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Team 17 are known as the software publisher for the Amiga. They took the reasonably brave decision of making all their games 1-Megabyte-only - therefore allowing better graphics, sound and playability in their games, and - shocker! - it paid off! Their first release - Alien Breed sold by the truck-load, as did their second - Project X. Alien Breed was atmospheric, with neat sounds and the unique

tension-building 'melt-down' on some of the levels. Project X was no less impressive - check out the review. Assassin was a successful shooting platform romp - fast and impressive - but a bit too sprawling. And it's not just the full-price market that Team 17 have swallowed up - Alien Breed Special Edition and Project X '93 have been a success from day 1. Their new racing game - F17

Challenge has sailed straight to the top of the budgie charts. Body Blows was their next release. Many people regard BB as a worthy rival to Street Fighter 2 (yes, even the SNES version) and some people even went far as saying it was better! Superfrog is a platform game (as you'd expect), but isn't really ground-breaking. Nope, not a patch on Sonic, either, but it's OK for a laugh or two. One thing's for sure though - Team 17 make the Amiga sweat, squeezing the maximum possible out of it technically, and this has been reflected in their past releases mentioned. It is only inevitable now then, that you want to know about some of the future games (a) they either have planned, or (b) are in development. Firstly though, I must tell you that Team 17 now are planning to release games mainly for the consoles and the flashy Amiga 1200/CD³². As a result, you Amiga 600 owners may not get quite the same amount of software for your machine that the new Amiga and consoles will get, but Team 17 will still support the machine for some time yet. Anyway, on with the show...
. Alien Breed 2:
Sequel to the brilliant Alien Breed that we have already talked about, there are high hopes for this one. The original programmers have been chosen to write the sequel, so it can only be an improvement. Alien Breed 2 will be developed for the Amiga 1200, with a cut-down A600 version appearing on the shelves at around the same time. For all Amiga owners, this should be great news.
The AB2 story-line continues from where the original left off, and should create an extra atmosphere to the game.
The A1200 version should be something special at least. Jaw-dropping 128 colour graphics will be the absolute minimum. With the 2-Megabyte of memory that Team 17 now have to play around with, AB2 should include more sound samples, more animation and, well... more everything really...
I wouldn't expect to see any slow-down or jerkiness either.
Team 17 hope to release Alien Breed 2 this Christmas.
Stop Press: More up-to-date information on Alien Breed 2 can be found in the A1200 feature.

Project X 2 (working title):
An A1200-only product (well, to start off with at least), PX2 will really be something special. Expect loads more sprites on-screen animated smoothly, all in 256 colours with maybe even a hint of parallax and more samples. PX2 could be the game that blows something like ThunderForce 4 on the MegaDrive or a similar game on the SNES (like Axelay or whatever) out of the water - and off into space!
You'd better watch this one closely.

Superfrog 2:
A long, long way off at the time of writing, little is known about SF2 (no, not Street Fighter 2 you clot), except that "It is going to be amazing," according to the
programmers at least. Watch this space (as they say in this cliché-ridden world of ours)...

Remember Super Cars and various other overhead Super Sprint clones? Well, Team 17 reckon they've come up with the definitive one for the standard Amiga.
There's no 2-player in there (unless you have a 2nd Amiga), but the graphics look okay and there's a fair amount of variety.
Overdrive should be out as you read this.

Console Exclusive:
Project X, Alien Breed 2 and other Team 17 games could well make it onto the consoles.
Team 17 say that they will try to squeeze as much as possible into both Super Nintendo and MegaDrive developments.
Imagine Project X with parallax and sprite scaling and rotation and other fab effects that the consoles sport and you're half way there. WOWZA!
If Body Blows makes it to the MegaDrive and Super Nintendo, console owners could be in with a real treat! With the great sprite shifting of both the MegaDrive and Super NES, Body Blows could easily be a contender to the beat 'em up throne, possibly knocking S.Fighter 2: Turbo off its perch once and for all.
And that's not all! Many other new Team 17 games could be converted and even enhanced on the consoles (well, over the A600 version at least).
Again, you'd be advised to watch this space for more hot information!

Well folks, that's about all we've time for, and we haven't even told you about Qwak! (Bubble Bobble thing) and numerous other treats T17 have lined up. You'll just have to wait and see!..