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picture of coconut
Despite the coconut's erm... 'non-fruitness', other 'nuts' such as the pistachio are actually fruits - can you believe...


One of those fruits that has more potential used as a flavour in something else rather than eaten raw in its own right. A highly unique flavour, this fruit is one of the biggest and hardest to open of fruits. Not technically a fruit, but never mind :P   [Back to top]

Winner of the "This isn't a fruit - you nut" award
Weirdness factor: 11/20
Taste rating: 33/50

apple picture
Strange but true: Each tiny apple seed contains a minute dose of the poisonous chemical - cyanide, but you'd have to swallow tons before it started to harm you.


Granny Smith Apples -

Granny Smith Apples -

Granny Smith Apples are the classic tart, green apple. Our Granny Smith's are always crisp and have the perfect tart flavor. This apple is also an exceptional baking apple, perfect for one of Grandma's apple pies.

Let's see, we have the Red Delicious and Gala which are the most popular apple types. Then following behind, there's the Braeburn, Granny Smith, Rome Beauty, Jonagold, Pink Lady, Cameo, Red Delicious.... the list goes on. Incredibly, there are around 7000 varieties - but only about 100 of these are commercially produced.

So what do I think? Well, to be honest, fairly mundane and dull, but quite edible. Overall, a bit overrated, but then that could be my bias creeping in ;) Compared to other fruits, there's not a great deal of variation between all the different types of apple...
Having said this, it is a better fruit to eat if peeled, so add a few points in that case.
  [Back to top]

Winner of the "Most Common fruit" award
Weirdness factor: 0/20
Taste rating: 34/50



A unique tasting fruit shaped similar to the blackberry. Did you know that the raspberry isn't technically one fruit - but many fruits - combining to form one compound fruit. Technically known as a 'syncarp' fruit.   [Back to top]

Weirdness factor: 5/20
Taste rating: 35/50

pear pictures


Similar to an apple, the pear has a somewhat more subtle flavour. Easier to eat too, according to what time you eat it (an apple always stays rock hard).   [Back to top]

Weirdness factor: 4/20
Taste rating: 35/50
Royal Comice Pears

Royal Comice Pears

If you're seeking the sweetest, juiciest, most elegant pears, look no further than these royal comice pears. In stature, their yellow skin is brightened by a delicate blush. Just try one, we re convinced that if you do you ll be back again and again. This item ships 2nd day air.

picture of peach Incidentally, the same tree that produces the peach, also produces the nectarine!


"Peaches" - arghhh, the first thing that springs to mind is the irritating rough/furry skin! Providing you don't mind this, they have a similar to taste to a 'standard' nectarine (but maybe don't quite match up to the to the deluxe nectarines).   [Back to top]

Weirdness factor: 4/20
Taste rating: 36/50

Grapefruit (white)

picture of grapefruit
More grapefruit comes from Florida than the rest of the world combined!
As nice as they are, the problem with grapefruits is that they tend to leave a rather bitter taste in the mouth afterwards. This is usually thanks to the white skin sticking like a leech to the edible flesh inside. Oranges have this problem too, but not so nearly as bad the grapefruit does. I've tried out all 4 types of grapefruit now, but they do tend to vary according to how ripe they are, so ranking is tricky. I'll try my best though.
Yellow grapefruit This is the most 'boring' and 'typical' grapefruit. Quite good really, with obvious citrusy overtones, but it does leave an unpleasant bitter taste in the mouth afterwards.
White grapefruit Slightly better than the Pink grapefruit, one version I had reduced the bitter flavour to a minimum.
Red grapefruit Closer to the pink grapefruit. More sweet, though less sharp perhaps than the white grapefruit...
Pink grapefruit This is more like it. Sweeter than the average grapefruit, this is the same flavour they use for the various squash drinks available. I can certainly see why...   [Back to top]

Winner of the "Most Mouth-watering fruit" award
Weirdness factor: 5/20
Taste rating: 36/50

pictures of grapes
If you slice grapes in a certain way, and heat them in a microwave, you'll get a cool firework display! For details, visit a cool site about microwaving stuff

Grape (green/purple):

The seedless variety of the grape is a must if you want to stay sane. If there had to be a default flavour for a 'tangy' fruit - the grape would be it.
The purple variety is slightly preferable thanks to being a tad sweeter.   [Back to top]

Weirdness factor: 2/20
Taste rating: 37/50


blackberry A sweet and tangy fruit very often found in back gardens or fields. The only downer being that the quality of the average blackberry is less than exceptional - with many being overripe, underripe and the occasion where you get more than you bargained for (maggots anyone? ;-/ ). But the best one is on trial here, so it gets a total...   [Back to top]

Winner of the ITP (Insect's Thumbs Up) award
Weirdness factor: 5/20
Taste rating: 37/50

picture of fig One type of Fig can claim the title of being the sweetest of all fruits. 55% of it is sugar!


The dried fig tastes boring, but if you've ever tasted the fresh version, you'll find that it's one of the most subtle fruits going. Very hard to describe the flavour, but try to avoid the type of fig with a redder center, as this 'tangy' element doesn't contrast well and spoils the flavour somewhat.
Out of the hundreds of fig varieties, only around half a dozen types are commericially produced. Perhaps the most notable are the 'Calimyrna', 'Mission', 'Kadota', and 'Adriatic' Figs (see end of page for description).   [Back to top]

Advert: Grow your own Dwarf Fig Fruit Tree for $12

Weirdness factor: 8/20
Taste rating: 37/50

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