Bethlehem, and greens in festive holiday colors. Then we add an assortment of tastey treats perfect for sharing. Items may include crackers, cheese, truffles, chocolates, jams, etc.

A.K.A. Gourmet Party Starter Gift Basket

Party Starter Gift Basket

(A.K.A. Gourmet, $69.95)

Get the party started with this gift of goodies galore. This one is guaranteed to win them over! Contains Bavarian pretzels, salsa, white cheddar popcorn, vanilla pecan cookies, veggie tortilla chips, cheese, a graham dunk, caramel corn, chocolate chip pecan cookies, chocolate-covered key lime cookies, olive oil crackers, roasted salted almonds and three Ghirardelli chocolate bars. Mixed Nuts Gift Basket

Mixed Nuts Gift Basket

(Delightful Deliveries, $69.99)
You can't miss with this great keepsake gourmet kosher gift! Featuring: 5 oz. Nevada Nuggets (milk chocolate covered peanuts, macadamia nuts, almonds, & raisins), 5 oz. New England Snack Mix (raisins, peanuts, almonds & sesame seeds), 5 oz. Health Mix (raisins, peanuts, sunflower seeds, apples, cashews, almonds, filberts & pecans), and 4.5 oz. Cranny Banany (cranberries, dry roasted almonds, apples, walnuts, banana chips, raisins, pumpkin seeds & peanuts). Also includes 7 oz. flaky, hand-made rugelach, 4 oz. vanilla pecan thimble cookies, 3.5 oz. (9-piece) toasted marzipan, 3 oz. naturally smoked Pacific salmon, 2 oz. toasted sesame, all-natural, low-fat crackers, 25-count Wissotzky teas from Israel, presented in rustic maize basket with champagne mesh ribbon. Under strict kosher supervision of one or more of the following: OU, Kof-K and OK Labs. World of Thanks Gift Basket

World of Thanks Gift Basket

(Delightful Deliveries, $74.99)

Show them a world of thanks with this bamboo gourmet gift basket! Includes 8 oz. maple walnut caramel candies 1/2 lb. burlap bag of New Mexico salted/roasted pistachios 6.5 oz. melt-in-your-mouth pecan shortbread cookies with almonds 5 oz. New England Snack Mix (raisins, peanuts, almonds & sesame seeds) 4.2 oz. 5-piece cream-filled chocolate cappuccino cigars 3.5 oz. 9-piece toasted marzipan 4 oz. buttery toffee chunks 2.5 oz. gourmet chocolate chip pecan cookies 2.3 oz. fudge-filled unique walnut cookies .82 oz. Meyer Lemon shortbread cookies 25-count almond charm Wissotzky teas from Israel. Presented in mesh gold ribbon. Under strict kosher supervision of one or more of the following: OU, Star-K, OK Labs and CRC.

Single Rose Gourmet Basket

Single Rose Gourmet Basket

(AAA Fruit Baskets, $79.95)

Our wonderfully hand-delivered gourmet gift basket is adorned with a single live rose. The basket is filled with a large assortment of goodies including gourmet cheese, crackers, sausage, chocolates, and candies. Your gift will include local and regional specialty items. Cascadia Gourmet Basket

Cascadia Gourmet Basket

(Delightful Deliveries, $80.99)

Features: Summer Sausage 9oz., Spicy Summer Sausage 9oz., Seasoned Pretzels 4oz., Salted Almonds 1.5oz., Pickled Beans 2oz., Cheddar Cheese Stixs 1oz., Maui Onion Almonds 1.5oz, Wine Cheese Crackers 4oz., Mint Cookies 5oz., Fruit Jelly Candies with Walnuts 2oz., Chocolate Seeds 3oz., Chocolate Sampler 1.3oz., Sweet n Hot Mustard 2oz., and Bob's Fancy Mints 4pcs

Premium Gourmet Wine Basket

Premium Gourmet Wine Basket

(AAA Fruit Baskets, $89.95)

A great way to say Thank You or Congratulations! We pack tempting chocolates, gourmet cheeses, savory specialties and crackers into a rustic basket. Then we complete the basket with your choice of Chardonnay, Merlot or both to make it a truly memorable gift. Vintage Gourmet Gift Basket

Vintage Gourmet Gift Basket

(Delightful Deliveries, $89.99)

Included in this gorgeous basket are Sweet Cherub caramel cookies, Holland made Creacion cookies, California Pantry black peppercorn crackers (2), Venus stoned wheat crackers (2), Port Salut cheese, Nonni's chocolate covered biscotti (2), Sorrento hard candy, Berry Bon Bons, Lindt milk chocolate truffle gift box, set of two cheese knives, deGeneve chocolate cherry delights, Ghirardelli chocolate caramel squares (2), and a Guy Buffet serving bowl.

Mrs. Beasley's Deluxe Office Snack Basket

Mrs. Beasley's Deluxe Office Snack Basket

(Mrs. Beasleys, $99.95)

The perfect thank you for clients or business associates. This bountiful assortment of gourmet goodies from Mrs. Beasley's will be appreciated by everyone in the office. It’s overflowing with a variety of favorites including Ghirardelli® Chocolates, Snack Mix, Gourmet Chocolate Covered Pretzels, Camembert Cheese Spread, Haute Cuisine Crackers, Toffee Butterfly Pretzels, Caramel Covered Popcorn, Chips and Dips, Mrs. Beasley’s Chocolate Chip Cookies, Miss Grace zesty Lemon Cookies, a Cheese Knife, Stawberry Bonbons and Caramel Cookies.

A.K.A. Gourmet Office Party Gift Basket

Office Party Gift Basket

(A.K.A. Gourmet, $99.95)

So little many people to appreciate. Not to worry, we have the scrumptious solution all wrapped up and tied with a bow. You'll surprise and delight the entire office or the whole family with this wonderful collection of gourmet goodies. Contains: salsa, gourmet pita chips, pistachios, smoked salmon, sweet onion crackers, cheese straws, a 10 flavor Jelly Belly gift box, shortbread cookies, caramel corn, chocolate toffee almonds, cheese spread, chocolate-covered pretzels, triple chocolate chip cookies, 12 chocolate-covered sandwich cookies and Ghirardelli chocolate almond squares. Sweet and Savory Treats Gift Basket

Sweet and Savory Treats Gift Basket

(Delightful Deliveries, $99.99)

The perfect selection of gourmet food to spice up anyone's family gathering. Basket includes: Golden Walnut caramel fudge cookies Walker's shortbread cookies smoked salmon caviar Crackers Havarti Cheese Ghirardelli® chocolate assortment Chocolate biscotti Cheesesticks Jelly Belly® jelly beans Ghirardelli® chocolate squares Peppermint Crunch popcorn toffee almonds mocha amaretto cookies

igourmet 11-lb. British Gift Basket - Premier

11-lb. British Gift Basket - Premier

(igourmet, $99.99)

Incorporating the Tea Time theme with some fantastic British cheeses, this basket includes a broad selection of Britain's finest foods. Included are the following: Clotted Cream.English Strawberry Jam, The Covent Garden Tea Company Breakfast Tea, Dorset Drum English Farmhouse Cheddar (14 ounces), Blue Stilton, (1 lb) White Stilton with Mango and Ginger, (1 lb)Sage Derby, (1 lb)Red Dragon Cheddar, (1/2 lb)Authentic English Biscuits for Cheese, Scottish Fruit Spice Cookies. These ten items make up the quintessential British assortment. Send this gift to any lover of English culture, or for that matter, to anyone who appreciates simply great food.Beautifully packed in a rustic copper panier. Grand Impression Gourmet Gift Basket

Grand Impression Gourmet Gift Basket

(Delightful Deliveries, $114.99)

Make a grand impression with a gift basket filled with only the finest gift foods available. This huge basket contains assorted meats, hot cocoas, cookies, fudge, Jer's truffles, cheeses, crackers, Ghirardelli chocolates, biscotti, garlic and cheese.

Premium Wine and Gourmet Basket

Premium Wine and Gourmet Basket

(1 Stop Florists, $114.95)

Send this basket to those you wish to impress or congratulate. Two premium wines (your choice of two red, two white, or one of each) or one bottle of distinctive champagne are nestled in a traditional basket filled with an array of delicious foods guaranteed to be relished. Imagine the delight of the recipient when a basket bursting with a variety of specialty crackers, cheese, dips, smoked seafood, cookies, candies, teas, or coffees arrive. When only the finest is required, this basket is a perfect choice.

Deluxe Wine and Gourmet Basket

Deluxe Wine and Gourmet Basket

(AAA Fruit Baskets, $124.95)

Two bottles of select wines from award winning vineyards are the focus of this basket. Add your personal touch in this basket by selecting a wine option of two reds, two whites, one bottle of each, or one bottle of champagne. A variety of gourmet foods are included in the basket to enhance the flavor of the wines. Delicacies such as seasoned crackers, cheese, olives, nuts and other cocktail nibblers are artfully arranged with cookies and specialty confections in an attractive basket. A great gift for any occasion. The Grand Gourmet Gift Basket

The Grand Gourmet Gift Basket

(Delightful Deliveries, $199.99)

This magnificent gift basket is abundantly filled with many savories and confections. Highlights include: Havarti cheese spread, Santa Barbara salsa, Mendocino mustard, smoked salmon and Gorgonzola port wine cheese straws. On the sweeter side, you will find boysenberry cheesecake cookies, chocolate-covered pretzels, two types of biscotti, caramel popcorn, Ghirardelli chocolates and other delectable treats. This basket will definitely leave them with a lasting impression.

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