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CACG: Quick Index
P1 Front cover
P2 Editorial
P3 Contents and description
Special Features
P58-P60 Fast forward to the future of games
P6 Are games doomed?
P36-P38 Mario Paint Vs. Deluxe Paint AGA
P22-P23 Amazing world of 3-D
P42-P51 SNES Shoot 'em up special
P8-P9 Team 17 special
P56-P57 Millennium FI5H packs compo
Special Features

P28-P32 Machine Comparison - specs
P10-P11 The new Amiga 1200
P12-P13 Super FX Chip
P20 Your computer's CPU
P21 Your computer's memory - ROM & RAM
(Super Nintendo)

P14-P16 Starwing (SNES)
P24-P25 Lemmings (SNES)
P42-P44 UN Squadron (SNES)
P45-P47 Super Aleste (SNES)
P48-P51 Axelay (SNES)
P52 Super Mario 4 (SNES)

P39-P41 Lotus Challenge 3 (Amiga)
P17-P19 Zool (Amiga/A1200)
P26-P27 Pinball Fantasies (Amiga)
P33 Lotus Challenge (MegaDrive)
P34-P35 Project X (Amiga)
P54-P55 Flashback round-up (all formats)
(In the pipeline)

P4-P5 General news
P61 The Second Samurai
P62 D.I.D. games
P63 Populous 2
P64 James Pond's Crazy Sports
P65 Capcom games
P7 Mega CD, CD32 and 3D0

Super NES owners can now go flippin' crazy with pinball
Yes, that's right - SNES owning pinball freaks have been on what can only be called a 'diet'. You see, apart from a mediocre half-hearted attempt known as Jaki Crush's Pinball, there's been nothing to satisfy steel-ball fans. Until now. Digital Illusion's Pinball Dreams received critical acclaim when it was released around 1½ years ago - it may seem hard to believe, but I still play the original Amiga game now! The good news, is that the Super NES version features a whole new range of tables and features. Expect a bonus, bumper review next ish.

Talkin' about pinball...
The sequel to Pinball Fantasies (reviewed this issue), is on its way. It'll be called Pinball Illusions, and will contain multiple-balls and stacks of features. Expect an early '94 release on all Amiga formats, including the CD³².

Turrican completes its trio
You remember Turrican on the Amiga, don't you? If the answer's "Yes" I'm sure you'll remember the sequel, too. Turrican 2 was a great blast, that's for sure, and features some of the best soundtracks for a game, ever. Now, if I told you that a third Turry was coming along, how would you react? It's coming to the MegaDrive and Amiga before the year's up, and chances are it will be coming out on the Amiga 1200, with enhanced graphics and sound. Swoon...

Amiga computers in 'now even better VFM' shocker
Commodore have slashed the price of the Amiga 600 to a penny under £200. The Amiga 1200 also gets a reduction to £300-350, and if you plan to purchase a super-swisho Amiga 4000/040, you'll find that's cheaper, too.

Izzy Wizzy, let's get Lizzy!
Wiz 'n' Liz on the MegaDrive is a high-speed thrills 'n' spills action game which stars (you guessed it) Wiz and Liz. It looks great fun from what we've seen, and boasts a 2-player split-screen mode, and over 50 levels to get your teeth into. It's out now, priced ? £40.

Misleading Spinning Pile Driver antics ahoy!
Okay, so the original SF2's getting on a bit, but I though I'd give you a snippet of help anyway (and I think this also applies to Turbo). Take a look at the diagram to the right... It is actually possible to perform Zangief's Spinning Pile Driver by rotating the joypad through 270 degrees (not 360) in the direction shown. You can also rotate the pad from the right, or the bottom (although you probably already knew this). There, that should make life easier for all you Zangief-fans (if there are any of you).

Wait until Sagat hears this...
Talking about SF2, here's a little puzzler for all you fans. Right... Reach Sagat, and tell me what eye his eye-patch is on. It's his right, isn't it? Now, if you can, jump over to the other side. Voila! An instant swap - his patch is on his left eye! Uncanny, or what? (Of course, most people will realise that this is because the sprite is flipped, thus saving memory - it does look a bit funny, though.)

Up or down?
Not really news - more of a point; but don't you think that it's a bit ironic that while machine prices are coming down (just look at the GameBoy - under £40!), software prices are going up. Now is this good or bad news?...

Team 17 rumours from under the sea...
Digital Illusions (creators of Pinball Dreams and Fantasies) may well merge with Team 17 later this year. This rumour was revealed after a meeting Team 17 had with the DI team, and Team 17 thought it would be great to snatch up such a potential bunch of coders...
... Staying with Team 17, it is believed to be a rumour (but only a rumour) that the company will give the license for Commodore to bundle Alien Breed 2 with a new Amiga 1200/CD³² pack, to be released later this year.

Zool is now SNES-bound
After the amazing success of Zool on the Amiga, the ant (sorry Gremlin - 'ninja') is about to be released on the Nintendo system. Amiga owners will feel slightly cheesed off because of losing their mascot, but Super NES owners are in with a treat - the game will apparently be enhanced on the system - with loads of colours, and possibly more levels...
... Sticking with Zool, the sequel will be released on the Amiga at Christmas (can I hear a sigh of relief from Amiga owners?). "It will take maximum advantage of the A1200's capabilities [unlike the original]" enthuse Gremlin, and we'd advise you to take a close look at this one when it's released in the festive season.

Not 2 half-Hearted
Thalion are planning to launch a sequel to the stunning platform romp - Lionheart. It will be exclusively developed on the A1200, and if Thalion can do to the A1200 sequel, what they did to the original A500 version, we're in for a right treat.

PUT it like this...
Remember Putty on the Amiga? (Look, I am sorry, I just couldn't think of any other way to start this news bit off.) Yeah, of course you do. Remember Putty 2 ? Of course not, because it hasn't even been released yet! (Ho, ho!)
(Slap, slap - Reader.)
Sorry, my brain just went a bit, well, dead, I presume. Anyway, C.A.C.G. can exclusively (well, exclusive at the time of writing, at least) reveal that Putty 2 - which is being developed for all Amiga formats (including - wowza - the CD³²!) - includes a 2-player simultaneous red 'n' blue blob mode.
Incidentally, a SNES version of the original Putty is out now.