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: Teleportation
Description: Instantly teleport a person or object across huge distances
Conditions: Can only transport something at the speed of light. Duplication excluded. Fully portable.
#The Sky Train, #Flying Skate Board, #Deluxe Flying Car, #Missile Train --- all to varying degrees.
Price: §52000

State of the art: The whole thing seems about as likely as Gillette selling everlasting razor blades, but amazingly, scientists are now able to transport atoms across distances. If they manage to extend this effect to a molecule, maybe they can also do the same for a virus, and then eventually even a mouse. When we get to humans though, there are big philosophical questions. Since this kind of teleportation by its very nature destroys the original, is the 'soul' (if it exists) carried across to the new person?
Future prediction date: 11000
Worst case scenario: Losing your molecules or even your very soul

: Dawn of Cold Fusion
With cold fusion, we wouldn't need oil to produce energy anymore, but oil is still needed for other uses. Can cold fusion help here?

"Oil will be worth nothing. I have asked experts: "Could you synthesize oil from raw materials? If I gave you carbon and water, could you make any hydrocarbon petrochemical you like?" They say yes, but it would take fantastic amounts of energy. It would be the most uneconomical chemical plant on earth. It does not occur to them, at first, that this would not be the case if energy costs nothing."
(Taken from Infinite Energy)

Farming and cold fusion
Food is almost always grown outdoors thanks to nature providing us rain and sunlight for free. But there are massive disadvantages too, such as land consumption (75% of Britain is farmland!), pestilence, and not enough (or too much) sun/rain/cold. Moving food production indoors will enable us to have cheap, organic, all-year-round food, and save us tons of land in the bargain.
Description: Cheap disposable energy
Conditions: Non portable
Price: §60000

State of the art: Well, it all started in 1989, when two doctors - Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons proclaimed to the world that they had discovered cold fusion. Thousands of researchers then scrambled to repeat the success of the experiment, but unfortunately, no one at the time was able to and so cold fusion was largely discredited as being hokum pokum. That hasn't stopped scientists from still trying though. In late 2004, even the DOE (department of energy) released a report about cold fusion - proving that the phenomenon is being taken seriously to an extent. Alas, the report wasn't overly optimistic about the progress of cold fusion, though some say that the report didn't quite match the scientists' findings. If cold fusion never comes to fruition, then we can still hope for bubble fusion, or normal 'hot' fusion - the way the sun does it.
Future prediction date: 2300
Worst case scenario: With the increased consumption of energy, the efficiency of electrical devices may plummet, as there's less need to worry about saving energy.

: Grand Theory Of Music
Description: A universal algorithm to create or rate a waveform of music at any specified quality.
Conditions: 20 such devices given to humanity. 5 seconds of music 'grown' every second. Instant music quality analysis. Ability to specify limitations and starting conditions of piece if desired.
Price: §66000

State of the art: Music theory is still very much in its infancy. Heck, we can't even define the quality of a single chord! Why is the chord: C#, F#, C, Eb, G, Bb much, much worse than C#, F#, B, Eb, F#, Bb ? Why do
twelve notes to an octave sound so much better than 8, 14 or 20,000?
Future prediction date: 26000 (nearly solved), 6000 (half solved)
Worst case scenario: Automatic creation of music may remove some of the wonder, though you would probably be in too much bliss to care.

: Material Duplication
Description: Duplicate any object or material already in existence.
Conditions: Non portable, 2 tonne device. Excludes duplication of living creatures or more than 3 cubed kilometres at a time. Includes free
#Disintegrator Disc to avoid clogging the planet with junk.
Subsumes: #Dawn of Cold Fusion (mostly), #The Diamond Age, #Infinite Water Supply, #Teleportation (of non-living material), #Pure Air Forever, #Disintegrator Disc, and many others to a degree.
Price: §88000

State of the art: Don't expect this technology soon; our progress in nanotech (never mind femtotechnology) is still at the etch-a-sketch stage. The main difficulty is in designing the precision tools needed to create and fit together tiny molecules. Using chemistry, we can manipulate atoms and molecules in a semi-predictable way, but for more complicated systems, bottom-up precision engineering is needed. On that front, we can mass manufacture transistors used in computer chips at about the 30nm scale, but atoms are around 130 picometres in size (there are 1000 picometres in a nanometre), so we'll need to get at least 200 times smaller, and do it all in 3D instead of 2D - no small feat.
          For unlimited copies of any material type, it won't even be good enough to rearrange atoms from source material. We'll also need to manipulate at the subatomic scale - neutrons, protons and electrons - so that any type of atom can be made. Only then will be able to recreate any material in existence from any other material.
Future prediction date: 2600 (needing similar atoms/molecules) 3400 (any source material will do!)
Worst case scenario: As you might expect, the duplication of any material could lead to easy ways to destroy the planet.

: Infinitely Fast Processor
Description: Infinite processor speed
Conditions: Instant memory transfer speed to prevent bottlenecks
#100,000,000x CPU Speed Up, #Quantum Computing, #10,000x Processor Speedy Uppy
Price: §90000

State of the art: 3 GHz in 2005. See #10,000x Processor Speedy Uppy
Future prediction date:
Worst case scenario: ---

: Quadruple Lifetime
Description: All parts of the aging process decrease to one quarter speed.
Conditions: ---
#Double Lifetime
Price: §107000

State of the art: See #Double Lifetime
Future prediction date: 2400
Worst case scenario: Population explosion

: Omega Battery
Description: A powerful infinitely lasting battery.
Conditions: Capable of producing 10,000 watts of power per cubic millimetre of battery. Infinitely lasting.
#Dawn of Cold Fusion
Price: §115000

State of the art: Unfortunately, the progress we've seen in battery technology is nothing like the exponential trends enjoyed by computer processor and memory. In fact, there's only been a threefold increase in rechargeable battery lifetime since 1990. A new technology - the fuel cell - has been heralded as a new power source for portable devices such as laptops, cell phones and even car engines. At the moment they're a bit clunky, need to refilled with (cheap) methanol fuel, and can't dynamically handle the variable power requirements that laptops handle. However, they pack a punch at around 400 watt hours per kilogram - around twice that of the best lithium ion batteries, and this could be extended to 3000 wH/kg in the future.
Future prediction date: , 2400 (10000 wH/Kg)
Worst case scenario: Potential of massive scale destruction in the wrong hands

"The principles of physics, as far as I can see, do not speak against the possibility of manoeuvring things atom by atom. It is not an attempt to violate any laws; it is something, in principle, that can be done; but in practice, it has not been done because we are too big." --- Richard Feynman, Nobel Prize winner in physics
: Atomic Synthesizer
Description: Create objects and materials from a simple and programmable 3 dimensional array of
atomic building blocks.
Conditions: 100% Portable. Material creation at up to 10 teragrams per second via arbitrary manipulation of electrons, protons and neutrons. Includes inbuilt infinite memory. Includes free upgraded Disintegrator Disc.
Subsumes: #Omega Battery (partially), #Material Duplication, #Dawn of Cold Fusion, #The Diamond Age, #Flying Car, #100,000,000x CPU Speed Up, #Disintegrator Disc, and half of the rest................
Price: §126000

State of the art: We're very far away from the mature stages of femtotechnology needed for this device. See: #Material Duplication
Future prediction date: 3400
Worst case scenario: Gray goo!

: The U-Atom
Description: An atom with completely programmable laws of physics. Can be structured into various forms and forces.
Conditions: Spherical and planar (1-way/2-way) force fields only. Any force and colour possible. Maximum strength of 10^500 Gs for each atom. Includes free upgraded Disintegrator Disc and special console as the interface for U-Atom technology.
#Atomic Synthesizer (mostly), #Omega Battery (mostly), #Material Duplication, #Dawn of Cold Fusion, #The Diamond Age, #Programmable Repelling Superatom, #Flying Skate Board, #Deluxe Flying Car, #Gravity Blocker (mostly), #100,000,000x CPU Speed Up, #Disintegrator Disc, and most of the rest................
Price: §145000

State of the art: See: #Programmable Repelling Superatom
Future prediction date:
Worst case scenario: The power of this thing is too immense to comprehend - for good or for bad.

: Indefinite Life Span
Description: End to aging and 'natural' death. Persons would choose age appearance.
Conditions: Does not protect against accidental death or 'non-old age' inducing illnesses.
#Quadruple Lifetime, #Double Lifetime
Price: §260000

State of the art:
We don't precisely know what makes us 'grow old', but part of the process is definitely caused by the way cell information deteriorates every time it splits and multiplies.
          How old could we theoretically get to live? If you don't want to die, then there's some potentially good news. At the moment, we're adding half a year every year to human longevity. Compare that to the 18th and 19th centuries where only days or weeks were added every year to the human lifespan. The advances in the bio-information sciences may well help us to pass the threshold of sustaining human life indefinitely.
Future prediction date: 2800
Worst case scenario: (population explosion, and losing a close relative or friend due to accident would be very painful)


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