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: Photon Camcorder
Description: A video camera able to record events at the picosecond scale, and with the quality of the best camera of the age.
Conditions: Up to one trillion frames per second. Resolution limited to 0.01mm and 16,384x16,384 pixels.
Price: §200
State of the art: Current technology allows up to 200 million frames per second ($457,000 it costs too). It'd be nicer though if it was free, and everyone was able to have one - such as would be the case if you were to purchase the Photon Camcorder item for only 200 critons.
Future prediction date: 2035 (low-cost versions at 'only' 10,000 fps (4000x4000 pixel resolution). Multiply the fps by 10 for every extra 10 years)
Worst case scenario: Not much really. Apart from it's gonna be easy to run out of disk space quickly!

: Sound Wallpaper
Description: Commodity high quality flat panel speakers as flexible as wallpaper.
Conditions: Must use external source of power.
Price: §240

State of the art: In recent years, flat panel speakers have been catching up with conventional cone speakers in terms of sound quality. There's no single 'sweet spot' with flat panels, and so the sound is radiated more evenly around the room. However, the deeper frequencies can still be lacking, and therefore they usually require a separate subwoofer.
Future prediction date: 2060
Worst case scenario: If speakers ever become lightweight, disposable and cheap, the advertising and overall noise pollution could become irritating.

: Century's Information Online
Description: Instant free internet access to practically all human-created information from 1900 to 2000.
Conditions: Able to exclude/include private/copyright information at any moment.
Price: §300

State of the art: Google's starting to archive academic material with
Google Scholar, and the Internet Archive Wayback Machine is doing a good job in preserving all web content since 1996. It's anyone's guess when the world's books or TV programmes will ever be freely available online though.
Future prediction date: 2035 (more than 90% of all books, and 50% of all television. Much lost video from the early part of the 20th century will remain lost however.)
Worst case scenario: Especially for newer material, copyright will always be an issue when giving away certain information for free.

: Solid-State Disks
"Flash, and Samsung, have some catching up to do. Hard drives continue to rule the roost because of simple economics: They're cheap -- and getting cheaper. Prices are falling at about 20% per year, according to Merrill Lynch.

But flash prices are falling faster: between 30-40% annually. And performance is improving."

(Taken from usatoday)
Description: Fast, reliable, high-capacity, solid-state disks
Conditions: Prices equivalent to hard drives of the day. Speed equivalent to DRAM of the day.
Price: §350

State of the art: The great thing is - this technology is almost upon us (actually you can
get it now, but expect to pay thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars). At a more realistic price range, the best we can do for now is a 16GB flash disk by Samsung due out in August 2005. (Here's a slashdot article). Two more years though, and we are being promised 100 gigabyte SSD drives. Yay!
Future prediction date: 2006 (32GB SSD for $250), 2010 (before SSD becomes the primary means of storage in new computers)
Worst case scenario: Companies will see less demand to improve the efficiency of their software thanks to the brute force speeds of SSD technology.

: Free Bandwidth Anywhere
Description: Free internet and phone access anywhere in the world
Conditions: -
Price: §380

State of the art: If you're reading this, then you're one of the world's lucky 13.9% who can access the internet. That's 2.5 times as many online as five years ago in 2000. Increasing bandwidth and internet presence is happening all the time. WiFi for instance is already cropping up across airports, universities and major US cities. Not quite the Sahara but...
Future prediction date: 2025 (more than 90% of the world's surface covered in WiFi or equivalent)
Worst case scenario: ---

: Flu and Common Cold Cure
Description: A instantaneous universal cure for the common cold and flu.
Conditions: Quick and easy.
Price: §400

State of the art: Despite (possible) half-cures for the
common cold and the flu (through the use of Relenza), a 100% cure for either of these illnesses seems as far off as ever.
Future prediction date: 2030
Worst case scenario: Our immune systems might lose out in the long run, as fighting off such viruses bolsters it.

: Pseudo 3D Screen
Description: Hologram-style 3D screen, but with unlimited depth of field and can switch instantly between 2D and 3D.
Conditions: Other factors such as screen weight and picture quality are equivalent to the technology of the day. 90 degree viewing angle for 3D mode.
Price: §400

State of the art: The technology to achieve pseudo 3D has been maturing lately. For example, Sharp's LL-151-3D isn't bad. However, it's still quite pricey (approx 1000), and the viewing angle is low. Unfortunately, an old slashdot post from 2004 indicates that a unique technology was already developed to a large degree, but bad business stopped it from reaching the market. See this slashdot thread for more info about 3D monitors.
Future prediction date: 2020 (for great quality and decent depth of field)
Worst case scenario: In-yer-face advertising may take a turn for the worse.

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: 1,250 - Zelphon Light Panels
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: 1,600 - Light Saber
: 1,900 - Sight and Sound Restorer
: 2,000 - Infinite Data Memory
: 2,200 - 10,000x Processor Speedy Uppy
: 2,600 - Internet Omega
: 2,800 - Entire History's Information Online
: 3,200 - Quantum_Computing
: 3,500 - Disintegrator Disc
: 4,000 - The Sky Train
: 4,300 - Earth Viewer
: 4,600 - Age of the Deltascreen
: 5,200 - Terraformation Of Mars
: 5,700 - Universal Temperature Controller
: 6,900 - Pure Air Forever
: 7,500 - 100,000,000x CPU Speed Up
: 8,100 - Anti-sleep Pill
: 8,300 - Infinitely Powerful Telescope
: 8,700 - Gravity Blocker
: 9,100 - Xeton Microscope
: 9,900 - Omega 3D Holocube
: 12,500 - Deluxe Flying Car
: 13,500 - Flying Skate Board
: 15,000 - Grand Theory of Physics
: 18,000 - Music Analyzer
: 22,000 - Universe Viewer
: 25,000 - Infinite Water Supply
: 28,000 - Grand Theory of Visual Art
: 34,000 - Programmable Repelling Superatom
: 39,000 - The Diamond Age
: 45,000 - Double Lifetime
: 52,000 - Teleportation
: 60,000 - Dawn of Cold Fusion
: 66,000 - Grand Theory Of Music
: 81,000 - Material Duplication
: 90,000 - Infinitely Fast Processor
: 107,000 - Quadruple Lifetime
: 115,000 - Omega Battery
: 126,000 - Atomic Synthesizer
: 145,000 - The U-Atom
: 260,000 - Indefinite Life Span

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