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I'm sure you've all seen James Pond - either in his first outing called, er, James Pond, or in Robocod - the successor to the aforementioned James Pond. Millennium, a development team/company located in Cambridge produced these two classic games starring the famous J. Pond, member of the secret FI5H club. (If you'd like to become a member, see the next page for information on how to join.)
Millennium started off with Moonshine Racers - a driving game with excellent music. Since then, they've progressed through James Pond; its sequel - Robocod; and Rome AD - an isometric strategy game.
And now, Millennium have got a load of games in the pipeline, including - yes! - the third James Pond game.
How would you like to take a look at what Millennium have in development? Well, what a coincidence, we've got a special tour prepared just for you...

James Pond 3: Operation StarFI5H:

The main game, as far as Millennium is concerned, is James Pond 3: Operation StarFI5H. It is quite clear from what we've seen that JP3 is going to be an outstanding demonstration of the platform genre.
Yes, Dr. Maybe's up to his usual tricks - highjacking a space shuttle, containing a top-secret defence satellite. It's up to you - James Pond - to stop him.
The game is being developed for all the popular formats, as well as the Amiga 1200 (and apparently boasts over 100 enormous sections!). Seeing as Millennium believe that A1200 owners are more mature, they've made the A1200 version Hard-drive installable, and will be releasing it earlier than the cut-down A600 version. A wise decision from Millennium there, and we just hope A1200 owners can keep a good reputation, and not take for granted the fact that the A1200 version has no copy protection. (Remember piracy is theft, and not clever AT ALL.)
The main sprite is 40x32 pixels

in size, and the whole game updates in a single frame (full
50 frames per second). According to Millennium, "The game will run up to twice superSonic speed." Translating this means that the game will actually run faster than that certain hedgehog! I, for one, am wondering how Millennium can implement this on the A1200 version (with speech, parallax, a 2-player and rotation to boot), let alone the standard A600 version!
A second player can also join in the action - in the form of James Pond's sidekick - Finius Frog! JP3 includes all-sorts of puzzle-solving, location mapping, object finding and experimentation.
This is one game you won't complete overnight!
It looks as though the days of the hedgehog, the frog, the plumber, and the Nth dimension ninja are numbered - make way for James Pond 3: Operation StarFI5H !

JP3 will be released on the Amiga and MegaDrive this Winter. CD≥≤, Nintendo and further Sega versions are also under development.
Congratulations to Millennium for being the first company to produce a CD≥≤-specific title. Diggers could be described as a Lemmings duplicate, but the game plays completely different to Psygnosis' rodent-ridden classic. The idea is to control a load of (you guessed it) diggers. There are different types of diggers all working away to produce holes, collect gems, and frustrate/amuse (delete according to previous Lemmings experience) the player.
Diggers boasts revolutionary 256-colour graphics and stunning CD sound. The main game looks a bit sparse, but the intermission screens make up for that, and overall, the game will keep you glued to the screen for a long, long time.

Diggers is bundled with the Amiga CD≥≤ (priced at £299), along with Pinball Fantasies CD≥≤. Beastball:
"The time: 3.00p.m... The date: 2089... The place:
Whambley (!) Stadium, Earth..."
Beastball is, apparently, the first in a series of "Futuristic sport simulators from Millennium."
Combining elements from The Terminator, Tom & Jerry and American football (it says here), Beastball is an action-packed futuristic American football sort of thing.
It looks fun enough to us, and one particular redeeming feature is 'Injury time' - which means just that!

You can expect to see Beastball (AKA Brutal Sports: Football) in November for the Amiga 1200 and CD≥≤. MegaDrive and SNES versions are also under development.
Other games Millennium plan to release include Flag (an isometric strategy affair) and Morph A1200 (256-colour puzzle game). Both should be released later this year.

Millennium Compo Giveaway Bonanza!
Millennium have launched a FI5H club, controlled by none other than James Pond (sea-cret agent) himself! FI5H has already become a big success (which isn't surprising - you certainly get a lot for your money), and James Pond is currently on the look-out for new recruits! If you would like to become a member of the aquatic FI5H club, just send a cheque or postal order (you can even pay by credit card) for £8.95 made payable to FI5H HQ, and in return, you will be sent a Top-Secret Agents Pack. This contains missions, competitions, exclusive merchandise, a super enamel badge and much more!

Send away right away to:
FI5H HQ, Unit 3, Edison Road, St. Ives, Cambs. PE17 4LF
(don't forget the £8.95, and make sure you get permission first)

Millennium have very kindly donated not one, not 2, but 3 FI5H packs for us to give away in a brilliant fishy competition!
Right, what we want you to do - to win one of these - is draw a fish. Yep, you heard right! It can be any type of fish - colourful, zany, funny, cartoony - anything you like, so long as it's a fish. You can even name it if you want - something like W. H. Eel (hopefully though, you'll come up with one better than that).

Send your drawing to us at:
Hmm... This seems a little fishy to me, C.A.C.G., 3 New Street, Chase Terrace, Walsall, West Midlands WS7 8BT

As usual, the editor's (that's me!) decision is utterly final, and the top three fishy pieces of artwork will win these top FI5H packs.
Send your entries in now!
(Oh, and don't forget to include your name, age and address.)

If you would like your fish art returned, please enclose an SAE to the usual address. An SAE is also required for list of winners.