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Technology Template
"Super Amazing Invention"
Description: A description of the item
Conditions: What can or can't it do exactly? What are its restrictions and specifications?
Price: § Its worth in happiness quanta.

    More information on how the invention works and how it will change our lives.
State of the art: The closest we have to a real world version
Future prediction date: For the futurologists out there - the date we may see it happen (with certain restrictions)
Worst case scenario: What's the worst that could happen?

If you could have ever any technology, however real or fantastic, what would you choose? Mysteria Onera is a special 'shop' on Skytopia dedicated to selling several futuristic 'technologies' to other worlds. Many of them are already becoming very real here on Earth, and many more are theoretical or speculative (others still are pure fantasy).

Although all of them are designed to change our quality of life for the best, some are worth more than others (exactly how much more is open to debate, but we've graded them all anyway for your amusement). As well as an overview for each technology, you'll also discover the current state of the art, and a prediction of the date we'll see it for real. For more information, take a glance at the boxout to the right.

Important things to bear in mind
  • All links with a hash symbol (#) represent anchors to this site. All others leave the site.
  • The value of each item ignores potential 'safety issues', as each one assumes responsible use.
  • A particular item is available in unlimited quantities unless otherwise specified.
  • The technology used in one item can't be reverse-engineered for developing other technologies (example: the amazing engine in the #Deluxe Flying Car), unless creating other technologies is part of its primary function (example: #nanotechnology).

    For those who are curious, the next two sub-headings detail the scoring system used to rank each technology. If you want to get right to the meat, then skip them if you wish.

    How are the items ranked?

    The 'currency' on Skytopia isn't like anything on Earth. Wealth is unlimited, so goods or situations are measured in 'happiness quanta' or 'critons' (§). Each item is ranked according to its total value to humanity, and isn't just dependant on how 'futuristic' or 'groundbreaking' it is. This value has to be relative to something else over time - usually the absence of the object in question, its value relative to another item, or to itself in an inferior form. For the items listed herein, it's going to be difference between the total happiness gained by the main Description of the item were it to last forever, minus the happiness gained from the current State of the art for that given technology (which would be taken from 07/2005 unless otherwise specified), were that to last forever. All other unrelated technologies are assumed to continually develop over the course of time.

    Let's give an example. For the #Flying Car, the ranking takes into account the total happiness between:
    a: humanity being stuck with a flying car forever (other types of technology can move on)
    b: humanity being stuck with current car technology (i.e. as it is in 2005) forever. Again, other types of technology can move on.

    In this case, it's an objective difference of §1150 (happiness quanta/critons).

    Quantifying happiness?

    NFE compliancy

    If an item is NFE compliant, that means it must not be used to generate electricity, even if it theoretically had the potential to. NFE stands for 'No Free Electricity', and it turns out that many of the items - such as the #Zelphon Light Panel or #Gravity Blocker - could potentially generate infinite amounts of the stuff (as a side effect of the way they work).
    Without going too deep into philosophical discussion, we can put happiness on a scale from negative infinity to positive infinity for each person, with two to four main approaches to ranking global happiness. The first one - type A - looks at the intensity of the average happiness of all existing people at any one moment in time. The second - type B - is like type A, except it takes into account the number of people too. So according to this second type, millions of people who are slightly happy would be better than a hypothetical Earth of 10 people who are very happy. According to the first type (A), the reverse would be true, since we'd only looking for the intensity.

    The other two ranking types - C & D - are respectively similar to A & B, except they take time into account too, and therefore don't require you to specify any one temporal moment.
    The rankings on this page use the all-encompassing type D
    (...taking into account the intensity of happiness, number of people, and an infinite time span.)

    Enough ado, on with the show!

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    Green "" values represent estimated worth or value of the technology in 'critons'

    : 200 - Photon Camcorder
    : 240 - Sound Wallpaper
    : 300 - Century's Information Online
    : 350 - Solid-State Disks
    : 380 - Free Bandwidth Anywhere
    : 400 - Flu and Common Cold Cure
    : 400 - Pseudo 3D Screen
    : 450 - Death Of Spam
    : 500 - Noise Blocker
    : 600 - Forever Lightbulb
    : 700 - 20,000Mb_Bandwidth
    : 720 - Featherweight Laptops
    : 850 - Missile Train
    : 1,000 - Flat Screen
    : 1,150 - Flying Car
    : 1,250 - Zelphon Light Panels
    : 1,450 - Space Travel For Free
    : 1,600 - Light Saber
    : 1,900 - Sight and Sound Restorer
  • : 2,000 - Infinite Data Memory
    : 2,200 - 10,000x Processor Speedy Uppy
    : 2,600 - Internet Omega
    : 2,800 - Entire History's Information Online
    : 3,200 - Quantum_Computing
    : 3,500 - Disintegrator Disc
    : 4,000 - The Sky Train
    : 4,300 - Earth Viewer
    : 4,600 - Age of the Deltascreen
    : 5,200 - Terraformation Of Mars
    : 5,700 - Universal Temperature Controller
    : 6,900 - Pure Air Forever
    : 7,500 - 100,000,000x CPU Speed Up
    : 8,100 - Anti-sleep Pill
    : 8,300 - Infinitely Powerful Telescope
    : 8,700 - Gravity Blocker
    : 9,100 - Xeton Microscope
    : 9,900 - Omega 3D Holocube
    : 12,500 - Deluxe Flying Car
    : 13,500 - Flying Skate Board
    : 15,000 - Grand Theory of Physics
    : 18,000 - Music Analyzer
    : 22,000 - Universe Viewer
    : 25,000 - Infinite Water Supply
    : 28,000 - Grand Theory of Visual Art
    : 34,000 - Programmable Repelling Superatom
    : 39,000 - The Diamond Age
    : 45,000 - Double Lifetime
    : 52,000 - Teleportation
    : 60,000 - Dawn of Cold Fusion
    : 66,000 - Grand Theory Of Music
    : 81,000 - Material Duplication
    : 90,000 - Infinitely Fast Processor
    : 107,000 - Quadruple Lifetime
    : 115,000 - Omega Battery
    : 126,000 - Atomic Synthesizer
    : 145,000 - The U-Atom
    : 260,000 - Indefinite Life Span

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    If you wish to duplicate any of the information from this page, please contact me for permission.