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mango picture No this is not, I repeat /not/ a golden egg or Gorgonzola cheese or anything of the sort - it's a mango. M.. A.. N.. G.. O


Mango/peach Drink

Glaceau Vitamin Water Endurance Peach Mango - 24 20oz Bottles
One of the most overrated fruit I have come across, the relatively large Mango tastes quite nice in a way, with a tangy, chunky texture. Unfortunately, it also suffers a problem quite common among the less popular fruits in that it has a slight vegetable flavour. The culprit in question is the parsnip.
I haven't exactly tried every variety though, so I'll consider an upranking in future. I'm not quite sure what it's doing in the top three fruit surveyed though =P   [Back to top]
    I was to later find out that mangoes naturally contain a small amount of kerosene - giving a distinctly turpentine like flavour. Interestingly though, there are mangoes which have less kerosene in than others, so that only the sweet and juicy flavour shines through. I've yet to try this kind, so add or reduce the overall score accordingly...
    Also see this site for more info on the mango, or (advert) try the Deluxe Mango Flavored Soap .
Weirdness factor: 7/20
Taste rating: 28/50

picture of physalis


Also known as the 'Caped Gooseberry' or 'Goldenberry'. Tasting like a cross between a cherry and a peach with a slight hint of cucumber, this very small fruit doesn't taste bad. It could do with a shift in size though...   [Back to top]

Weirdness factor: 12/20
Taste rating: 28/50

picture of granadilla


Another hard one to pin down. The inside 'membrane' jelly substance is similar to the passion fruit, and the taste isn't bad - kinda like a cross between a watered down kiwi fruit, fermented grapes and I think I can even detect a slight 'bubble gum' flavour too.

Unfortunately though, it suffers the same problem that plagues the Pomegranate;- the fruit or 'gel' is contained around several inedible seeds. So you spend more time extracting the fruit rather than actually eating it.   [Back to top]

Weirdness factor: 8/20
Taste rating: 30/50

picture of passionfruit

Passion fruit

Now first glance at this, and you'd be forgiven for thinking it was a badly bruised apple. Also, on opening, the contents look quite revolting! But the proof of the pudding is in the eating as they say, and so I decided to risk biting into this number (I don't know, the things I do for you lot). Hmm.... not bad actually - kinda sickly sweet, but a very unique flavour. Lots of pips - that's for sure.   [Back to top]

Winner of the "Sickly Sweet" award
Weirdness factor: 14/20
Taste rating: 30/50


This small fruit contains an extra-added unique flavour on top of an ordinary grape. Apparently, there's a more preferable version of the lychee with a deeper red shell - also recognised by the fact that there's no surplus fluid once the shell is broken. I've yet to try this kind.   [Back to top]

Weirdness factor: 9/20
Taste rating: 31/50


No; these do not look like mini-bombs =P


Bigger than a blackcurrant, but smaller than a blackberry, the blueberry is somewhat between the two in taste quality too. It has a somewhat more neutral taste than the blackcurrant, and is more 'chunky'.
  [Back to top]

Weirdness factor: 5/20
Taste rating: 31/50


Woah this does bring back memories. It is an understatement to say this is awkward to eat. The rankings for all the fruit listed on this page do /not/ take into account ease of eating (or peeling) which is why the Pomegranate scores so highly, but it would certainly score lower if this factor was taken into account.

You open the thing up and there's an inedible 'pulp skeleton' with loads of small seeds roughly on the inside. So where's the fruit you may ask? Well, believe it or not, the fruit is contained in a very small 'bag' around each seed. So all you have to do is take out each seed and painfully bite around each one. It's a bit like eating hundreds of tiny plums! Taste is a cross between red currant, cherry and orange. If Microsoft ever designed a fruit, the Pomegranate would surely be it.

Update 20:29 23/08/2006: Okay, if you want a nice juice drink, a good idea is to heavily bruise the pomegranate, being careful not to break the skin. This will break open the juice inside, and then you can make a hole in the pomegranate, and drink away! (Thanks go to Chris Shannon, for this suggestion.)   [Back to top]

Advert: Grow your own Pomegranate Fruit Tree for $5 (Dwarf size)

Winner of the MAD (Most Awkward Design) award
Weirdness factor: 14/20
Taste rating: 32/50



Lemon shaped but longer, and with a cheesy looking skin.
I previously gave this a low rating, but have since tried one with much more flavour - and have therefore passed the "Winner of the most Insipid fruit" award to the pawpaw. The taste is akin to the melon, but with a more refined, sweeter taste.
What you don't want to do though - is accidentally bite into the pips inside. They taste like black pepper or stinging nettles, and just like nettles, they also sting your tongue - cool I know.   [Back to top]

Weirdness factor: 11/20
Taste rating: 32/50

starfruit There are two main varieties of the Starfruit (also known as the 'carambola'). The other type is very sour, but it's the 'slightly sweet' version which is reviewed.

Star fruit (Carambola):

Well, it certainly looks cool enough - but how does it taste? Well, similar to a watered down pineapple or apple, and almost as crunchy.
On top of this though, there's an extra flavour creeping through... plasticine(!). Once you've 'acquired' a taste for it though, it's kinda refreshing. Ish. Oh, the peel is edible by the way.   [Back to top]

    It would seem not all starfruit are similar in taste, judging by someone who submitted the following survey comment:
    Your description of the blimbing (carambola or starfruit) resembles nothing I've ever encountered in southeast Asia, ripe from the tree, but sure sounds like what you'd get in a New Jersey supermarket ... might as well eat wax fruit!
Winner of the "Most geometrically perfect fruit" award
Weirdness factor: 13/20
Taste rating: 32/50



A 'sharp' and bitter version of the grape, with the best variety tasting sweeter (and looking redder) than the 'average' gooseberry. Watch out for the weird half-edible spiky skin though.   [Back to top]

Weirdness factor: 6/20
Taste rating: 33/50

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