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tomato picture
The top of a tomato makes a great pretend spider! Make someone's day, and hand it to them >;)


Making it into the fruit section by technical definition alone, this 'fruit' tastes more like a vegetable. Despite the low-ish mark, it comes into its own when cooked and used with other food. But as something to eat in its own right? Neah.....
Add six points on top though for the tastier 'Cherry tomato'.   [Back to top]

Weirdness factor: 3/20
Taste rating: 24/50


Looking like a tangerine in a time warp, this tiny thing is... well a sad excuse for a lemon actually. Slightly sweeter than lemons maybe, but there's so little there that you'd have to be the size of one to attempt to enjoy it...   [Back to top]

    Amendment: It would seem quite a few of you think I've underrated this fruit, so I've given it a second look. I discovered you're actually meant to eat the peel too - as this provides a contrast with the fruit inside.
    Verdict? Well, I admit it does taste a bit better than before, and so I've ranked this a few places higher, but it still has a bitter-ish lemon/orange peel 'flavour' to it - something it could well do without. Also, someone emailed me to say that the ones they tried were sweet. I would like confirmation of this if possible.
Weirdness factor: 8/20
Taste rating: 24/50

lemon picture


Surely the most bitter/acidic fruit, the humble lemon gets the award for the fruit most used as a flavour but something which is rarely eaten raw. Some like it raw (like my brother - but then he's mad ;)   [Back to top]

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Winner of the "Most Sharp/bitter" award
Weirdness factor: 3/20
Taste rating: 24/50

picture of lime


Barely any different from the lemon unfortunately, so it's just as bitter.
Lime cordial and (especially) lime jelly always smells so nice. Can't say the same for the fruit for some reason :-/ There's an extremely unique flavour there - it's just dug real deep. Perhaps something to try after eating the miracle fruit though!   [Back to top]

Weirdness factor: 4/20
Taste rating: 25/50



Similar to the tangerine/satsuma/mandarin, but worse basically. A watered down version, one could say it is slightly 'off' (sour?) when put up against the tangerine.   [Back to top]

Weirdness factor: 3/20
Taste rating: 26/50


This is the first time I tried the date in its un-dried version. Looking like a strange kind of onion (or plant bulb for that matter), this weird fruit could be said to have the taste of a slightly salty watermelon or a 'subtle' version of a pear. Nothing spesh.   [Back to top]

Weirdness factor: 7/20
Taste rating: 27/50



I can't remember tasting one of these before. Shape is reminiscent of a peach. As for flavour... hmmmm... a bit of pear, plum and peach but not really as good as any of these. No actual unique taste as such.   [Back to top]

Weirdness factor: 6/20
Taste rating: 27/50

picture of watermelon
There are two main varieties of melon - 'watermelons' and 'muskmelons' (such as the 'Cantaloupe' and 'Honeydew').


The heavyweight of the fruit world. Hmm.... a fairly tasteless fruit, but not bad nonetheless. Similar to the Kiwi fruit in texture and even in taste - but with all the juicy tang squeezed out. What don't I really like about the melon then? Well I can answer this question by asking melon-lovers, "what don't they like about eating plain cucumber?". No wonder it's a member of the cucurbit plant family. Very big - that's for sure.

I think I've tasted mosted of the popular types including the watermelon and canteloupe. I recently tasted the slightly more favourable 'Honey dew' melon, but it still has that typical 'cucumber' taste that seems to plague all melons.   [Back to top]

Winner of the "Biggest fruit" award
Weirdness factor: 6/20
Taste rating: 28/50


Effectively an inferior version of the blackberry, this tiny blue-black fruit bears much in common with the redcurrant, in taste and size.
  [Back to top]

Winner of the "Smallest fruit" award
Weirdness factor: 6/20
Taste rating: 28/50

picture of cherimoya ......


Also known as the 'custard apple', the cherimoya is a large pear shaped fruit, but with a green 'mottled' surface - which upon opening reveals a white avocado-esque centre. After the horrors with /that/ particular fruit, I braced myself for the worst. Hmmm... well it turned out to be quite strange, and not as bad as the avocado, but still mediocre. Taste combines a hint of avocado, with a touch of overripe banana and a pinch of pear. Hmmm indeed. Perhaps a less ripe version would have impressed me more.   [Back to top]
    I gave it another chance recently, and liked it more than before! Perhaps I tasted a less overripe version this time. For some reason, I noticed a subtle hint of /strawberry ice-cream/ too. No wonder it's sometimes called the ice cream fruit. Anyway, it's shot up around 15 places in the overall fruit rankings.
Weirdness factor: 10/20
Taste rating: 28/50

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