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picture of plum


Effectively an overgrown cherry, the plum has a nice 'chunky' texture. Fairly big, tangy, sweet, easy to eat - what more could you want? Also similar in taste to a nectarine.   [Back to top]

Weirdness factor: 4/20
Taste rating: 37/50


picture of mangosteen
Unfortunately, the mangosteen isn't very well known, and so is poorly ranked in the survey (receiving only 53 votes out of every 2273).
Wow - another surprise. The milky/transparent colour of the fruit is weird enough, but the taste is quite... unusual - and delicious! Just like a tangerine, each mangosteen is comprised of numerous 'mini-segments'. I only wish there was more of it - each segment is small enough to make this fruit a delicacy.
As for the taste... oooh, tricky. Something like grape - but with a subtle nutty flavour. This is one fruit that's definitely worth having again.   [Back to top]

Weirdness factor: 12/20
Taste rating: 37/50

See here and here for the main varieties of tangerine. I want to try that Murcott...


Satsuma Mandarins
Satsuma Mandarins

Satsuma mandarins are as sweet and juicy as they are easy to peel. This popular mandarin has long been a japanese favorite and is fast becoming popular worldwide.

The tangerine under scrutiny here is the one most often sold around Christmas, and is very similar is appearance and taste to the Satsuma Mandarin, and superior to the clementine. Blissfully easy to peel compared to its cousin - the orange, this sweet fruit also tastes somewhat similar, but with a slightly less tangy flavour.   [Back to top]

It would appear that the tangerine is one of the most underrated fruit in the survey - surrounded by the Kumquat and Tomato. You even think the Lychee and Guava is better (!)... (yeah... right =).

Advert: Grow your own Dwarf Citura Tangerine Fruit Tree for $8

Winner of the "Easiest To Peel" award
Weirdness factor: 2/20
Taste rating: 37/50

banana pictures

Banana (yellow/green)

How a banana should taste, and not anything like the yellow/brown banana thank goodness. Everyone is used to what a banana tastes like, but it is fairly unusual in that there's not an ounce of citric-y-ness (cheers) to it - i.e. nothing like an apple/orange.
  [Back to top]

Weirdness factor: 3/20
Taste rating: 37/50

picture of pineapple


After the banana, this is the most popular tropical fruit, which isn't surprising really - considering it tastes as good as it looks. An unusual fruit in the sense that no other fruit quite has its taste. One of the most acidic too...   [Back to top]

Winner of the "Coolest Looking fruit" award
Weirdness factor: 8/20
Taste rating: 38/50

picture of cherries
Did you know; As well as the usual red and black varieties, you can also get yellow cherries... Sweeter too, apparently.   [Back to top]


Very nice - and similar to the plum, with their small size being their obvious drawback. erm..... they look shiny too.
Did I mention that they looked shiny?
Note: the dried version of a cherry (often put on top of cakes etc.) is nowhere near as nice - and in fact tastes like something else altogether (the tamarind springs to mind for some reason).   [Back to top]

Weirdness factor: 4/20
Taste rating: 39/50

Another massively underrated fruit this. Also known as the 'Pummelo', and the father of the grapefruit.


A real surprise this. It's hardly known and even comes into the exotic/tropical category, but in taste, it combines a subtle orange, a bit of tangerine and a slight grapefruit flavour. The pomelo has the appearance of a grapefruit too, but it's sweeter, and more refined, and should dominate the supermarket shelves instead! Definitely one of the top citrus fruits - try one ASAP.   [Back to top]

Weirdness factor: 5/20
Taste rating: 39/50

orange picture Did you know: In the tropics, oranges are often coloured green.


One of the most popular fruit... and with good reason. Just like the others, this is the most 'ideal' of oranges under judgement. Well, who can resist. Very citrusy, and much like a lemon, but not as bitter, thus better.
One of the best things about oranges is the juice you can extract from them. Freshly squeezed juice will also taste a million times better than most of the insipid 'orange juice' you can get in any shop.   [Back to top]

Advert: Grow your own Dwarf Venous Orange Fruit Tree for $8

Weirdness factor: 2/20
Taste rating: 40/50
picture of nectarine ......


No doubt, you're wondering how this got such a high rating. The usual variety of nectarines are actually nice, but I have actually tasted some variety that's better in every way. These are the variety that have scored so highly...   [Back to top]

Weirdness factor: 4/20
Taste rating: 42/50

Kiwifruit soap! Kiwi Fruit Marmalade 2 lb Round: SF
Fresh, sweet and luscious just like the fruit. Great ingredients combine in SunFeather's olive oil soap base to make a great bar of soap.

Kiwi fruit!!!!

A semi-exotic fruit, the kiwi, also known as the 'Chinese gooseberry', is awesome in its subtlety of flavour - and is superior in every way to the watermelon. A tangy, sweet pulp, with a dreamy texture, it goes without saying this fruit is highly recommended. Now all we need are watermelon-sized Kiwi fruits!
Incidentally, you all ranked the kiwi fruit 6th in the survey. Nice going!
  [Back to top]

Weirdness factor: 6/20
Taste rating: 42/50

picture of strawberry
The strawberry is ranked first in the survey too! 25% of you include it in your top 5 fruit.
Whopper Strawberry Plants
Whopper Strawberry Plants
Gurney's was the first to introduce the Whopper Strawberries to the U.S. Now gardeners everywhere can enjoy these amazing, sweet and delicious berries.


Arguably the best tasting fruit when freshly picked. Their only real drawback is the fairly small size - and the fact that they quickly go off if not eaten within a couple of days, which is why you'll rarely be able to experience the best strawberries straight from the shops. And that's why the advertisement to the left offers the best way to eat them - grow your own!  [Back to top]

Winner of the "Best fruit" award
Weirdness factor: 4/20
Taste rating: 43/50

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  • "You cannot sell a blemished apple in the supermarket, but you can sell a tasteless one provided it is shiny, smooth, even, uniform and bright." - Elspeth Huxley

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    Fruits still yet to be rated:

    Special mention must go first to: Miracle fruit
    Truly an amazing fruit - I can't wait to try this. After eating it, you'll find nothing special about it, but just try tasting a lemon afterwards... - it'll taste amazing! The usually bitter lime too will at last taste like how a lime should taste. Almost every trace of 'sourness' will have vanished from the most sour of fruit... and what's more - this taste bud altering effect remains for half an hour. For unknown reasons, the FDA has banned the fruit from the US, despite it actually being completely harmless. If true, it's pretty depressing, considering how this fruit could change our lifestyle for the better. Visit this site for more info regarding the miracle fruit. Also see for more info.

    Durian (the 'King' of fruit): Some love it, some hate it. I've yet to try it :)
    Atemoya: /very/ sweet apparently
    Hautbois/Green strawberry: (very nice apparently)
    Feijoa: (apparently very nice tasting like a cross between pineapple and strawberry)
    Dwarf sumach: (Very big/tasty fruit apparently). Except one surveyee didn't seem to think so. I quote: "Dwarf sumaches suck!!!". To find out for sure, you'll have to wait for the definitive review.
    Elderberry: (rather unpleasant apparently)
    Fuchsia splendens: (superior lemon?)
    Jaboticaba: 'delicious'
    Cranberry: (should be cooked). Apparently, ripe cranberries will bounce, hence it's alternative name 'bounceberry'.
    Meyer Lemon: A cross between a lemon and mandarin orange.
    Tangelo: A cross between a tangerine and a grapefruit - tangier than a tangerine, and sweeter than a grapefruit.
    Tangor: Also known as the 'temple orange'. It looks like a tangerine but tastes like an orange.
    Jackfruit: Quote from this site: "Huge, green or yellow compound fruit containing large bulbs of yellow, banana-pineapple flavored flesh. Texture is either like raw oysters or crisp and almost crunchy.". Someone in the poll also claimed it was delicious.
    Longan: Claimed very delicious.
    Aratiles: A fruit?
    Golden Kiwi: Like the normal kiwifruit in many respects but with a smooth edible skin! (Thanks go to Gwen who posted at See that link for a picture and more info.
    Champagne Grapes: Intensly sweet grapes that pop in your mouth, these grapes are practically as small as seeds (0.5cm diameter)! See for a picture and more info.
    Salak: Also said to be delicious (thanks to someone from the survey!). This crunchy fruit has a sweet taste that leaves a light fragrance after each bite. See for a picture and more info.
    Arbutus: More familiarly known to the Chinese as 'Yang Mei', this deep red fruit sourish-sweet fruit has a rather interesting furry texture that resembles the broccoli crown. See for a picture and more info.
    Yellow Date: The waxy fruit breaks open to reveal a seed that looks somewhat like a pecan nut. See for a picture and more info.
    October Sun Plum: Compared to the normal burgundy plums, this is more sour and packs an extra crunch. See for a picture and more info.
    Artic Snow Nectarine: Like a nectarine, but with the chomp of an apple. See for a picture and more info.
    Campbell Korea Grapes: Light whiffs of bubblegum (or Muscat) See for a picture and more info.
    Sweet peppers: Technically a fruit. Well, on the borderline at least.
    Cashew and pistachio: Yes, they are technically subfruit too, coming from the same family as the Mango (Anacardiaceae).
    Black Sapote: Also known as the chocolate fruit!
    White sapote: Quote from this site: "Roundish thin-skinned fruit, light green to orange-yellow; yellow or white inside with a custard-like texture and peach or banana-like taste. Seeds look like large orange seeds."
    Murcott: Quote from this site: "In Florida called Honey. Flesh orange colored. Tender, very juicy, rich tangerine flavor."
    Different types of fig: (condensed description from California Figs:
    The Calimyrna Fig: Nut-like flavour with tender, golden skin, and apparently the favourite, though I can't vouch for this.
    The Mission Fig: Distinctive flavor, with a deep purple shade.
    The Kadota Fig: Thick-skinned with a beautiful creamy amber color when ripe.
    The Adriatic Fig: The most common variety. This fig has a golden colour and high sugar content.
    Alpine strawberry: Smaller than the strawberry, and with a shrivelled look, the alpine strawberry tastes like strawberry candy, being much sweeter than a regular Strawberry. You can find the fruit by climbing a mountain in the wild.(thanks go to Ian Carpenter for the info)
    Bunch berry (name?): A red fruit which tastes like nothing. Around 5-7mm in diameter. (thanks go to Ian Carpenter for the info).
    Tayberries: Cross between a raspberry and blackberry with a musky flavor.
    Waldo Blackberries: Large, very juicy and very sweet.
    Hachiya persimmons: Nicer than normal persimmons apparently. Best eaten when very ripe. (thanks go to Steve Wright for the info).
    Goldfinger Melon: Sweetest melon ever apparently. (Thanks go to Gwen who posted @ See that link for a picture and more info. About 30 other different types of melon! (see for a full list.)
    Some other uncommon citrus variants: Uglis, Minneolas etc. (see for more info) The five fruits below are taken from this Manila Times article and are claimed to be delicious:

    and the rest...

    Blood orange, marrs orange
    Ponderosa lemon
    Feijoas (pineapple guava)
    Mexican guava
    sapote blanco
    Barbados cherry
    Java plum
    Sugar apple
    Strawberry guava
    Salmonberry (Cloudberry)
    'Football fruit'
    Pink currant
    White currant
    Mamey Sapote
    Kaffir plum
    Dwarf quince
    Japanese quince
    Maidenhair vine
    Wild cherry
    Golden currant
    Ramanas rose
    Nepalese raspberry
    Japanese yew
    Hardy Kiwifruit (Dessert Kiwi)
    Albino (White blackberry)
    Acerola (Barbados cherry)
    Muscadine grape
    Choke Cherries
    Ruby fruit
    Mini Lychee
    Salal berries


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    Here's an excellent fruit blog host to many unusual varieties of fruit. For further fruity goodness, visit the cool site at for a wealth of knowledge about fruit. Also, if you would like further technical information on many of the fruits on this page, then visit Mark's fruit crops or Peter's fruit page.

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