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Welcome all!.... Skytopia - around 58 trillion miles away from Earth. No matter what your interests are, you're sure to find something that takes your fancy.
Maybe first, you could view the Skytopian picture
gallery. Or maybe you'd prefer listening to some uplifting
music [Enter] - take your pick! There are articles and opinions
on the best games, and totally random stuff like the lucid dream
journal, 'world's most unanswered science' [Enter] project, or our
ramblings, er... views on how every picture or piece of music can
be rated on its own merits outside of personal preference. Also, you'll
find a special article giving the lowdown on every fruit - complete with ratings
for 'weirdness' and overall taste! [Enter] A must read for anyone who sees those strange
looking fruits with spikes at the supermarket, but hasn't got the nerve to buy the things ;-)

Choose your destination:
Leisure Zone Soundburst Music Shrine Whirlpool Of Knowledge secret Fruit Emporium and pictures Waterfall Views (gallery) Links - best of the web
Soundburst Shrine

The site's main feature. Relax to the dreamy chords of 'Sky City', or groove to the rhythm of 'New Millennium'. Complex and rich melodies are sure to keep you entertained and your speakers happy. Oh, and don't leave without hearing the 'Grand Finale' of music!
Waterfall views

View the best art gallery in the world! Colourful designs and intricate detail ensure a visual experience you won't forget. On offer is a multitude of pictures in ray-traced, mountain-esque and hand-drawn form. A real feast for the eyes.
How much is a pineapple worth? Is a strawberry really better than a cherry? What does that spiky fruit at the supermarket actually taste like - does it taste any good? Where does the humble apple fit into all this?
Every fruit analysed and rated according to how weird they taste and how /good/ they taste.
Whirlpool of Knowledge
A whole host of stuff - opinions and various projects, including quizzes, (unique) optical illusions, a humorous article on fruit and lots, lots more. Discover the big deal behind 'Lucid Dreaming' and have a chance to scientifically prove the existence of an afterlife - based on the 'near death experience' phenomenon.
Leisure Zone
Covering mainly the classic era with articles, reviews and trivia on hidden gaming treasures of the past. Also containing a high score/level section, comparisons between different versions of games, articles, best game music charts and lots more!
Science Trivia
* What weird and cool effects occur when two gigantic mirrors face each other?
* What happens to water if you compress it more and more and more... (It can't just disappear)?
* Can liquid diamond be made and if so, what would it taste like theoretically?
Everyone who's just curious about science - up to the top expert on nuclear fusion - will find something here! Hundreds of the most bizzare science questions are put to the test.

If you have any comments about the site, visit the Forum or feel free to email me.

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