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: Death Of Spam
Description: End to email/phone/mail spam.
Conditions: Targets mass-produced spam rather than low-scale personal marketing.
Price: §450

State of the art: We can massively reduce the onslaught of email spam through advanced filtering techniques such as the Bayesian filter algorithm, but even then, masses of bandwidth is still being wasted to deliver it in the first place.
Future prediction date: ????
Worst case scenario: -

: Noise Blocker
Description: Double sided material to block up to 100% of all sound.
Conditions: Definable noise resistance from 0 to 100%, even after material has been created.
Price: §500

State of the art: In real life, the closest material we have to this is the space-age material
#Aerogel. There are other technologies which work by producing a negative signal to 'cancel out' incoming sound, though it's not quite perfect, and obviously needs to be powered. Some headphones also use this technology to cancel out any background noise - particularly useful for travelling.
Future prediction date: 2025 | 2050 (perfection of noise canceling technology | economic production of aerogel)
Worst case scenario: Completely blocking out all sound may be hazardous in certain circumstances. Such as crossing the road or accidentally leaving food to get cold when the microwave has finished cooking.

: Forever Lightbulb
Some common blackbody colour temperatures
Hex value
Cooled lava <1000 K100, 0, 0#ff0000
Hottest lava recorded 1440 K71, 29, 0#ff6900
Candle flame 1800 K67, 33, 0#ff7e00
Incandescent 60w bulb 2800 K49, 33, 18#ffad5e
Incandescent 160w bulb 2900 K48, 33, 19#ffb165
Typical sunset ~3000 K47, 33, 20#ffb46b
Typical Halogen bulb 3300 K45, 33, 22#ffbe7e
Daylight at noon ~5500 K36, 33, 31#ffece0
Sun 5780 K35, 33, 32#fff0e9
Real white / ~sun+sky 6504 K33, 33, 33#ffffff
Overcast skylight 7000 K33, 33, 34#f5f3ff
Summer Shade 8000 K32, 33, 36#e3e9ff
Summer skylight 9500+ K30, 32, 37#d0deff
Description: Variable-color, low-energy dimmable light. Capable of stunning brightness and infinite lifespan.
Conditions: Output of 100,000 lumen and 1/100th the energy consumption of household incandescent light bulbs. No thermal heat generated. Bulb shape either spherical or planar.
Price: §600

State of the art: We're not even close to developing the sort of wattages that are required for sun-level brightness at such a low power consumption, though there are some bulbs on the market that outlast normal bulbs tenfold. I bought one a while back, and unfortunately found it to be slightly more dull than a normal bulb, though they may have improved since then (if anyone can find these bulbs at the equivalent of 160+ watt, please email me). If you also wish to obtain whiter light, then some fluorescent bulbs do the trick. The problem is though, they require special fittings, buzz and flicker like crazy, and also often have a sickly green tinge (see this site for a demonstration).
Future prediction date: 2090 (100,000 lumen @ 5-10 times efficiency of current household bulb)
Worst case scenario: -

: 20,000Mb Bandwidth
Description: Near zero latency, and around 10,000 times the bandwidth than we have at current (around 0.5-100 megabit per second depending on where you live).
Conditions: Latency (the initial speed of a message) is always at the speed of light
Price: §700

State of the art: Available bandwidth is supposedly doubling every year. In the UK, my service provider has just upgraded me to a 2 megabit (256k) per second connection (20 per month). That's around 100 times faster than the dial-up speed I was using only a couple of years ago. Other countries are more lucky though. In the denser cities of countries like Korea, Japan, and Taiwan, many people are using 100Mb/s per second! On the web hosting front, typical costs come in at around 5GB bandwidth per month for 50GB of webspace at around $5-10 per month. Finally, the technology to see the person you're speaking to while on the phone is 'just around the corner' with 3G.
Future prediction date: 2025
Worst case scenario: We all become even more addicted to the internet.

: Featherweight Laptops
Description: Very lightweight, collapsible laptops
Conditions: Technology of the time stays the same - only the weight of the laptop has changed (0.1 pounds). Also waterproof.
Price: §720

State of the art: So far (6/2005), the lightest laptops today weigh in at the 2-2.5 pound range. Not bad, but you can't exactly put that in your pocket! Try 0.1 pounds.
Future prediction date: 2020 (under one pound weight), 2040 (< 0.5 pounds), 2100 (< 0.2 pounds), 2200 (< 0.1 pounds)
Worst case scenario: Erm... easy for it to float away in the wind?

: Missile Train
Description: Quiet 4,000mph train with relatively cheap fares
Conditions: One quarter as costly over the same distance as current trains. Free and instant to build. Reach speeds of up to 4000mph. Silent running.
Price: §850

State of the art: The TGV train in France has set the record at 320mph (around the same speed as KITT in Knight Rider), only just over one tenth as fast as the missile train, but it's a start. Maglev trains should reach 500mph by 2020. Vacuum tubes could take things much further - up to around 1700mph in perhaps 70 years time?
Future prediction date: 2120 (minus the 'free and instant to build' of course)
Worst case scenario: A crash would be kinda nasty. Due to the square law of speed in relation to energy, 10 times the speed is actually 100 times the impact energy. Even hailstones become a potential problem.

: Flat Screen
Unreal cyan
LCD and CRT screens are notorious here at for producing a weak green and cyan color (see the experiment here for more details). OLED technology should solve this to a degree, but you'll want to see the Eclipse of Mars illusion to see what you're really missing out on.
Description: Unlimited supply of versatile flat screens for use anywhere and everywhere.
Conditions: Needs power source comparable to what OLED screens would use. Screen uses a 200dpi pixel density, and up to 200 frames per second. Also available at any size.
Price: §1000

State of the art: Out of all the gifts on the page, this is one of the nearest to come to fruition. At the moment, we have to put up with LCD technology which suffers from a poor viewing angle, color gamut and a relatively low resolution (around 1280 x 1024). But OLED screen technology promises to combine the flatness, low power and crispness of an LCD display, but with all the advantages of a CRT (cathode-ray-tube) display - such as a wide color gamut, no ghosting, brightness, and a wide viewing angle. Before 2010, we should see OLED laptop and TV screens making an appearance, though don't expect them to be cheap enough to start appearing on cereal boxes until around.....
Future prediction date: 2020 2030 (any size)
Worst case scenario: ---

: Flying Car
Description: A lightweight flying vehicle to replace the ground car.
Conditions: 50dB noise at 10 metres from below. 100 kilograms. Up to 1000mph. Fuel costs comparable to car vehicles of the day. Cannot be remote controlled.
Price: §1150

State of the art: So far, we aren't close to this kind of technology, but we're oh-so-slowly getting there.
Future prediction date: 2080-2140 (normal car weight. Exact date depends on advances in fusion and battery technology)
Worst case scenario: Many safety features are included, but should you be stupid enough to fly over the ocean while the fuel is low, then....... good luck!

: Zelphon Light Panels
Description: Zero-energy, variable color, sun-level light anywhere.
Conditions: 2mm2 minimum size. Light power up to 10,000 candela/m2. NFE compliant.
#Forever Lightbulb
Price: §1250

State of the art: See 3tech.html#Forever Lightbulb
Future prediction date: 2350 (lasts 'only' 50 years on special battery for 1000 candela/m2 output)
Worst case scenario: Indoor sunburn!

: Space Travel For Free
Description: Ability to travel anywhere including space for free.
Conditions: Craft automatically supplied, but size is restricted to at least plane size. 500mph top speed in air, and much more in space.
Price: §1450

State of the art: We're already heading towards getting ordinary people into space by 2007-8, but it's far from cheap! What we need is commercialisation and if possible, an antimatter fuel drive. With current technology, it could theoretically cost as little as $165/kg to get something to the Moon (based on the cost of propellant). But at the moment, it costs around 50-100 times that amount - around $10,000 - $15,000 per kilogram.
Future prediction date: 2200 (near enough 'free' to be good enough)
Worst case scenario: Getting hit by space junk!

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: 107,000 - Quadruple Lifetime
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: 126,000 - Atomic Synthesizer
: 145,000 - The U-Atom
: 260,000 - Indefinite Life Span

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