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: Deluxe Flying Car
Description: All-purpose zero-energy flying car capable of travelling into space
Conditions: 4kg in weight, speed limit of 30,000mph, and necessary safety features. Remote control allowed for automatic transport and delivery of objects op to a size of around 12 metres3. NFE compliant.
#Flying Car
Price: §12500

State of the art: See #Flying Car
Future prediction date: 3600 (requires energy of course)
Worst case scenario: (flying too close to the sun :-)

: Flying Skate Board
Description: A pair of discs to fly you wherever you want.
Conditions: Requires no fuel. Maximum speed is 5000mph. Capable of remotely transporting other objects too up to a size of around 8 metres3. NFE compliant.
#Flying Car (Partially)
Price: §13500

State of the art: Impossible, or as close to impossible as you could imagine, especially the force field bit.
Future prediction date: 14000
Worst case scenario: ---

: Grand Theory of Physics
Description: A complete explanation of the forces inside the atom and the universe/s.
Conditions: A unified version is presented if it exists
Price: §15000

State of the art: We're still trying to explain anomalies such as the expanding universe, the missing matter, and the physics of black holes. A further challenge is to reconcile relativity and quantum mechanics into one unified theory. Superstring theory with its 11+ dimensions is a primary candidate, but much work still needs to be done. Projects such as LATOR will also help us to see with unprecedented accuracy if there was anything wrong with relativity in the first place.
Future prediction date: 4000
Worst case scenario: Finding out that we're nothing more than deterministic robots

: Music Analyzer
Description: Formula to obtain the exact quality of a piece of music as a whole or the quality of its various subcomponents.
Conditions: Values given for rhythm, harmony, melody and timbre.
Price: §18000

State of the art: It's going to be difficult to solve this because of the apparent differences that people have towards music. We can start out by looking for common denominators and see if they appear in other pieces of music. The truth is out there!
Future prediction date: 3700 (semi-solved), 37000 (nearly solved)
Worst case scenario: Some people may get upset to find out that their music isn't as good as they thought it was.

: Universe Viewer
Description: View and fly through any part of the universe from any position, at any angle, and at any age.
Conditions: ---
#Space Travel For Free (partially), #Earth Viewer
Price: §22000

State of the art: Nothing close to anything like it. See #Earth Viewer
Future prediction date: 67000
Worst case scenario: ---

: Infinite Water Supply
Description: An infinite supple of water
Conditions: Variable temperature
Price: §25000

State of the art: Creating water out of thin air? Virtually impossible, unless we master the secrets of manipulating not just the atomic world, but the sub-atomic world.
Future prediction date: 5200 (converting from one state of matter to another)
Worst case scenario: A second great flood!

: Grand Theory of Visual Art
Description: A universal algorithm to create or rate a two dimensional array of colored, luminous light.
Conditions: Excludes animation, and (of course) music.
Price: §28000

"Beethoven and Shakespeare are beloved in Japan, Japanese prints are adored by Brazilians, Greek tragedy is performed worldwide, while, much to the regret of many local movie industries, Hollywood films have wide cross-cultural appeal."
- Aesthetic Universals (by Denis Dutton).
State of the art: We are still far away from discovering concrete mathematical principles and algorithms to generate decent art, and the postmodern age we're living in doesn't exactly help us progress towards finding (or even acknowledging) them. The best we can do for now is draw up some vague principles, such as use of symmetry, proportions, colour etc.
Future prediction date: 20000 (nearly solved), 5000 (half solved)
Worst case scenario: May put artists and designers out of business (like as if money would be an issue at such a late age)

: Programmable Repelling Superatom
Description: Special kind of atom to repel other Superatoms, or normal matter.
Conditions: Subject to gravity. Spherical and planar (1-way|2-way) force fields only. Any size possible. Maximum strength of 10^10 Gs each atom. Once created, they can not change force type or strength.
Price: §34000

State of the art: The nearest we have to this technology? Well, the laws of physics allow for the monopole magnet, but none have ever been seen. They would have some of the advantages that PRSs have, but at least one important limitation is how the forces would only apply to certain metals, instead of all materials.
Future prediction date:
Worst case scenario: Playing with the laws of physics is never going to be completely safe

: The Diamond Age
Description: Unlimited supply of diamond, aerogel (silica, organic and carbon), silver, gold, buckminster-fullerene, and composites.
Price: §39000

State of the art: At the moment, all the above materials are comparatively rare and expensive to produce, though prices should drop over time. Silica Aerogel for instance costs around $200 per cubed inch, though try eBay (I got a cubed inch's worth for $40!) or here), and gold costs $20,000 per kilogram. Artificially produced diamond can only be made at a rate of 100-300 micrometers per hour (half inch thick).
Future prediction date: 2530
Worst case scenario: ---

: Double Lifetime
Description: All parts of the aging process decrease to one half speed. Someone who's lived 150 years looks 75. Someone's who lived 30 years looks 15.
Conditions: ---
Price: §45000

State of the art: We already happen to be living twice as long on average as we were in 1850. The rate is accelerating so, so amazingly, it might not be too far fetched to consider the possibility that we'll live twice as long again in another 50-100 years time, especially with the increasing time and money spent on research.
Future prediction date: 2250
Worst case scenario: Population explosion

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: 3,500 - Disintegrator Disc
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: 5,700 - Universal Temperature Controller
: 6,900 - Pure Air Forever
: 7,500 - 100,000,000x CPU Speed Up
: 8,100 - Anti-sleep Pill
: 8,300 - Infinitely Powerful Telescope
: 8,700 - Gravity Blocker
: 9,100 - Xeton Microscope
: 9,900 - Omega 3D Holocube
: 12,500 - Deluxe Flying Car
: 13,500 - Flying Skate Board
: 15,000 - Grand Theory of Physics
: 18,000 - Music Analyzer
: 22,000 - Universe Viewer
: 25,000 - Infinite Water Supply
: 28,000 - Grand Theory of Visual Art
: 34,000 - Programmable Repelling Superatom
: 39,000 - The Diamond Age
: 45,000 - Double Lifetime
: 52,000 - Teleportation
: 60,000 - Dawn of Cold Fusion
: 66,000 - Grand Theory Of Music
: 81,000 - Material Duplication
: 90,000 - Infinitely Fast Processor
: 107,000 - Quadruple Lifetime
: 115,000 - Omega Battery
: 126,000 - Atomic Synthesizer
: 145,000 - The U-Atom
: 260,000 - Indefinite Life Span

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