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Dreamscape art compo

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Arcade trivia
Gameplay Ideals
Records + high scores
Top C64 game music
Top SNES game music
CACG fanzine

Articles & Projects
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Fruit lowdown
Musical evaluation
Optical Illusions
Light/colour trivia
Science quessies
Super Magnet
Lucid dream journal
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Fruit lowdown
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Welcome all!.... the highest place on the planet. No matter what your interests are, you're sure to find something you'll like here.

Maybe first, you could view the Skytopian picture
gallery. Or maybe you'd prefer to listen some uplifting
music - take your pick! There are articles and opinions
on the best games and totally random stuff like my lucid dream
journal, 'world's most un-answered scientific quessies' text, or my
ramblings, er I mean... views ;) on how every graphic, piece of music
etc, can be rated on their own merits outside of human opinion. Also,
there's a special article giving the lowdown on every fruit and their taste/
weirdness factor!! A must read for anyone who sees those strange looking fruits
with spikes at the supermarket, but hasn't got the nerve to buy the things ;-)

Choose your destination:
Soundburst Shrine

The site's main feature. Relax to the dreamy chords of 'Sky City', or groove to the rhythm of 'New Millennium'. Complex and rich melodies are sure to keep you entertained and your speakers happy. Oh, and don't leave without hearing the 'Grand Finale' of music!
Waterfall views

View the best art gallery in the world! Colourful designs and intricate detail ensure a visual experience you won't forget. On offer is a multitude of pictures in ray-traced, mountain-esque and hand-drawn form. A real feast for the eyes.
Leisure Zone
Covering mainly the classic era with articles, reviews and trivia on hidden gaming treasures of the past. Also containing a high score/level section, comparisons between different versions of games, articles, best game music charts and lots more!
Whirlpool of Knowledge

A whole host of stuff - opinions and various projects, including quizzes, a 3D article, a humorous article on fruit and lots, lots more...
Fruit Emporium
How much is a pineapple worth? Is a strawberry really better than a cherry? What does that spiky fruit at the supermarket actually taste like - does it taste any good? Where does the humble apple fit into all this?
Every fruit analysed and rated according to how weird they taste and how /good/ they taste.
Link Warp

All the best links I have come across collated into one section. Don't leave too soon though!

If anyone has any comments, visit the Skytopia Forum or email me at:
All emails appreciated =) I've also created a channel on IRC dalnet called #skytopia. Everyone is welcome!

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