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: Age of the Deltascreen
Description: An all-purpose video screen to fit any occasion or purpose.
Conditions: Contractible, resizable, floatable, bendable, and durable. NFE compliant.
#Pseudo 3D Screen, #Flat Screen.
Price: §4600

State of the art: See #Flat Screen and #Pseudo 3D Screen. The resolution of typical LCD displays comes in at round 72-96 dots per inch. 300dpi or more will be needed for paper quality detail.
Future prediction date: 2200 (Still needs battery, non-floatable, up to 1000 square metres, and 300dpi resolution at a potential 20,000 fps)
Worst case scenario: ---

: Terraformation Of Mars
Description: The complete terraformation of Mars to allow people to live there.
Conditions: Includes free water, and embedded gravity so that half of the planet is under normal 1-G gravity. Also choose 500 people and animals to initially colonize.
Price: §5200

State of the art: The
Terraformation of Mars would be a grand quest for humankind, but how long would it take? Is it even possible? Would people want to live there if it was? Mars is very cold, empty and lifeless, but it would be infinitely easier to colonize than something like Pluto or Venus.
Future prediction date: 8500 (without the half gravity of course)
Worst case scenario: People on Mars may evolve into a 'deformed' state under less gravity, and be unable to visit Earth.

: Universal Temperature Controller
Description: A device to change the temperature locally or globally.
Conditions: 50 to 400 K temperatures only. Instantly changes heat up to 100 kilometres away from point source.
#Terraformation Of Mars (partially)
Price: §5700

State of the art: Could physics allow for this? The closest would be 'microwaving' the atmosphere. I know; doesn't exactly sound safe to me, and it would require tons of energy for larger spaces. Not to mention the fact that you couldn't cool air, only heat it up.
Future prediction date: 14200 (Not instant, but 10000 times faster than thermal heat transfer in air. Spreads heat up to 1 kilometre away from point source)
Worst case scenario: Melting the polar caps or irreversibly upsetting the atmosphere in some way

: Pure Air Forever
Description: An unlimited supply of the gases oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide. Plus instant removal tool.
Conditions: Creates or removes up to 10 tonnes of gas per second (supports oxygen, nitrogen, or carbon dioxide). Also able to replace any gas with aforementioned gases.
Price: §6900

State of the art: As well as natural photosynthesis, we can also create oxygen from water by using electrolysis, and we may be able to extract enough nitrogen and carbon dioxide from the ice caps of planets such as Mars. Apparently, lightning can produce nitrogen (compounds), as can special nitrogen-fixing bacteria, though that may take a while to produce in large quantities. Carbon dioxide is easy enough to produce - just burn stuff! (you'll need some oxygen though).
Future prediction date: 5000 (using nanotechnology and energy to convert from one state of matter to another).
Worst case scenario: Too much of either oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide could be problematic.

: 100,000,000x CPU Speed Up
Description: 100,000,000 times the speed of today's processor (07/2005 - around 3Ghz).
Conditions: Would apply to the current technology of the time.
#10,000x Processor Speedy Uppy
Price: §7500

State of the art: 3 GHz in 2005. See #10,000x Processor Speedy Uppy
Future prediction date: 2045
Worst case scenario: ---

: Anti-sleep Pill
Death by sleep deprivation
How long can people survive without sleep? Rats last 2 to 3 weeks, but for humans, it's difficult to tell because the world record for sleep deprivation is only 11 days. Sites such as this, this and this cite around 10 days before you die, but this more authoritative looking source cites a period of 9 to 18 months! Perhaps a reconciliation could lie within Wikipedia's article which says that 'microsleep' sessions develop after a while, so you're sleeping without even knowing it. The '10 day' citations could be negating that effect.

Visit this site for a humorous and semi-scientific look at different types of sleep deprivation.
Description: Avoid sleep whenever you want
Conditions: Increases alertness to daytime level around the clock
Price: §8100

State of the art: Currently, we can't quite avoid sleep completely, but the closest you can get is a drug called 'Modafinil' (1st, 2nd, 3rd reference) - sold under the brand name 'Provigil'. It appears to have the same power of other drugs but without any (major) side effects; you can stay awake for 48 hours at a time, and not feel the overwhelming urge to sleep. Unfortunately, it's not completely free of side effects, and it would seem it can become quite addictive too.
Future prediction date: 2350
Worst case scenario: ---

: Infinitely Powerful Telescope
Description: A high powered telescope stolen from the 31st century to scan the universe
Conditions: Limits to camera quality for small scale, 'close up' details.
Price: §8300

State of the art: Despite its age, the Hubble space telescope is in many ways the best telescope out there. Thanks to the Hubble, we know that black holes exist, how galaxies evolve (to a degree), how stars are born and how they die, plus we have amazing shots of the planets in our solar system. However, a successor to the Hubble - the James Webb Space Telescope (formerly known as Next Generation Space Telescope (NGST)) - will be launched in August 2011 (or will it?), and promises to be 100 to 600 times as sensitive as the Hubble. It will give us a chance to search for planets emitting faint infrared wavelengths - a sign that such planets are capable of supporting life. Instead of stabbing in the dark to look for alien signals, we can home in on promising candidates. As well as the search for alien life, it will also be a great opportunity to study more about the origins and shape of the universe, and further learn how galaxies, stars and planetary systems form and evolve (yes, we don't exactly know). Plus we might find hints to the nature and existence of the mysterious 'dark matter' and 'dark energy'.
A telescope powerful enough to see alien life on other planets is still a long way off, but for now you can enjoy these awesome Hubble pictures.
Future prediction date: 3062
Worst case scenario: ---

: Gravity Blocker
Description: A lightweight material which reduces incoming gravity by 10% for every 100 micrometres of thickness.
Conditions: NFE compliant.
#Space Travel For Free (partially)
Price: §8700

State of the art: We were able to levitate a frog by using molecular diamagnetism, but this a separate counteraction force and not a solution that would enable cars to fly in the sky. What we need to is to control or protect against the very force of gravity itself. A possible solution lies in the infamous anti-gravity experiment by Eugene Podkletnov. Supposedly, an item placed above the device lost 2 percent of its weight. NASA, Boeing, and BAE funded independent research to reproduce the effect, but unfortunately it was met with little or no success.
Future prediction date: 3700
Worst case scenario: Floating entire continents off into space....

: Xeton Microscope
Description: A special fully-featured 'microscope' to see the hidden world up to 1040x larger than usual.
Conditions: Up to 1040x magnification, unlimited depth of field, definable zoom level, enlargement level, rotation degree (hemisphere boundaries), X/Y position, and automatic/manual focus.
Price: §9100

State of the art: The best we can do so far is the scanning tunneling microscope which can see at the atomic level (around 0.2 nanometres). Who knows what technology may bring in the future.
Future prediction date: 2900
Worst case scenario: ---

: Omega 3D Holocube
Description: A fully portable energy-less device to project crisp 2D or 3D imagery or sound into thin air.
Conditions: Supports up to 40km3 of 'screen', with a resolution of up to 1 billion voxels per cubed cm, and 1,000 watts/metre2 of sound. Includes special 'obstruction' feature.
#Age of the Deltascreen, #Pseudo 3D Screen, #Flat Screen
Price: §9900

State of the art: We're so far away from being able to anything close to the above. Maybe this is the best we can do so far. The 3D image projection appears in thin air by using a clever rotation method and a mirror. Sounds good, but the quality isn't ideal, the display is not opaque, and of course it's restricted to a small cylindrical area. Plus there's no sound of course.
Future prediction date: 4400
Worst case scenario: Distinguishing between what's real and what's illusion could become a problem

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